Moving Along

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Photo of Alexis:

Photo of Alexis:

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I was standing outside of Assi's front door. I felt that I should have called, I spoke to her about an hour ago saying I would soon be on my way.

When the door finally opens, Assi stands there will a warm smile---but that smiled said something else too.

"What's up beautiful?", I asked.

She stepped aside to let me in...

I walked inside viewing another female sitting on the couch. Her complexion was as rich as Assi's, her figure was more detailed and heftier than Assi's. Her short chestnut afro made it easier to view her rounded face frame. She was just as beautiful as Assi--though her facial expression at the moment shows that something's up.

"This is my cousin. She's the daughter of my Uncle that you'll be working for soon", Assi introduced.

"Hello, I'm Alexis", I smiled.

She smiled back, "I'm Zoya, I'm sorry for interrupting plans", she spoke.

"Zoya and her husband is kind of in a heated position. So she left for the night, and decided to come this way. I would never want to put my cousin out on the streets, so I was wondering can me and you go back to your side?", Assi asked.

It was a lot being said at once, but I got the clear understanding that plans are not being taken here anymore.

"Um, I would love that, but I would also have to contact my cousin to at least let him know wassup and be respectful of his home."

"I understand, plus you are already in some deep mess with his mother as you mentioned. So yea give him a call and let me know. I'm going to fix up--get my things and jacket just in case", Assi said then quickly dashed off without seeing if I had another response.

Zoya, who was still sitting on the couch, chuckled. That caused me to awkwardly smirk.

"She must really like you", she stated.

I chuckled, "Uh, yea I guess"

"I'm sorry again for making you guys go through this", Zoya apologized again.

"Don't worry about it, You have a caring cousin, and I hope things go well with your situation", I replied.

Zoya stroked her afro, "Thanks--really needed that. I tried talking to Assi about it, but her advice always involve divorce", she mentioned.

I just nodded my head, "Well just make sure whatever decision you make, it's because of you and what you want. No one else"

Zoya smiled and nodded, "Thanks I will".

I nodded, "I'm going to step out real quick to make a phone call"

"Oh yea, go ahead, I'll tell Assi if she asks", she told me.

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