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My anger was still at rage, but my depression locked it inside—as it tore me up inside.

I was doing as Mr. Kalooga insists—-which is taking a breather outside of the classroom.

Alice pissed me off to the Max with her comments. I couldn't understand how she acted as if Tyshay wasn't her Bestfriend at a point.

Even Tameeka was more caring than Alice when it came to this whole situation.

I sighed as my head started to fill with these new common voices—

*You don't need to be here right now!*

"Just shut up! Not now"

*So leave ngga- *

"Get out of my damn head!"

*You scared Mom gonna worry? (Laughs)*

"Just leave me alone man!"

*You're hurting and nobody gives a hell , and you know that!*

My conscience argued back and forth with me, I felt my anger at its peak.

"Fuck!" I shouted in the empty hallway as I impulsively and emotionally made my decision.

I angrily stormed off—

as I headed towards the door without a care.

Once I reached outside, I was in fumes and near tears—- I couldn't get gruesome images out of my head—it's like replaying episodes.

All I felt was pain, and cries for help—-but I didn't know how to get that.

Suddenly, my phone started to vibrate, which

annoyed me.

As I still walked, I took my vibrating phone out of my pocket.

I automatically assumed it would be Maleek or Kevin, because nowadays they are always texting each other about my actions...

...Which then leads one of them to check up on me.

I sucked my teeth, and then took my phone out my pocket as I continued to walk off...

When I opened my phone and saw a familiar but unusual contact name text me—-I didn't know how to feel.

It was from Jonah, I honestly haven't heard of Jonah for a while. It's like he fell off the planet of Earth. ...

Or was it because I was too depressed in my own world?

Jonah was asking me about my whereabouts.

I started to think maybe Maleek and Kevin contacted Jonah to worry about me— but then again, why would they?

How desperate would that be?

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