Meeting Place

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A/N have any of you noticed that I haven't done any top-of-the-page authors notes in the past few chapters? No? Ok. Let get on with the story and I just want to say I do NOT hate any of the people I use in my stories but I think this would be dramatic so that is why I does these things. Sorry if you hate me but you don't have to read if you do hate this. Anyway lets get started shall we? The story....


"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Seto asked as Sky paced back and fourth in the meeting room.

"We have to, How else can we lure them out?" Sky said

"This will just make them hate us more! Cant we do anything else?" Jerome asked

"I agree with Sky. I hate this plan just as much as you Jerome but we have no other choice. WE wont actually do it but we have to make them think we will" Deadlox said calmly.

"How could you be so calm at a time like this?! Your own daughter is  in there and if this goes wrong you. Will. Lose. Her!" Jerome said. He stood up so fast his chair fell over.

"Jerome! Calm down! We wont actual kill them. We will just make the posters and put them around in the forest and other kingdoms to try and lure them out. They will be fine" Sky said

"What if they are hiding somewhere in your kingdom Sky? Wouldn't they get suspicious if they didn't see anything for it?" Kermit asked.

"Good point. WE should have the builders start making them so they would be ready for the next day. Then we could also have them come out to make it more realistic" Sky said.

"No, we cannot go through with this! Something could go really wrong! Then where would we be?" Jerome said.

Just then the doors burst open and Seto walked in.

"Sorry I'm late, I was held up with an apprentice" He said as he sat down. "What I miss?"

"Oh nothing. Just Sky and the others planning on hanging our kids!" Jerome said starting to pace back and forth.

"Why are you going to hang them? Doesn't seem like the smartest thing especially if the recruits find out you're hanging your kids." Seto said.

"We wont actually hang them, we're just using this as a way to lure out the ones who escaped" Deadlox said

"Who escaped again? I know Crystal did but who were the others?" Seto asked

"I think Budder did but I don't know. They were talking about one boy named Tomy earlier but we haven't been able to find out who he is" Kermit answered.

"No clue on the others?"

"No, no idea" Husky said. He had been sitting in the back just listening.

"Lets get started then. What time should the 'execution' be?" Sky asked

Connor and Kelly had just been walking past the meeting room and overheard the conversation inside.

"So, when should the execution be?" Sky said.

"Execution?" Connor said turning to Kelly "What execution? I didn't know they were having one"

"I wonder who its for" Kelly said. She walked up to the door and pressed her ear against it.

"I say we have it on Sunday. It's more historical and will add to it." Deadlox said

"How should we organize it? Like, girls on the left guys on the right?" Seto asked

"We cant see there faces so that would do not good. We could just let them stand by who they wanted to" Sky said

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