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Picture: Jordan

Picture: Jordan

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I walked in the girls bathroom with Tameeka, as she huffed loudly, annoyed by my procrastination.

"...but i'm sure she'll say yes"

"You know how your mom rolls, she hates last minute stuff", she preached to me about my own mother.

Tameeka was right, that's one thing my mom hated. Tameeka is my bestfriend, we been close since Jr-high. We met at lunch when a bunch of girls was picking on me, Tameeka was there to stand up for me, ever since then... we became unbreakable.

"Fine okay, i'll ask tonight", I told Tameeka.

Tameeka and I was now aware of the other girls in the bathroom: Tyshay, Alice, and Kendall.

"Fuck him Tyshay, don't let that bastard get the best of you", Alice told her.

"He's a dog and that's nothing new. Bobby is a cornball, throw the corn away", Kendall also added.

Tyshay giggled through her tears, "You are so dumb, I love yall", she responded to them both.

Tameeka cleared her throat to bring attention that we were in the bathroom now too.

Tyshay rolled her eyes at Tameeka, then turned to me and smiled.

"Wassup Jordan", she said to me.

I was about to respond until Tameeka shot me that look, therefore i remained quiet.

"Ugh, let's go before yall start", Kendall suggested as Alice agreed.

"It's nothing to start, positive vibes among us all", Tameeka said with a hint of sarcasm as she threw a fake smile. 

Tyshay rolled her eyes again and walked passed us both as Kendall and Alice followed. Then all three of them exited the bathroom.

"When are you guys ever gonna make up?", i asked as I began to look in the mirror and prepare to fix my bottom eye-liner.

"There is no need to, not like our parents made up, so therefore it's whatever", Tameeka stated.

Tameeka and Tyshay use to be stepsisters, but right after Tameeka's dad and Tyshay's mom divorced things changed a lot. Tameeka and Tyshay fell off and turned into enemies.

"Whatever, but did you hear that? Bobby still breaking hearts and getting away with it", I mentioned.

"The only thing new about that is the females. Tyshay just thought she could changed him and now look at her, that's good for her because i told her goofy ass not to talk to him", Tameeka said bluntly.

Tameeka started to fix up her natural curly afro-style hair.

"Thats mean Tameeka, she didn't deserve that, and you can't blame her for thinking she was gonna change him and be the one, that's usually every girl's logic when dealing with a 'bad-boy'"

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