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(Yes another chapter in same day---Make sure you read Revelations Side B. before this Chapter. Remember you guys read Side A. chapters ago. All Revelation chapters would be of Alexis's past)  



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I was standing outside of Bree's mother house, waiting for Jonah to open the door—-but after 20 minutes, it was clear to say he snuck out or avoiding the door.

Bree made it clear to me that she told him not to leave because I was coming, and listen out for the doorbell.

I was beyond pissed, not even about Jonah—-but all my anger went directly towards Domonique.

It's been like that since I ended the phone call with Bobby and pressed her again about whether she was on my phone or not.

Finally she confessed, and we fell into multiple arguments. If she wasn't already in my car during the argument —and if I wasn't me—- I would have put her ass out.

As of right now...

Domonique stood there with an obvious attitude, when she knew damn well she shouldn't be the one upset.

I rung the bell one last time, not really caring if the door opened or not at this point.

"Obviously he's not there", Domonique says.

"For the last time, stop talking to me. The only reason you're still tagging along is because I'm still human enough to drive your ass back to Bree's house", I angrily said.

Domonique rolled her eyes, "All this because of a post Alexis?"

My blood boiled again—-

I felt betrayed and lied to. I couldn't believe Domonique sneakily did what she did. This whole situation not only pissed me off, but made me paranoid.

If Bobby seen it, I wonder how many others did—and of any others did viewed it—-I was praying that Jordan didn't.

I texted Jordan regular like , but I got no reply—I assumed maybe because she's in school still. I prayed that's the reason.

However, I was planning to sit down with Jordan and be honest about everything. I didn't need or want her to think anything more than what's reality.

The whole meet up was for closure for Domonique and I need and want to express that to Jordan whether she seen the video or not.

"Please—STOP speaking to me girl", I say to her, replying to her comment.

"Alexis grow up becau—..."

" 'Grow up?' Seriously Domonique? You telling me to grow up when you're the one who violated my privacy yet LIED to my face", I argued for the 100th time.

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