No More by TYV0RE
No Moreby TYV0RE
After winning the Building Competition without her, her friends Petra, Axel, and Olivia no longer acknowledge Jesse, a shy girl, as a friend. Now alone, she received a b...
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A Gods Tears by Cicero_Wolf
A Gods Tearsby Another Saiyan
Warning, kinda gross and mean, kinda vivid tourcher, awsome YouTube music, and Herobrine X Steve! Other added characters also. --------- Notch was the king of his own l...
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • herosteve
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The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Min, Mineral
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
  • jeromeasf
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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
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The entity's girl {Entity 303 × Reader} by Shattered_Phoenix_10
The entity's girl {Entity 303 × Connor
303 isn't a god, he's a hacker. He kills and slays, he glitches and attacks. But, what if he found a special girl that makes his heart warm from frozen, to hot and warm
  • aya
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  • herobrine
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Descendants (Slow Updates) by Gamingerve31
Descendants (Slow Updates)by Depression Fuel
Minecraft version of the Disney movie Descendants. Trapped on the Island of the Forgotten, home to the most dangerous of mobs and bosses, tge children of Herobrine, t...
  • enderlox
  • huskylox
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The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Fate of Minecraftia (Sequel Todd
CAUTION: Read "A Minecraft Story" before reading this book. It is one year after the Battle of Mojang. They thought it was over. They thought there would be p...
  • notch
  • alex
  • herobrine
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The Warrior (Minecraft Story) The Moone Trilogy: Book Three by Rocknrebel44
The Warrior (Minecraft Story) Rockn Rebel44
THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK OF THE MOONE TRILOGY. PLEASE READ 'The Fighter' AND 'The Soldier' BEFORE YOU CONTINUE. So many things had changed. So many questions, so many an...
  • notch
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The Troubles of Herobrine's Children by MineralFox
The Troubles of Herobrine's Min, Mineral
This is the sequel to ' The Daughter of Herobrine' please read that one first so you don't get confused. I will not put the description here but it will be the first or...
  • steve
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Herobrine X Reader by KrazyKalina
Herobrine X Readerby Kalina
Title says it all cliché
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The Devil's Son: Book Three to Pulse Trilogy: Teamcrafted by missmatched123
The Devil's Son: Book Three to Emma
Sky turned his back on the Sky Army and his friends, but he's been changing in ways that scare most. He's been falling into darkness and this time, he might not come bac...
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The Great War (Prequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Great War (Prequel to A Todd
Fifty years before Steve. Fifty years before the Resistance. Fifty years before the government, Mojang. Herobrine ruled the world. Now, a small group of twenty year olds...
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Herobrine x reader: the price of loving you by darkhappybubbles
Herobrine x reader: the price of shaylyn malone
this story IS NOT mine this story is originally on deviantArt. I take NO credit of writing this story.
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The Daughter Of Herobrine~It's All a Lie (On Hold) by NovaTheNoviceDragon
The Daughter Of Herobrine~It's Nova Dragon For Short
What happens when Herobrine has a child. She's taken from him by strangers. Lives a normal life. Until strange things start to happen. Mobs speaking?! Weird powers? And...
  • herobrine
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Vengeance Reincarnate (TC & Friends Fic) by LupusLux
Vengeance Reincarnate (TC & LupusLux
IN THE BEGINNING, there was a God, Mojang who created the vast expanse of a world, later called Minecraft. It was as broad as the universe, with endless horizons and ne...
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A Hero's Wish: A Team Crafted Story by SageSorceress
A Hero's Wish: A Team Crafted Storyby Sage
A realm, once filled with light and hope, a place where angels lived in peace, is shattered. Now there is only darkness and misery. The darkness plaguing their home has...
  • fanfic
  • ssundee
  • enderdragon
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The Tainted Ones: A YouTubers Story by missmatched123
The Tainted Ones: A YouTubers Storyby Emma
It's called The Grey Death disease. An highly infectious and incurable disease that can either warp your mind to insanity or kill you within days of infection. So how w...
  • captainsparklez
  • sklesa
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Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Book 1 in the Guardians Trilogy by missmatched123
Vanished: A Teamcrafted Story: Emma
We are all driven to survive. To live. To protect. To fall in love or end up alone. But most only know survive and protect. Four Guardians. Four Guardians created by Not...
  • minecraftia
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Blinded by Love: Herobrine x reader (book 3) by Noble_blue
Blinded by Love: Herobrine x Blue-chan
the final battle between the 303 and the God of war had occured. But after this battle the God went missing. Now, it is up to his wife to find him and save the Nether ki...
  • herobrine
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The Last Mob Whisperer by SlisaGamer
The Last Mob Whispererby SlisaGamer
It's been years since mob whisperers were rumoured extinct. Years since one had shone their face. Well up until now. All Steven/Slamacow knows is that he's a normal play...
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