New Vibes (Part 3)

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A/N: Make sure you guys read the two chapters before this one. This is part three of the whole "New Vibes" chapters. Best advice is to not click on the recent updated chapter when you get notified. Instead, go to your library and click the whole story to be where you left off at.

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Next day...

Again, I sat in class with no emotion. I just listened, waiting for the teacher to attend to class.

"Alice did you visit Tyshay?", Emilia voices asks.

"No—wasn't sure if I should", Alice says.

"What? Alice—that was your Best Friend. Don't you think it's time to move past the drama", Emilia says.

"I'm not about to sit and be fake. I'm sure Tyshay is good. I wish you and Kendall get off my case. The situation is over—it's not that serious", Alice says.

My head snapped behind me, and my eyes stared at Alice.

Alice notice and became silent, I watch her as my gaze starts to make her uncomfortable—as well as Emilia.

Emilia started to speak, "Bobby, she didn't mean—..."

"Don't speak for me", Alice says, "I didn't say anything wrong", she says.

I finally speak, "But you did", my own voice startled me. It was raspy and deeper than usual.

I didn't notice how loud my response came out—until the class became dead silent.

Everyone started to whisper as my eyes stayed on Alice.

"What if it was your mother?", I say to her.

Alice was quiet.

"What if you had to come home and see your mother dead inside her own bed? Blood everywhere"

Alice remained silent—along with the entire class.

"What if all of that shit drove you crazy to the point you wanted to kill your damn self"

Alice again remains quiet.

I suddenly heard someone clear their throats—

"Mr. Turner", the teacher voice speaks out, notifying that they were now present to teach the class.

It took me moments to stop looking at Alice, and then I turned around...

I felt everyone eyes on me.

"Mr. Turner—would you like to step out for some air?", Mr. Kalooga speaks.

I remained seated for a moment—I then fixated my eyes on Jordan who was turned around viewing me. Then I turned to my left to see Maleek viewing me, wanting to say something.

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