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It was about evening now and I still was at Tameeka's house, preparing to leave.

I had my duffel strapped on my shoulder as I stood having the goodbye conversations...

"Oh don't forget our Math project is due Monday", I reminded Tameeka.

She groans, "I definitely forgot. I didn't finish the page summary yet", she says

"Well I didn't also, so how about tomorrow, Sunday, we go to the library and work on it.", I suggested.

" UGH, Sundays are usually my rest and laundry days, do we really have to?", she says.

" Tameeka yes, unless we will fail the project, you'll just have to multitask".

"Or... My beautiful best friend, can go on her own, and write both of our summaries.",Tameeka says with sarcasm.

"Or...I think NOT", I sarcastically replied back.

Tameeka whined, "Omg pleaseeee"

"No Tameeka. Hard work pays off, College is next for us. And I know you haven't been applying", I replied.

"Actually, I have applied to one, but now I'm definitely not looking forward in that acceptance letter", Tameeka shook her head.

"Wait why?", I asked.

"It's Chris's school", she confessed unpleasantly.

I sighed, "Well, now, it's another reason for us both to be at the library tomorrow", I stated.

Tameeka playfully rolls her eyes, "You real-life get on my nerves. But....Fineeee. What time we meeting then?"

I chuckle...

"Around 11:30 or 12ish", I say, "Not too early but also nothing later than 3:00PM".

Tameeka waved me off, "Okay 'BOSS'.... I'll be there", she replied sarcastically.

"Thank you", I sweetly replied, "I'm leaving now, hopefully the bus shows in a clutch timing".

"Bus? What about Alexis?", Tameeka asked.

"What about her?", I asked simple.

"She offered you a ride home", Tameeka says, taking info from what I earlier mentioned.

"Yes but I didn't say I was going to go with it", I replied with a shrug.

"What do you mean? She offered just for the simple fact: you can avoid taking the bus.", Tameeka says.

"Obviously, but I don't want it to seem like I'm using her for rides".

I was serious when I said that. I didn't want Alexis to feel as I was some splurging and needy type of female because I wasn't. However, I did want her to come, I enjoyed the alone company — but I could pass it for now.

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