Truth and Lies (Part 2)

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"Just make sure you do not take off the splint until your next scheduled appointment . For any further pain, the pain medication should do just the job", the nurse explains to me.

Alexis was standing right beside me...

I was actually thankful that Alexis was being very caring since last night.

However, I would be lying if I didn't admit how awkward things became after I vented everything to Alexis. Alexis convinced me that it was fine, but deep inside—it was very surreal to me. Almost as if i was admitting to having an affair—-

I couldn't believe I basically outed myself about being in a relationship....

....and admit the truth— partially. It was no way I was going to tell anyone what Jonah has done to me.

I didn't want all the extra drama that came with that. I just wanted to erase him completely and never have to think or speak about what actually happened.

"Are her papers ready? She will need them to take to school tomorrow", Alexis speaks to the nurse.

"Ah, Yes, they are right here", she says handing them to Alexis, "Doctors note for tomorrow , and also personal note for you to give to your principal or teachers—let them know you cannot participate in any intense activities or handwriting due to healing protocols", the nurse lastly explains.

I just nodded, and thanked her. Alexis did the same.

"You're welcome, don't forget your next appointment— and we should be more careful during future gym activities", she nicely warns.

I lightly chuckle, "I will", I say supporting my lies.

In seconds, Alexis and I headed towards the doors to exit.


We were now inside of Alexis's car. We didn't start moving yet due to both of us checking our phones...

"Oh damn. I have so many missed calls", Alexis announces.

She wasn't the only one, my face was at frown at all the missed calls and social media notifications.

Due to Jonah's number being blocked—I didn't understand why I had so many texts until I notice majority of them were from Tameeka.


-:-ThingOne: Wya?! I know we ain't speaking right now, but girl—- what's with all these damn flowers?

-:-ThingOne: Principal Harris is flipping out—people saying how he may suspend you.

-:-ThingOne: If I Call you one more time, you better not be playing hooky without me

-:-ThingOne: Okay all jokes aside, you know I hate worrying about you. At least text me back so I can know that you're okay.

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