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It was still the same day...

I felt my eyes opening, and I groaned from the hard sleeping. I slept like I haven't slept in days, which only ended up giving me a headache.

My room was dark, having one window, not much sunlight hit in. However when I peeped at the window, I saw it actually was dusk-dark outside.

A small ray of light hit my bedroom floor, due to the door being less than halfway open.

I heard my mother's voice on the phone, I wonder who she was speaking to because she had on her fake phony voice.

I ignored my curiosity and grabbed my phone from beside me. I pressed the home button, causing the brightness to annoy my eyes.

I squint my eyes as I pulled down my notification bar which was surprisingly filled with instagram notifications.

I was confused until I remembered I uploaded a new picture. I clicked on one of the notifications as it took me to my photo.
My brows raised as viewed my picture reaching over 200+ likes.

I seen comments from familiar names, complimenting me.
I slightly smiled.
Before I could finish observing my compliments...

My door was now wide open...causing me to sit up and now view my mother.

"Oh good you're up. You've been sleep since I reached home", my mom said.
I yarned...
"Had a long day", I said not giving any further details due to the fact I didn't attend school today.

"Okay...well I actually came in here to give you some sudden news...", my mom said.

My heart flutter a bit, anytime my mom start talks like this.... it never ends in my likings.

Was someone hurt?
Was the payment due already?
Is this bad news?

My head was spinning with questions that I kept inside.

"Something happen where Alexis is currently staying now, and tonight she will be moving in sooner than the expected date", my mom started, then anxiously waited for my response.

My heart fell in my chest. I couldn't explain the feeling. I wasn't sure if this was good or bad news. I was caught off guard. A part of me was somewhat excited but the bigger part of me was nervous.

"Uh...", I tried to get out of my head.
"Baby, if this is too sudden then..."
"No! I mean no, it's fine, I'm comfortable ", I strangely replied.
My mom stared for a moment,
"Well.... okay good. I am going to give Alexis a call back to give her 100 percent confirmation . But I would love for you to help me prepare for her welcome", my mom stated as she looked at her watch.

"Okay no problem", I replied.

In about an hour, my mom and I were standing in Brandon's room that was temporarily was going to be Alexis'.

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