Eye to Joe

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I sat there quietly listening to my mom talk Alexis head off and thank her over and over. They went over all the finance part, and now they were talking about the room and what it needs. My mom offered to get the bed for Alexis but Alexis wanted to decline the offer because she thought my mom is already doing much. My mom somehow convinced her it was okay and she'll take the responsibility of getting the room all together for the next two weeks.

Yep, in two weeks, Alexis will officially move in. I stared at her, studying every motion her mouth made as she spoke. I noticed when she smiled, how her eyes squinted a bit. She was really something to look at.

A ringing sound went off, stopping their conversation.

"Oh the cookies are done", I said getting up, making my way to the oven.

"I knew I was smelling something good", Alexis complimented.

My mom laughed, "Jordan loves to bake. She baked us three some snickerdoodles. Is that fine? Any allergic foods?"

"Oh no", Alexis replied, "but thanks for asking. I also must mention that snickerdoodles are actually my second favorite cookies"

I smiled and neatly bought over the cookies on a nice plate.

"They're still hot, we should let them cool. But what's your first favorite cookies?", I bravely asked.

Alexis smirked, "Peanut Butter"

I made a face, disliking her choice. Alexis and my mom both started laughing at my facial reaction.

"You couldn't get her to eat peanut butter for a million dollars", My mom mentioned.

I giggled, "I'm sorry but I'm not a fan...but I won't mind making you them", I nicely told her.

She grinned, "That's wassup".

I sat down, and Alexis still was looking at me.

"So baking is your thing?", she asked me.

I don't know why, but I looked at my mom, like a little kid expecting her to answer for me.

My mom raised her brows indicating for me to reply when spoken to.

"Uh yea. I actually always wanted to have my own bakery shop, and even go to school for Culinary Arts", I replied.

Before Alexis could reply, my mom now decided to bud in...

"But she'll be taking up Occupational Therapy when she reaches that part of her education", My mom made sure to mention.

I looked at my mom and nodded to show I agree.

Don't get me wrong, my mom is an amazing mom and she always support the things I love. The only reason she's strict on what I want to study because she's fear i'll be chasing a dream that i'll might not reach until who knows how many years from then. She believes in today's living, it's just best to go with certainty. She puts in my head if I do OT, then i'll get good money--- money good enough that I could probably open my bakery sooner than later.

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