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A couple of hours passed. I was now sitting in the house alone, due to the fact Miss Prescott stepped out, and now Jordan is gone for the weekend.

Watching Jordan leave, without explaining her sudden anger was getting to me, and it was mainly because she took it out on me as if I've done something to her.

I couldn't stand how she was making me feel, which started to make me realize I didn't want to deal with it....

Meaning... I didn't want to deal with her any longer. Although I knew I shouldn't have in the first place.

Then realizing, after everything I fought for in the past situation—I couldn't prove anyone 'right' who went against me.

I should have just kept to my word, but I let this weird feeling get in between my focus.

And for what? What did I expect? To start a relationship with her? Act as if things would be peachy-cream? Ignore the fact she's some young ass girl and her mom is nice enough to take me in?

I was becoming upset with myself, I knew better.

I sighed, picking up my phone, exiting my self-scolding, and went to my contacts.

I saw Assi's number and had a debate in my head....

I sighed again, and then called.

I needed a quick get-back, and I knew Assi was my go-to.

A few rings, Assi finally answered. Her tone seemed surprised yet excited.

"Ow and she calls back", Assi giggled.

I halfway grinned into the phone...

"Yea, I was actually thinking of you, and I can't break that promise", I bullshitted.

Assi cooed, "Awwwww stop! Making me cheese hard", she giggled, "but it's funny because I actually was a little disappointed you canceled at first", she informed me.

I felt bad in a way, knowing why I actually canceled on her, but I had no more room for guilt—I was now going to get my mind back on track.

"Yea, I'm sorry about about I come pick you up, and we go out somewhere", I suggested.

I can tell Assi was smiling...

"I'd love that, and I think I also might have a place in mind", she mentioned.

"Sounds great...", I smiled, "So I'm going to start preparing myself for you...and I'll be on my way", I lastly told her.

"Okay, ...Ow and make sure you dress up", she spoke.

"Noted", I replied then after we both hung up.

Assi's suggestion made it obvious that we probably would be going to a lounge or club type of settings.

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