Don't Go

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Two hours past by after finding out Alexis is moving out.

I was now showered and dressed in my bed clothes, trying to block out everything.

Alexis tried to speak to me again when I was about to go shower earlier, but I simply ignored her.

I laid on my bed, with my headphones in. I was now blasting "Your Style" by Chari' Joy on repeat.

As the lyrics played over and over, I became annoyed about everything.

Annoyed about my feelings.

Annoyed about being hurt.

Annoyed about Jonah.

Annoyed about Alexis.

I was overwhelmed, and as soon as I felt like things were getting better, something always happens to mess it up.

In a second... I felt a vibration of a knock on my door. I rolled my eyes....getting off my bed to answer the door.

When I opened, my Mother was standing there.

"May I come in?", sarcasm fell from her mouth.

"You pay the bills", I smartly said walking back to my bed.

"Okay missy, I also give the butt whoopings—at any age", my mom says walking inside my room.

She takes a seat on my wooden chair across from my bed.

"Let's talk", she says the obvious.

I shrug, "Okay".

My mom sighs, "You shouldn't be so hard on Alexis", she starts.

"I'm not, she said she's leaving and I said okay she can go", I replied.

My mom gave me that face...

"What?", I question.

"Jordan, all this new attitude and tone is coming from hurt—-and I know why", My mom says.

I unintentionally rolled my eyes, "No you don't"

"You think I don't? I do. I know all of this hurt is coming from Alexis and how you feel about her", my mom states.



*Does she know?*


"I know you feel that Alexis is like your older sibling now", my mom says.

My heart was at ease again, as my nerves calmed down as I listened to her finish.

"Since Alexis moved in, I seen how well you guys bonded—-and with your brother gone—-I know Alexis being here was comforting",she added.

Everything my mom said, wasn't inaccurate at all.

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