The battle

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The sun was just starting to rise and Sky could see the arm on his doorstep. Most of the enemies were in the forest escaping the raise of light that would kill the weaker ones. Herobrine had not returned yet and no one had reported seeing him.

"I'm sure he's out there somewhere" Kermit said coming up behind Sky.

"It's not Herobrine I'm worried about, its the kids and you guys" Sky said walking back inside.

"Why do you think they aren't attacking us?" Jerome asked.

"They're waiting for us to surrender" MU said leaning back on the couch. Everyone's mood worsened.

"I'm willing to fight with you Sky" Toby said standing up "It's the least I can do since you helped us out"

Sky shook his head and looked at Toby.

"Your kids cant loose another parent. Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate your sacrifice" Sky said. Toby nodded and sat back down.

"What about Crystal? They're going to go straight for her if they break down the walls" Husky said

"I've already set up some of the extra guards outside the hospital to protect her but we need most of the forces to try and keep them from getting close to her" Sky said "If anything does get through the gates then they will be there to stop it. Hopefully"

Everyone was silent. There was a nock at the door.

"Come in" Sky said looking out the window. The head guard walked in.

"When should we attack sir?" He asked. Sky didn't answer right away but when he did his voice was gruff and scratchy.

"We attack right away" Sky said and turned towards the guard. "ready the recruits and march at once"

It was going exactly as planned. If the squid and the extraction group had done there jobs right he should find her in the medical wing once they breach the sides. His secondary team was ready to go and was waiting for the signal. He himself had changed into a form he knew would infuriate the humans. HE did not like it but it was worth seeing there faces.

"Sir, Herobrine has been spotted in the forest taking down the backup troops" A spider came up and bowed in front of him.

"Capture him and bring him to me, we have use of him yet" The wither said. His voice still sounded terrifying and husky, it still had the same effect too. The spider shivered and headed off to spread the message.

"Everything is as planned" The wither said examining his new suit.

Herobrine was slicing down any mobs he saw as he ran through the forest.

"Why am I always betrayed?" He asked out loud as he cut off a zombies head. He turned around and stabbed another that was coming towards him.

"I mean, its always me" He kept going. There were now ten bodies of the undead on the ground and several skeletons. More kept coming and he kept cutting them down, it just fueled him.

"And now they're after her again. I thought the ender dragon was working alone" He swung his sword and caught a spider as it jumped at him. It fell in two pieces to the forest floor. Herobrine looked around and didn't see anymore mobs so he sheathed his sword and started walking away from the pile of dead behind him.

"How am I supposed to keep her safe if she keeps running around getting hurt" Herobrine kicked a rock down the path. The walked forward and kicked it again. He stopped.

"That's it! I'll just keep her locked in the nether fortress" Herobrine said smiling. "She wouldn't like it but it would keep her safe" Herobrine started walking back towards the castle. It came into sight just as something heavy dropped on him from above.

"Leaving the party so soon?" A voice asked as a familiar pain pierced his arm. His body went limp as the person dragged him back towards the forest.

"I know you can still hear me so listen up" The person said surprising Herobrine "In one hour the army will march on the walls and break through. I know Sky doesn't think we will be able to get through but we will. At that time a team will be sent to the hospital wing to get your daughter. You will be able to move by then and the wither wont know it has worn off. Use your chance wisely because you wont get another" The person finished as they came to what seemed to be there base. Herobrine was tied up and hung upside down from a pole in full view of the walls. It didn't take long before the wither made its way over to them.

"Good job son, You have proved yourself" The wither said grinning

"Thank you father, I have done what you asked easily. Is there anything else?" The boy asked. The wither shook his head.

"Just one thing, you are to join me at the head of the arm" the Wither said. The boy backed up in surprise.

"I am honored but shouldn't I stay back with my team? They will need me to lead them through the tunnels" The boy said

"No, you should be beside me in a place of honor" The wither said.

"But father, my team needs me. Without me they will get lost in the catacombs and the plan wont work" The boy protested. The wither turned from proud to angry in less than one second.

"If that is what you wish. Just remember, I can replace you easily" And with that the wither walked away leaving the boy where he was.

Sky, Deadlox, MU and the rest of the leaders were out on the wall looking at the army camping in the near distance. One figure stuck out more than the rest in the group. He had on a blue space suit with an orange tinted helmet and black pants and arms. He was leading the army closer with something hanging from a pole they were wheeling forward with them.

"What's that?" Jerome asked pointing at the pole. He leaned over the wall to try and see better but was almost shot by an arrow from one of the skeletons below. Kermit was able to pull him back in time.

"I think- is that Herobrine?" Sky said and grabbed a telescope. He looked through and saw the figure hanging upside down.

"Yep, thats him all right" Sky said putting it down "He's been captured, we're doomed"

"Not just yet, can you tell if he's moving or not?" Notch asked appearing next to Sky. Sky jumped back.

"Dont do that" Sky looked through the telescope again "He's not moving, just hanging there upside down. How did they get him?"

"Probably something like the darts Deadlox used" Husky said. Deadlox looked at him confused.

"What darts?" he asked. The group turned and looked at him.

"How long were you prisoner of the ender dragon?" Sky asked

"About two-three weeks before i broke out. Why? What I miss?" deadlox looked around at them but they were looking at eachother.

"Why didnt he take her earlier if he was here that long?" Sky asked. Steve shuffled back and turned around, starting to walk away. Notch stopped him.

"Steve, what are you hiding?" Notch asked grabbing his shoulder. Steve turned back around and rubbed his neck.

"Well, when she was younger I asked Seto for a potion to susspend her powers and she just started gettting them back
Steve said not looking at anyone. Notch looked furious.

"You what!? Dont you know that suspanding powers like that, in someone so younge and powerful, is dangerous? It could kill her!" Notch said, his voice rising the entire time until he picked Steve up and almost threw him over the wall. Luckily for Steve Sky and MU were able to grab him before he fell over.

"Calm down! We cant let you kill our second best fighter" Sky said as he helped Steve up. Steve brushed himself off and backed away from Notch, just in case. Notch seemed to have cooled off enough and was taking deep breaths as he watched the up coming army.

"There is one person we could us to help us" Steve said suddenly, everyone looked over at him waiting for the name. Notch saw his look and his face drew back in horror.

"You don't mean?" Notch asked. Steve smiled and nodded his head.

"I've seen him around here recently, he could help us" Steve said. Notch shook his head

"No, we are not that desperate" Notch said.

"I think we are" Steve said pointing out at the army "They have our first choice immobile and he has almost all the same powers. We need him"

Notch shook his head "Not we don't, we can manage without" The others were looking on in confusion.

"Could you please tell us who your talking about?" Deadlox asked. Steve smiled and spoke before Notch could stop him.

"Our cousin. He's here right?" Steve asked. Sky looked at him confused

"Who's your cousin?" He asked. Notch facepalmed as Steve went on.

"Einshine, technically twice removed but he took a potion that gave him most of Herobrine's powers" Steve said smiling "And now neither Notch or Herobrine can stand him"

"There's a reason for that! He stalks us! What cousin would do that?" Notch said and started pacing back and forth on the wall.

"How do you summon him again? Is there a way?" Notch asked. It was there best hope and he wasn't about to pass it down.

"There is but don't we need pie?" Steve said. Notch nodded.

Several minutes later they had a pie on the edge of the battlement tower and were waiting for Einshine to show up.

"Are you sure this is how it works?" Sky asked after they had been waiting for a while.

"Pretty sure" Steve replied and kept watching the pie. A noise came from behind them and they turned to see a rock, when they turned back the pie was gone.

"Great, now we have to get another pie" Husky said and started to get up but fell. His shoe laces had been tied together.

"What the-" Husky stared at his shoe laces confused. A laugh came from below. They looked over and saw Einshine sitting on a ledge right below them eating the pie.

"Hello cousins" Einshine said staring up at Steve and Notch with his brown eyes. They flashed white and he jumped up beside them. He stood next to Notch and looked up at him like a puppy.

"What can I help with?" He asked as he landed beside them. Steve pointed out to the approaching army. Einshine looked and his smile fell.

"Is that?" He pointed out to the limp body of Herobrine hanging from the pole.

"Yes, and we need your help to get him back" Steve said. Einshine nodded and jumped off the tower into the mobs already below.

"Um, was he supposed to do that?" Sky asked as Einshine disappeared.

"Yes, just wait" Steve said and soon they could see the mobs start to fall by the wall. a small shape was making its way through the army towards the pole.

"He's pretty fast" Kermit commented.

"Yep" Notch said through a tight mouth. The line kept making its way through the crowd until it hit something near him.

"What happened? He shouldn't be held back" Steve said leaning over the side. The others watch as a small red blur is thrown back at the wall towards them.

"Duck!" Steve shouted as the shape came closer. Everyone dove out of the way and it hit the wall behind them. Einshine groaned and sat up.

"They have some really good guards down there" Einshine said as he looked out at them.he climbed out of his crater and looked down on the army with them. Sky turned to his army and addressed them.

"Today is a very important day. Today we take on an enemy worse that the squids" a gasp went through the crowd "An old enemy has returned, one we thought we had defeated long age. The Wither." Another gasp went through the crowd "we have to win this fight,a it is more important than you would ever imagine. So are you ready to do this?!" Sky shouted the last part, all seriousness gone. The crowd cheered like it was at a concert not about to risk there lives. The gates started to open and the army rushed out and started demolishing the front line. The leaders stood on the wall and watched before heading down and joining there armies. The only ones still on the wall were Einshine, Steve and Notch.

"Your still good with TNT right?" Steve asked turning to Einshine.

"Once your good, you stay good" Einshine said grinning when he got the point. And he jumped off the wall again and started to help fight.

Soon the battle was raging. Explosions set off by Einshine caused craters and blew up many of the mobs but then there were the creepers who countered this by blowing up the east wall and a hoard of zombies were able to get in. At the beginning they were winning but slowly the mob army was pushing them back and depleting the troops. The hopes of victory were out the window, everyone was just fighting to survive at this point.

"Dude!" Jerome shouted to Sky "Does this seem familiar to you?" He was battling several skeletons at the moments next to Sky.

"What do you mean?" Sky asked

"Fallen Kingdom!" Jerome answered as he slashed a skeleton with betty. Sky laughed despite being in the middle of a major battle. Soon, they started singing. It was hilarious. They were in the middle of battle and they were singing? The spirits of the Sky army started rising and soon everyone was joining in.

I used to rule the world
Chunks would load when I gave the world
Now every night I go stow away
Hide from the mobs I used to slay

They once were terrified
Every time I looked into there eyes
Villagers would cheer my way
For a hero I was, that's what they'd say

One minute we had it all
Next our world began to fall
Away from all it had once become
They all cried for my help, but I stood there numb

The mob army was shocked at the sudden burst of music coming from there enemies. They should be terrified! Slowly the Sky army started pushing them back farther as they sang

I gaze off into the boundless skyline
Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine
Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield
The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield
And hope one day that this chaos and
Destruction turns for the better
Never a bow in hand
And that was when I ruled the land

It was the creepers and Skeletons
Blew down the doors and boxed us in
Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light
I tried all that I could to stay and fight

Herobrine started to stir on the pole. He could hear everything going on; the battle, the sound of metal on metal, and most of all the singing. He started to move his hands and work at the knots while the singing continued.

As the undead roamed the street
Families broken at my feet
Life itself suspended by a thread
Oh, why is it that I wasn't dead

I gaze off into the boundless skyline
Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine
Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield
The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield
If this battle should leave me slain
I know that Herobrine calls my name

Better to take a stand
And that was when I ruled the land

I gaze off into the boundless skyline
Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine
Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield
The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield
If this battle should leave me slain
I know that Herobrine calls my name
Better to take a stand
And that was when I ruled the land

Einshine saw Herobrine struggling and his face immediately lit up.

"Hey cousin!" Einshine shouted and bound over to the now unguarded pole. Herobrine watched in horror and looked up at the wall.

"Really?! You got that desperate?" He shouted up at Steve and Notch who were laughing there heads off as Einshine ran over while blowing stuff up. He stopped right in front of Herobrine and smiled.

"Looks like you need some help" Einshine said and pulled out a sword. Herobrine's eyes went wide.

"No, no! I got this" He started struggling more as Einshine swung the sword and cut the ropes. Herobrine fell on his head and the ropes fell around him. Herobrine stood up and brushed himself off as Einshine looked at him in awe. he looked like a puppy who just found its owner. You didn't have to look too closely to see he was trying hard not to launch himself at Herobrine.

"We'd better get going if we're going to stop this" Herobrine said and teleported to the wall next to Steve and Notch.

Down on the battle field MU, Sky and Jerome were fighting side by side as they made there way forward. It was MU who saw the wither first.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" He shouted. Sky and Jerome looked over and started laughing.

"He went witherMU? What is with all these guys coming back!?" MU raged and started running towards the wither. It turned and smiled at him as he came running up.

"Ah, its my old body!" It exclaimed "How have you been? More importantly, are you ready to die?" It drew its sword and took an attack stance.

"I'm not the one who's going to die, you are" Mu said and readied his sword. Sky and Jerome watched from the sidelines as they battled.

"Come on Universe! You can do it! beat him" They took turns watching and fighting until a group of zombies came there way.

"Hey Sky!" Jerome said slashing one of them.

"What? I'm kinda busy!" Sky replied as he fought five zombies at once

"I was just thinking, all we need now to complete this trio is Skybrine" Jerome replied. Sky sliced a zombie's head off and stabbed another.

"Nope, not doing that again" Sky said. Herobrine appeared behind him and quickly swept through the hoard.

"Oh come on Sky, its not that bad" Herobrine said smiling. Sky backed away.

"Don't do dis!" Sky said as Herobrine raised his hand. It started to glow and a similar glow formed around Sky.

"Its the only way to defeat the wither" Herobrine said as he strained over the powers. Sky started thrashing. The glow faded and disappeared as Sky fell back to the ground. When he looked up he had glowing golden eyes.

"I hate you" Sky mumbled.

"I hate your guts too" said Herobrine smiled and fell to one knee.

"You ok?" Jerome asked walking over to Herobrine who brushed him away.

"yea, fine. It takes a lot of power to do that" Herobrine said and stood back up "Sky, you might want too help your friend" He pointed at MU who was being held by the throat off the ground by the wither. It was getting ready to stab. Sky's eyes flashed and he bolted over and rammed into the wither, nocking it over. It dropped Mu, who fell to the ground gasping, and quickly got up again scowling at Sky.

"you are not supposed to interfere" The wither growled as it grabbed for its sword again. Sky kicked it out of the way and started walking toward it. The wither ran forward in an attempt to punch Sky but instead Sky grabbed its hand as it punched and lifted it off the ground. It looked surprised at Sky then started struggling until Sky stabbed it in the stomach, killing it. The battle was over, they won. The mobs ran away and a cheer went through the army as the enemy retreated.

"Good job" Herobrine said walking up to Sky and patting him on the back "I'll take the powers back later" Sky looked at him bewildered.

"No, take them now! Please! I don't want them." Sky pleaded. Herobrine smiled and sauntered off.

"No, I think you might need them just a little longer" Herobrine said before rembering what the boy from earlier had said. A team will be sent for your daughter in the hospital wing. Herobrine started running back to the castle. He burst into the hospital wing with everyone following and saw it was packed with wounded from the battle. He quickly started running up and down searching for Crystal. He found her talking with Deadlox at the end of one of the rows.

"But the worst one has got to be Sarah, she was horrible! She tried to get rid of me every chance she got. One time she even offered to take me mining and tried to leave me in a spawned room by blocking the entrance with cobble and walking off. Luckily Steve came just as she was closing the last part. Needless to say the broke up right then and there" Crystal was saying. Deadlox was listening with interest.

"So what happened next? Did you ever here from her again?" Deadlox leaned on the edge of his bed and looked intently at her.

"Actually, she's the reason we moved here. She was stalking us and tried to kill me on several different occasions" Crystal said and started giggling. Neither of them had noticed the group staring at them yet and kept talking.

"No" Deadlox said in awe. Everyone was looking at them confused. Just then a doctor came up and saw them standing there.

"We had to give them some really strong pain killers. They should wear off by tonight. You should hear some of the conversations they've had." the doctor said before walking away to help some of the wounded.

"I guess we'll have to come back later then" Sky said and started to walk away. Deadlox looked up and finally saw them.

"Hey guys!" He said a little too peppy "How was the battle?" Sky walked back and joined the group.

"We won" Jerome said. Deadlox threw his arms up with a whoop. Crystal laughed and fell back on her bed.

"Well, that's good" She said after a while. Everyone shifted as an awkward silence. Crystal leaned over and grabbed something off the table and set it on the bed in front of her.

"Some guy came in earlier and gave this to me, but I cant read it" She said and pushed it towards Seto "So I thought maybe you could have it" She waited for him to pick it up. He picked it up and opened it scanning the pages. His face grew concerned as he read it until he eventually looked up.

"Who exactly gave this to you?" He asked. Crystal looked at him with a blank face.

"I don't know, I didn't recognize him" She said shrugging. She fell back on the bed and her shirt pulled up just enough for a small part of her wound to show. It was puffy and there were stitches showing. She noticed everyone staring and quickly pulled it down to cover it.

"They said I couldn't have any healing potions because I've had too many" She said quietly "But I feel fine" She said quickly when she saw Herobrine getting mad. He started to calm down a bit. That is, until Einshine came running in.

"Hey guys! I knew I would find you eventually!" He came running over. "Hey Deadlox" He said when he saw him. Deadlox waved back. Einshine looked at the group and then at Crystal. He stood there looking between the two for a while.

"Who's she?" He finally asked pointing at Crystal.

"I could ask you the same thing" She replied staring at him in curiosity. Steve looked at Notch who was looking at Herobrine who was looking between Einshine and Crystal trying to figure out if he should tell them or not. He decided it was the best.

"Crystal, this is Einshine. Einshine, Crystal" Herobrine gesturing between them. Einshine still looked confused, and so did Crystal.

"How do you know each other?" Einshine asked looking between them. His face broke into a smile and he looked at Herobrine. He was stopped before he could say anything though.

"Nothing like that" Herobrine growled "She is my daughter" Einshine lost his smile under Herobrine's glare. HE looked away.

"Can I ask how you know my dad?" Crystal asked smiling. The drugs were working and she thought the misunderstanding was pretty funny, even though she didn't understand at the time what he was suggesting.

"Easy" Einshine said with a shrug "I'm his cousin, so your cousin too" His eyes flashed white and she gasped.

"Cool" She whispered. Steve started pushing Einshine out.

"I think its time for you to leave" He said and Einshine shrugged and disappeared. Steve walked back and rejoined the group.

"What else happened?" Deadlox asked oblivious to the tension in the room.

"Nothing really, We'll give you the details of the battle when your, you know, not high off of pain killers" Sky said and started walking away. Deadlox pouted and stared at Sky the whole way.

"Aw" Was all he said before flopping down on his bed to stair at the ceiling. The group turned away and walked out leaving only Herobrine, Steve and Notch with Crystal.

"So who was this boy who gave you the book?" Herobrine asked sitting on the edge of the bed. Crystal shrugged.

"Like I said, I don't know who he was. He just came in and walked over and handed me the book before walking away. The only thing he said was 'hope you get better' the whole time" Crystal said. "I do remember he was wearing a grey shirt though"

"That's all? Don't you remember anything else?" Herobrine asked. Crystal sat up in bed and looked at him.

"Nope" She said smiling before lying back down on the bed. Herobrine sighed and got up. Before he left he walked looked down at Crystal who stared back up at him with a smile.

"I'll be back later" He said and gently brushed some of her hair out of her face.

"Ok" She said starting to fall asleep again. Herobrine turned and walked out of the hospital. Steve turned to Notch and looked him in the eyes.

"What are we going to do with her? She cant go back with him" Steve said

"Why not? She would certainly make him happier and maybe he would stop trying to kill you" Notch said

"because she doesn't need him. I raised her and she turned out fine until he showed up. He will only cause her pain and people will start hunting her like they do him" Steve said "I can keep her safe"

"That worked out well" Notch said rolling his eyes "What was the story she was telling when we walked in? Wasn't it about one of your psycho girlfriends trying to kill her?" Steve went silent.

"I never let her get hurt though. She has almost died several times when he's around" Steve countered trying to win him over.

"Yes, but he is also the one who has saved her all those times" Notch pointed out "And I don't remember you being there any of those times besides the first" again, Steve went silent.

"Can we at least share? She can live with me part of the time and him the other times" Steve asked. Notch shook his head.

"She has been apart from her family for too long and I don't really think she'll willingly go with you now that she knows about the truth" Notch said and with that walked out. Steve stayed there just a bit longer before following him out. Crystal had heard everything as she drifted off.

back in the meeting room everyone else was waiting for word that the war was over.

"Why wouldn't they let us fight? I mean, we are awesome at fighting! We should have been out there with them!" Nova was pacing back and forth in front of the door as he muttered to himself. Kye walked up and made him stop.

"Come on Nova, you know why they didn't let us out with them" She said. Dawn walked up behind her

"She's right, your father would never have let you go into battle" Dawn said "And neither would I. War is brutal and you might think your ready but your not. None of you are" She swept her gaze around the room full of kids.

The doors burst open and Sky and the others walked in smiling.

"We won!" Sky shouted and everyone started cheering. A party was thrown and there was celebration though out the day and night.

Later that night though Crystal was lying in bed in the hospital when she felt a weight slid into bed next to her. She turned to see Budder looking at her.

"What are you doing?" She asked sleepily as he put his arms around her. He smiled at her.

"Just crawling into bed" He replied as she nestled into him. She breathed in his smell, warn, sweet and comforting, and let herself get lost in it.

"Ok" she said drifting off again. She felt safe for one of the first times since this all started. She was lucky there was a curtain around her bed because just seconds after she started falling asleep she heard the sound of people outside as the door opened again. The people seemed to be fighting about something.

"What do you mean you want her? She is my daughter who you had taken!" One of them said. It was Herobrine.

"I raised her! She is more of a daughter to me than she ever will be you" The second voice said. It had to be Steve and from the sound of it he was angry about it. Crystal pulled herself closer to Budder who seemed to be listening too.

"Why not let her choose? Then we will know for sure" Steve said. They heard the sound of footsteps coming closer to them as there hearts started beating faster.

"No, let her sleep. We both know she needs it" Herobrine said stopping Steve before he opened the curtains.

"Fine. but tomorrow we ask her" Steve said and they walked out. Crystal let out the breath she was holding shakily as Budder hugged her closer.

"I'm so sorry Crystal" Budder whispered in her ear. She just noticed she was shaking in his arms and tried to force herself to stop.

"It's ok. I guess something like this would have happened eventually" She said but kept shaking. She was scared about what would happen. Would Steve take her back with him or would Herobrine take her? Would they force her to choose? Her thoughts were silenced as she sank into Budder. She drifted off to sleep in his arms.

The next morning she woke up still in his arms but this time with others looking at her. Herobrine was tapping his foot on the floor, crossed arms while Sky was crossed armed and staring at Budder. The others were right behind them looking in. Crystal could tell Budder was still asleep and ing quickly shook him back awake.

"Budder, wake up" She whispered not taking her eyes off the others. He grumbled and sat up groggily only to snap awake at the sight.

"Um, good morning?" He said looking around. sky walked forward and pulled him out of the bed.

"Hey!" Budder said as Sky pulled him away. Some of the group watched until they were out of sight before turning back to Crystal.

"What exactly went on here?" Herobrine asked looking at Crystal.

"Nothing 'went on' here" Crystal answered. She could see briar standing behind him with a knowing look on her face.

"I don't believe that" Herobrine said looking her in the eyes.

"Dad, nothing happened! He just came in last night and crawled in, we didn't do anything" Crystal said staring back "But we did hear you and Steve talking" Herobrine and Steve stiffened and a smile grew on Crystal's face.

"Do you really want me to try and choose? Because I won't be able to" Crystal said staring at them.

"You can't see Budder anymore" Herobrine said suddenly and Crystal reeled back in shock.

"What do you mean?" She asked staring at him. She knew the answer but hoped it wasn't true.

"I mean, if I see you and him together again I will kill him on sight" Herobrine said, almost growling. Crystal stared in horror at him. Everyone was silent around them, no one daring to make a sound. Crystal had tears stirring in her eyes and disappeared suddenly.

"Where did she go?" Steve asked looking at Herobrine. He gad calmed down enough by now to realize what he just said.

"Probably to where ever she would feel safe at a time like this" Briar said from behind Herobrine. Herobrine turned to Steve.

"I hate to admit it but you know her best. Where would she go?" Herobrine asked looking at Steve.

"Probably back to the house. She always felt safe there" Steve said.

"Then we'd better hurry" Herobrine said and soon they were running out the front gate into the forest towards the house Crystal and Steve lived in before.


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