Truth and Lies

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We were about 30 minutes into the movie.

I glanced over at Jordan to see her eyes steadily on the screen. However, the suspense of the movie had her jumping or covering her eyes every now and then.

I found amusement in it—-which made Jordan comment on it....

"You think this is funny?", she says holding her hand up to shield her eyes, as she peeks curiously into the screen.

"I actually think this is hilarious", I chuckled.

Jordan places her hand down, and then her eyes focused on me...

"Ha-ha...", sarcasm fell, "The only reason you're not scared is because you probably watched this 100 times", Jordan says.

"I mean, I did mention it's one of my favorite horror films...but eyes on the screen, you're missing an important part", I replied with a smirk.

Jordan rolls her eyes, and diverts them back to the screen—just in time to yelp in fear of sudden suspense .

I laughed loudly.

"Oh my gosh—you set me up—-you knew that was going to happen", Jordan shrieks in laughter.

I laughed, "I wish you saw your face".

"I'm definitely not going to be able to sleep tonight", Jordan says.

Before, I could reply—-My phone began to ring loudly.

I searched for it, and once it was in my hand...

"No phones in the theater please", Jordan playfully says.

I chuckled, as I viewed who was calling, it was Mirena.

*Damn forgot to call her back..., my thought roamed.

"I'll be right back", I said to Jordan.

She nods, and then I answered my phone, while removing myself from the couch.

In seconds I was inside of my room.

"...hellooooo?", Mirena says, obviously wondering why I didn't speak yet.

"Hey, Sorry. What's up?", I say to her.

"What's up? That's new. Anyways, I was waiting on your call back. It seems like you forgot, so here I am, picking up your slack", Mirena jokes in a way.

I chuckled, "I'm sorry, you're right. I was definitely supposed to call back. I got distracted. No excuse though", I say to her.

Mirena gives in, "Fine, I can never stay mad at you, which is so annoying", she sighs with a follow up giggle, "But how about you come make it all up to me", she says seductively.

However, I knew it wouldn't go there due to her celibacy. Mirena was a tease, and she knew it. It was honestly her best power.

There were many times I thought I'd eventually have her screaming from the top of her lungs...but it always ended in rejection due to her pledge of purity.

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