66 | Oh, Brother

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Nothing could possibly get in the way of her and what she had her heart set on. Once Indiana had her gears shifting in her head, it was practically impossible to stop them. Indiana was a woman--well, dead woman--who was more than determined to get what she desired, and that was... Wait... What exactly did Indiana want?

That was a question that Indiana genuinely, wholeheartedly was unable to answer.

Something was... reeling her in, if you will. It was almost as if she were a fish and someone had punctured a hook through her, hauling her out of water. The thought of it reminded Indiana of all the times her aunt would drag her by the ear as a child off to a corner just to scold her. Well, that was what the others villagers would think, considering they didn't like the troublesome child all that much. In reality, Aunt Lucy would be pretending to scold her and Indiana would be pretending to be upset about it.

Indiana thought about Felix's words prudently. Was it really true? Could Indiana truly find whatever deceased family she had in the Underworld? She knew Aunt Lucy was dead and has been for a long time. Perhaps she was being guided to her childhood hero. Something in Indiana wished to believe it. The other part of her--the more intelligent and realistic part of her--called B.S. This wasn't some kind of fairytale where everything would end up right in the end. She'd learned that happy endings weren't real the moment she woke up in the Underworld.

Destiny was something that had been troubling Indiana Jones. She'd been obsessed with knowing what her true destiny was. After all, for as long as she could remember, Indiana had been taught that after death, it was game over. Now, she was blessed--or maybe cursed--with awakening in a whole new world.

A part of Indiana was thwarted to learn that her "soul"--or whatever it was called at this point--had led her straight to a pub. Maybe she secretly was destined to be come an alcoholic and drink all of her pain away.

Whatever it was, nothing seemed to stop her feet from dragging Indiana into the pub.

Upon entering the alcohol scented building, Indiana's eyes curiously darted around her surroundings. Indiana had covered every inch of the Underworld possible, yet she had never seen this place before.

"Can I help you?" an unfamiliar voice called out to Indiana. The ocean-eyed girl cranked her neck around, spotting a man that oddly looked like her.

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