What the Nether is going on?!

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 A/N Hey So I didn't update over thanksgiving. Can you blame me? I was spending time with my family so sorry guys but here it is finally! I'm just going to use the name given to my by @123itsma_alyssa, awesome ideas. SO here you go people! The story awaits...


"He is your dad? And he is your son?" Herobrine said looking between Phil and his son, Jonas. They had moved to the study to speak in private.

"That would be implied" Phil said leaning back in his chair. Jonas looked nervous just sitting there but Herobrine couldn't blame him. He had, after all, tried to slice his throat.

"I just cant understand it. How do you have a son?" Herobrine said looking at Jonas which made him look even more uncomfortable.

"Same way that you have a daughter" Phil said.

"I know that its just.. How long have you had him?" Herobrine asked looking at Phil.

"Oh about a month now" Phil said. Jonas got up while Herobrine was distracted and quickly left the room. When he opened the door he was almost crushed by the people standing outside listening in.

"Sorry" Crystal said from the bottom of the pile. Everybody got up quickly and brushed themselves off. They headed down the hall to the living room followed by Jonas. No one noticed Jonas following until Kye saw him.

"So, what's it like being part enderman?" she asked when she saw him standing in the hallway.

"Well, I've only known about it for maybe a month" He said trying to shrink back into the shadows.

Kye patted the seat next to her motioning him to sit down. He carefully walked over and sat down.

"How did you find out?" She asked when he was sitting.

"Well, I used to live with my mom out in the forest. That is until the hoard of zombies came" he said taking a deep breath before he continued. "I have never really been around people before but I did know about some of my powers. The night the zombies came my mom knew we were toast so she told me to teleport away. I did and waited for her to come but she never did. Instead I waited tor three days before going back to my old home to see it destroyed. Burned to the ground by them. That's when I met my dad. A couple of days ago he took me to this house and told me I was half enderman and that I should live here. I did and it was all great until now. Now I have no idea what's going on and I just want everything t go back to normal" He finished. He let out a sigh after a couple seconds.

Looking up he saw everyone staring at him which made him feel even more uncomfortable than he already was.

"Sorry for your loss" Fluffy said making Jonas look up.

"Thanks but I don't need your sympathy" Jonas said getting up "The past is the past and cant be changed. No matter what we wish happened it cant and wont." He walked up the stairs.

Everyone sat in silence for a bit before Fluffy got up and walked over to the steps. Quartz got up to follow but was held back by Budder. Crystal got up and walked over to Fluffy when he hesitated.

"Let me" She said and started up the steps. She got to the top and saw five doors but zeroed in on one where a faint crying noise was coming form. She quietly walked towards it and opened the door. Jonas was sitting on a bed crying softly but looked up when he heard Crystal come in.

"What do you want?" he asked, anger and sadness in his voice.

"Nothing. I just came to tell you I know how you feel" Crystal said with a small shrug as she walked over to the bed and sat down next to Jonas.

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