The three of them

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A/N so this chapter there will be several different POV's but we'll start with Crystal's K?


Even after all that happened the day before, when Crystal's head hit her pillow she was out. She slept through the whole night and almost to lunch the next day if it weren't for Budder coming in to check on her.

Budder opened the door to Crystal's room and saw her still sleeping. As quietly as he could Budder walked over to her and gently sat down on the edge of the bed. He put his hand on her shoulder and gently shook her. She moaned and rolled the opposite way, snuggling into the covers more.

"Crystal, time to get up" Budder whispered in her ear. Her eyes snapped open and she turned to Budder. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw who it was.

"Don't do that" Crystal said starting to sit up but quickly pulled the covers up. Dawn had given her something to change into instead of sleeping in her ragged looking hoodie and jeans. Although, what Dawn gave her was comfortable compared to what she had before it felt skimpy.

"What's wrong?" Budder asked leaning forward with a smile playing on his lips.

"No, Its just I don't have anything besides what we came in" She said leaning forward teasing him with a smile. She leaned back just as he leaned closer and saw him frown, making puppy eyes at her.

"Oh come here" She said and pulled him towards her for the kiss. They kissed for what seemed like forever until they were interrupted by Nova who was standing in the doorway.

"Can you two please break it up? It's not that I'm not glad your finally together but your mom wants to see us downstairs. Now" Nova said and walked out the door again. Crystal and Budder stared after him.

"What was that all about?" Crystal asked looking at Budder. He sighed still looking at the door.

"What happened yesterday hit him pretty hard" Budder said.

"It hit us all pretty hard" Crystal said looking at him

"Yea but when he saw they got Kye he flipped and got us caught too" Budder said rubbing his neck to emphasize "I think he likes her"

"Of course he does! That just gives us even more reason to break them out" Crystal said starting to get up but remembering her outfit she curled back under the covers.

"Um, do you mind getting me some clothes to change into? My outfit isn't exactly, you know, appropriate" Crystal said blushing.

"Sure. Oh Sure, sure! I'll be right back!" Budder said running out of the room. He came back a minute later with a red shirt, blue jeans and a black hoodie.

"My mom lent me these for you" Budder said setting them on the bed.

"Thanks" Crystal said but stayed in bed "Um, could I have a little privacy?"

"Oh, yea. Sure. I'll see you downstairs?" He said as he was walking out the door. He paused in the doorway and looked at her.

"Yea but I have to get dressed first" Crystal said getting up as Budder shut the door. It swung back open just as she was putting the shirt over her head.

"The dining room is on the first floor down the hall once you go down the steps" Budder said sticking his head back in the door.

"BUDDER!" Crystal screamed pulling the shirt to her chest. She was tempted to throw something at him but couldn't move her hands.

"Oh geez" Budder said shutting the door. Crystal quickly put on the rest of her clothes and was walking out the door when she noticed something hanging on the door nob. She picked it up and saw it was a nether star necklace. Attached was a note.

Sorry about earlier.
I thought you were still dressed completely.
I just wanted to give this to my star.


Crystal put it on and walked down the stairs to the dining room for lunch.

Where did Budder say it was again? Crystal thought looking around the first floor. She walked down the hall and opened the door at the end that had the most sound coming from it just a bit to find it was the dining room. She walked in but almost immediately ran out when she saw almost the whole army in their. There was also a man sitting at the front table next to Budder and Nova. He had a green shirt with a 'T' centered on it.

"Crystal!" Budder yelled when he saw her come in. She slowly made her way up to the table and sat down opposite the strange man.

"Hey, glad you finally made it" Nova said with fake interest. He was picking at the sandwich in front of him.

"So your Crystal?" The man asked ignoring Nova. He stood up and he held out his hand. Crystal stood and shook it.

"Yes, I am" She said sitting back down. A waiter came over and set a sandwich in front of Crystal. She tentatively picked it up and started eating.

"I'm Tobuscus but you can call me Toby" Tobuscus said picking up his own sandwich.

"Why are you here? I thought you wandered around on your own" Crystal said pausing.

"I used to before I started my family" He responded "And why I'm here? I'm looking for my son who went missing. Have you seen him? He looks like me but smaller and with blue eyes instead of brown" Toby described. Crystal put her sandwich down and looked at Budder to see if she heard that right.

"Is his name Tomy by any chance?" Crystal asked cautiously.

"Yes! Where did you see him?" Toby asked getting exited. Budder looked over at Nova who was staring at the floor.

"Your not going to like this but we know where he is" Crystal said slowly looking at Toby with a straight face.

"Why is that a bad thing?" Toby asked looking at her with concern. "He's not hurt is he?" Toby started looking anxiously at her.

"No, well, not that I know of but He's back at the place we just escaped from. Don't worry though if he's still there he's safe" Crystal added quickly.

"What do you mean you escaped from someplace?" Dawn asked. She was sitting at the head of the table listening on with interest. Crystal almost forgot she was there.

"That's why we came in all scuffed up. We were running away from... Some people" Budder said. He didn't want to admit who it was and have more questions to answer.

"Who were you running from? We'll attack them at once! No one messes with my family" Dawn said standing up

"NO! That would be a really, really bad idea mom" Budder said jumping up.

"Who was it? We have to send the message no one messes with my boys" Dawn said walking towards the doors

"Wait, what do you mean 'boys'. As in plural?" Crystal asked looking at Dawn.

"Looks like we all have some explaining to do" Toby said standing up.

*Herobrine's POV from earlier* (Ha! First different one! I think. Well, first different one this chapter!)

He had watched them walk by each carrying one of the kids. Well, almost all of them. It looked like several of the kids got away. Sky and MU had walked by carrying Steve and Deadlox, both of which had a dart sticking out of them.

How ironic Herobrine thought as he watched them go through the nether portal. Seto was the last through. He wasn't carrying anyone so he stopped and looked back at Herobrine.

"I think she got away" He said before jumping through.

Seconds later the nether portal shut down and Herobrine was free of his prison. He fell to his knees on the floor trying to catch his breath. When he was ok again he got up and ran down the hall to where he thought the kids had gone. He looked down the corridor at the library and saw it was blown open and smoke was coming out. Herobrine ran inside and started to put out the fires. Luckily they were small and went out quickly. Once that was done he set about looking for any of the kids who made it.

"Diamond!" He yelled running down the closest path.




"Kye?" He was starting to get desperate now. No one had answered yet.



"Frog?" he was starting to lose hope when he heard a small whimper coming from down the path more. He ran to where he thought the sound was coming from and looked into a gap between two shelves.

"Tomy?" he asked when he saw two small eyes looking back at him full of fear.

"It's ok. There gone, You can come out now" Herobrine said reaching towards the scared little boy. To his surprise Tomy took his hand and crawled out.

"Crystal told me to wait in there until someone came to get me" Tomy said looking at the little cubby hole he had just come from. "I did and saw several people run down this way but they ran right past me and weren't looking for me so I stayed in there" Tomy said sniffing.

"It's ok" Herobrine said ruffling his hair. "Did you see anyone else? Like Diamond or Morgan run past and make it?"

"I saw Jonas run by, and then heard him scream." Tomy said " I waited a couple seconds and was about to go out but then the men who were chasing him came back and they were dragging him behind them" Tomy was crying at this point. Herobrine gently picked Tomy up and carried him out of the smoldering library to his room.

"Did you find anyone else?" Tomy asked Herobrine on the way back "I heard you calling there names but I didn't hear any of them call back"

"No, just you. I'm going to drop you off in your room then go back to look." Herobrine replied rounding the corner to the hall with Tomy's room.

"No, please don't leave me alone" Tomy said clinging to Herobrine. He paused and turned around.

"I've got an idea, how would you like to meet a ghast?" Herobrine asked Tomy carrying him to Diamond's room. Tomy stopped crying and looked up at Herobrine.

"Really?'' Tomy asked curiosity glinting in hos tear-filled eyes. Herobrine smiled.

"Really" Herobrine opened the door to Diamonds room and set Tomy on the bed. Magenta wasn't in there so Herobrine went and looked through the giant hole in the wall he had placed there for her. She was drifting around in the nether with some of the other ghasts.

"Magenta!" Herobrine called out. She turned and slowly drifted over.

"?seY" she asked coming to the opening.

"I have a new charge for you. Some intruders came in and kidnapped some of the kids. Several got away and I have found one. I need you to watch him as I go look for the others" Herobrine said pointing at Tomy as Magenta drifted in. She took one look at the boy and turned back to Herobrine.

"eniF, ll'I hctaw mih" She said and drifted over to Tomy.

He looked up at her and watched in fascination as she came closer. He got up slowly and walked towards her meeting her half way.

"Hi, I'm Tomy" He said holding out one of his hands for a hand shake.

"atnegaM" She said holding out one of her tentacles shaking his hand.

"I'm going back out. I'll be back before dinner" Herobrine said heading out the door.

*Back at the Budder castle in the dungeon/ tower*

Kye woke with a start. Looking around she realized where she was immediately. She looked around her cell and saw she was bunked with Morgan, who was just waking up. She could here groans from the cells next to hers as the others woke up.

"Role call" She said listening for the response.

"Here" Fluffy said from the cell to her right.

"Me too" Frog responded from across the way.

"Over here" Quartz said from the same cell as Fluffy.

"Wow, you two have it good" Morgan called from their cell.

"So? You're with someone at least." Jonas called from across the way.

"Are we missing anyone?" Kye asked ignoring the comments

"I don't think so. Wait, did Budder and Crystal get away? I didn't here them" Fluffy asked

"I think they might have. Anyone hear Nova either? He might have gotten away too." Quartz said

"And Tomy. He isn't here either" Morgan said with a sigh.

"Guys, we should probably stop talking. They have the cell's wired" Kye said. Just then the door at the end of the hall opened.

"Hoods up" Kye said checking hers. She could hear the rustle of fabric as the others checked there's also. It seemed they hadn't been pulled down at all. Weird.

Kye walked to the edge of her cell and looked out the window into the hall. Sky, MU, Jerome, Deadlox, Kermit and Seto were making there way down the hall towards their cells. They stopped at Frogs cell first and looked in.

"Which are you?" Sky asked looking through the bars at Frog.

"Guess" Frog said changing his voice to try and throw them off. It seemed to work on Jerome

"Budder?" Jerome asked

"Nope" Frog said changing his voice again.

"Little Frog" Kermit said pushing Jerome away. Frog went silent and they moved on to the next cell with Fluffy and Quartz. They looked in and had to take a step back.

"I thought you only put two of them in here" Sky said looking at Jerome.

"I did. I have no idea how that one got in there" Jerome said looking into the cell. " It doesn't look like he's been granted the magic powers either"

Jonas! What the heck is he doing?! Kye thought peering out the window. She couldn't see into the cell though, so she couldn't see what was actually going on in there.

"Wait. Where did he go? He was just there!" Sky said grabbing the bars.

Kye could her Fluffy and Quartz trying to stifle laughs but burst out laughing when Jonas appeared in the cell behind them.

"Where did he go?!" Sky asked still looking in the cell making Fluffy laugh harder. Kye could only guess Jonas was making faces at them.

"Ch-check behind you" Fluffy sputtered getting off the floor. Seconds later Jonas teleported into Kye's cell.

"No I don't want you" Kye said looking at him with a smile. He made a face and disappeared.

"Your such a dork!" She yelled at him when he appeared again.

This time he was right behind the group with his hood down and a creepy smile plastered on his face. He was standing right behind Jerome and when they turned around Jerome screamed and Jonas Teleported back to his cell and put his hood back up.

"What the Nether?! who was that?" Seto asked staring at Jerome who had jumped into Sky's arms. Sky dropped him with a thud.

"I don't know" Sky said looking around "But I do know who those two are" he pointed at Fluffy and Quartz.

"No you don't" Fluffy said.

"Yes I do Fluffy" Sky said looking at him.

"How'd you guess?" Fluffy asked.

"Shut it! You just gave yourself away!" Quartz said smacking him in the arm.

"No I didn't he guessed already" Fluffy said. Quartz facepalmed

"You just confirmed it" She said through her hand

"Oh" Fluffy said then went silent.

"Thank you for pointing that out Quartz" Sky said "Now on to the real questions. Who isn't here? We know some of you escaped but we haven't been able to figure out who"

"We wont tell" Kye said looking at him "I know what you'll do and I'm not helping"

"Oh, and if your so smart what am I going to do?" Sky asked sauntering over to her cell

"Put bolo's out for the ones who made it" Kye answered simply.

"Or I could just get them to come here" Sky said with a smile. He looked back at Jerome and Deadlox who were also smiling

"What do you mean? What are you planning?" Kye asked warily. Them smiling like that was freaking her out.

"You just have to wait and see" Sky said and walked out followed by the others.

"What just happened?" Frog asked once they were gone.

"I don't know" Fluffy answered. They all waited for them to come back but they didn't.

"Well, that was weird" Kye said "So, how are we going to break out?"

*Another POV**Unknown*

He walked into the throne room and bowed when he came upon his master.

"It has been done" He said still bowing.

"Good, and the girl?" The King asked.

"On her way to the nether" The hybrid said

"Good, I shall be ready in one weeks time. Make sure they stay there until then." The king said dismissing his minion with a wave of his hand.

"I shall my king" He slowly backed out of the throne room.

"And Squid?" The king said before the squid could leave.

"Yes?" The squid asked nervously

"Send the next one in once you leave" He said dismissing him once more.

"Yes sir" The squid said quickly leaving. After several minutes another mob came in. He bowed before the king but unlike the squid he stood straight up and looked into the kings eyes.

"Yes?" The mob asked

"I need your help finding the girl" The king said staring back

"And what will I get from this?" He asked

"You may have her once I'm done" The king said simply

"But she would just be a snack if that. No, I need something more. Something with her" The mob said

"What? Name it and you will have it" The king said stroking his heads

"Her father too. Herobrine" The mob said. Its purple eyes glowing brighter. "And if we could get Notch and Steve too that would be even better. The power of all three, just wonderful" His evil smile revealed his sharp fangs.

"I can only promise Herobrine. On the other two we will have to see" The King said

"I can live with that" he said with a shrug of his shoulders making his wings stretch.

"May I ask one thing? Why have you chosen to come in the form of a human? Why not just come as you were?" The King asked

"It was easier this way. Otherwise I would have been shot down on the way here. This is much safer." The mob said "I can change if you wish" his tail started to form

"No, I'm fine. Be safe on your voyage back" The king said with a wave of his hand, dismissing the mob.

"I will" he replied as he walked out the door.

The King sat on his throne contemplating what to do next.

"In just a week the girl shall be mine" He said to himself " And then I can finally take over this pitiful world and extinguish the pests known as humans"


A/N dun dun DUN! Who were those two? And what were they talking about, taking over the world? We'd better hope they don't get whoever they're talking about......

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