Cries in the woods

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A/N hey guys so this chapter will probably be much longer than some of the others and I just wanted to say before hand I do not hate Sky, he is one of my favorite You Tubers and it is easier for me to think of how he would act in certain situations than with some of the others and I watch him more, so yea. Also, can you guys believe the 1.7.2 update? I know it cane out a while ago but I keep forgetting to mention it. It is awesome. Honestly its great, although I kind of liked the little red flower but oh well. alright now to get down to business. Oh also some of this will be typed on my IPod so sorry of mistakes.

On with the story!!


Crystal woke up the next morning more tired than she was before she went to bed. Her dreams had been plagued with nightmares of Herobrine and most of them consisted of him killing her friends then her in a slow and painful death which was different every dream. Just the thought of it made a shiver crawl up her spine.

Groggily she got out of bed and looked at her clock hanging on the wall

ugh it was only 5 in the morning! Although she was still very tired Crystal was not going to try and go back to sleep with the nightmares still fresh in her mind. Instead she went downstairs to get breakfast and try to figure out what she would do for the rest of the day until it came time to meet up for the totem building. They had decided to do it tonight because it was a full moon and they didn't want to wait a month for the next.

When she went downstairs and into the kitchen she was surprised to see Steve sharpening a pair of shears at the kitchen table.

"Morning" she said as she walked over to get a loaf of bread and an apple for breakfast "What are you doing?"

Steve was a little startled when she walked in but quickly covered it up.

"I'm sharpening the shears" he said

"I see that, what are you going to do with them?" she said rolling her eyes and taking a bit of her apple.

"Why are you up so early?" he asked

"Just am, that doesn't answer my question by the way" she said

"I'm going to the mooshroom pen" he said

"also doesn't answer my question"

*sigh* I wasn't done yet, last night something got at the cows and killed three of them but one of the mooshroom's had a baby also and, well, what I'm trying to say is we need more cows." he finished. Crystal just stared at him in shock. Suddenly she got up from the table and stood in front of the door.

"So your going to shear the baby!? The one who hasn't done anything wrong and hasn't even been around long enough TO do any thing? And you think it deserves this and for your own purposes? no that's just wrong! I- I won't let you!" she was nearly in tears "Ripping the life and personality away from a living creature is just wrong."

"It's for the better" said Steve trying to calm her down. it wasn't working.

"How can it be for the better?! Your taking the only thing it has known away from it!" she was crying now and with that she ran out the door into the forest behind.

Steve watched her go. while they had been talking the sun had come up so she should be fairly safe. After what seemed like eternity he sat back down, dropped the shears and put his head in his hands.

"What have I done?" he asked himself

*Crystal's pov*

Crystal ran and ran. she just wanted to get away from everything even if it could only be for a fleeting moment. She was running blindly with the tears streaming our of her eyes. when she finally stopped running she sat down under a tree at the edge of a clearing. she had the clearing behind her but could be seen from it. In the clearing was a small cottage but she didn't notice. She put her head in her hands and cried until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

*Brian's pov*

Brian had definitely not slept we'll last night. Sleeping on the ground was no fun and with the moans of zombies just outside his door was just as bad. when he woke up the first time the zombies were trying to break down his door. the second time because a creeper was hissing outside. And the third time because Phil had told his friends about him and they started trying to scare him.

When it was finally morning Brian was relieved to feel the warm touch of the sun on his skin. When he went downstairs to get some breakfast he had heard crying. he looked out one of the window slots and saw the girl from school he had recognized sitting under a tree crying at the edge of the clearing.

What is she doing out here? Brian thought as he opened the door and went out. He started to walk over toward her. When he was next to her he stopped for a second then gently put his hand on her shoulder.

When she looked up her eyes were red and puffy from the crying and there wee streaks going down her face from the tears.

"Are you ok?" Brian asked

"Fine" she said and looked away

Brian sat down next to her hand still on her shoulder.

"I don't believe that. Now what's wrong?" he asked again in a gentle voice. What the nether? Did I turn into a woos as well as a teen?

"I-I'm fine, really" she said but burst into tears again.

Brian did the first thing he thought. He put his arm around her shoulder and massaged her shoulder gently with his fingers.  About ten minutes later she calmed down and he took his arm off her shoulder and let it drop to his side.

"ready to explain?" he asked trying to be gentle about it.

"It seems stupid now" she said turning to look away from him again. That annoyed him just a bit but not too much.

"Well, a lot of stuff will seem stupid later on in life" he retorted

"Ok, well, my dad was going to shear out baby mooshroom and I thought that wasn't a good idea and I got mad a t him and ran out the door crying about it." she said in one breath. Brian didn't really know why this would make someone so upset but he didn't ask.

"Well that doesn't sound nice" was all he said Oh my Notch I AM turning into a woos!

"Yea" she said with a smile "I thought it wasn't nice to take away the life of something and change it. Even if most people would think it was for the better." she went on to explain. "It would be like ripping a kid away from its parents. It would leave both the parents and the kid feeling hollow and sad" she said looking forward to see a family of chickens walking in the forest.

Brian was also looking forward but for a different reason. He was having a flashback.


A/N ok not as long as I would like but the next chapter is going to be the flashback so no need to worry about the cliffhanger much because I will try and get that up tonight as well. so until next chapter


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