how to steal a cow

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"oh thank notch your getting on with the story" said Phil

"um I thought you worked for Herobrine" (a_a)

"I do"

"Well why didn't you say 'thank Herobrine' instead?"

"Why would I thank him?"

any way on with the story!


Do any of you know haw hard it is to steal a cow?! Well I can tell you this it is depending who you take it from. I know what your thinking 'but Herobrine why didn't you just tame a cow? they're everywhere.' My answer is- that's no fun. second question where did I get the cow? guess


no, he's no fun


pointless he would just spawn more

A famous mine crafter and you tuber?


you guessed it!

now ho do you think it is? none other than the butter 'god' himself.


*At the butter mansion (sky's summer house)*

"Well that was a great day of mining" said Sky " Night guys" he said.

"Night" replied Huskymidkipper, Jerome, and Kermit.

"Sleep well" said Deadlox with a hint of mischief in his voice but Sky was too tired to notice. when he was out of earshot they all turned to each other.

"ready guys?" asked Deadlox.

"You still haven't told us what we're going to be doing" complained Jerome.

"We are going... to take all the butter cows and chickens and hide them! while we shear off all the wool on all the butter sheep. This will be the ultimate prank!" said Deadlox looking at everyone. there was a stunned silence and then everyone started to laugh.

"Dude, we can do way better than that!" said Husky.

"Yea, lets take all the butter and then the animals. That will make him flip!" said Kermit laughing.

"Oh that would be so cool!" said Jerome" while we're at it why don't we take the butter blocks in the castle too."

"That would take to long but we could dismantle his room though" commented Deadlox.

"yea lets do that. we all know how heavy of a sleeper he is" said Jerome.

"yes" they all agreed and got to work. Jerome and Kermit started to take the 'butter' while Deadlox and the Mudkip went out to start herding the  animals. they definitely weren't expecting to find who they did.

*out in the barn*

Herobrine seemed to be having a really hard time getting the cow to follow him.

"Why are these cows so stubborn!" he said trying to push one through the doors.

It was then that he heard people approaching. Quickly he turned himself invisible with his powers and watched the people come in.

"How'd this cow get out of its pen?" asked one. It was Deadlox.

"Must be a glitch" said the other. Ah Huskymudkip, one of the biggest nonbelievers out there.

Time to have some fun thought Herobrine. Quickly he let the chickens out of there pens and went outside. once there he spawned an army of creepers, zombies and skeletons.

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