Bulding the shrine

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A/N Ok so I'm sorry it took so long this is a really long chapter at least it might be. I Wrote this down and it was super long. Thanks for all the reads also We are now up to 95! *Dancing and Jumping Around* Thanks so much guys! And now, the moment we've all been waiting for

the story


"Do you guys have the stuff?" Crystal asked when they got into the clearing. "Cause I have the diamonds"

"I have the gold blocks" Budder said

"I thought you called them budder blocks?" Crystal said looking confused

"Only in the house or with my dad around. He considers 'gold' an off limits word" Budder explained

"I guess that makes sense" Crystal said with a shrug

"Well if you two are done I have the soul sand" Quartz said holding Fluffy's hand

"And I have the Flint and steel" Fluffy said

Brian looked around "I didn't know we had to bring something" he said

"Don't worry, Frog didn't bring anything either and we do need someone to help keep guard" Budder said giving Brian a diamond sword. Perfect.

"So how are we going to build this guys" Quartz asked

"Well, we have to make a 3 by 3 square on the ground with the corners made of the soul sand and the gold blocks on the others then one gold block in the middle with a soul sand block on top" Crystal said taking a page out of her pocket and showing them. The diagram showed what she described and then a fire on very top.

"Lets do this!" Fluffy said and started placing down the blocks in the design. the others joined in while Frog and Brian stood at the edge of the clearing and watched for mobs. Even though the sun had been down for about three hours already, one of which it took to walk to the clearing, there were hardly and mobs around. It wasn't long before Frog and Brian were called back to the clearing.

"We got it done guys come on back" Quartz called from the clearing. Brian made his way to the clearing and saw he was the last back.

"Ready?" crystal asked holding a diamond in one hand. Everyone nodded in response. Quartz and Fluffy were again holding hands but this time everyone was as they made a semi circle around the front of the shrine. Crystal walked up to the shrine and started placing the diamonds on the soul sand then with the last one she threw into the fire on top. Quickly she came back to the group and everyone stared at the shrine waiting for Herobrine to show up. Everyone was so busy looking at the shrine no one noticed Brian's eyes start to glow.

*Back at the Budder castle*

"Something is off about him" Steve said pacing back and forth in Notches room. They had decided to stay the night instead of risking going back home this late.

"I know what you mean," Notch said "he seems familiar"

"That's what bothers me" Steve said "I cant place why he seems familiar and that is really bothering me"

"Just let it go or you'll worry yourself sick" Notch said leaning against one wall.

"He reminds me of some one but I just cant remember who" Steve said pacing back and forth even more. "Almost like a brother" Then it hit him. everything he said. Steve looked over at Notch and saw he was thinking the same thing.

"Lets go" Steve said grabbing his iron sword and running out the door with notch following close behind.

Steve ran to Brian's room and tried the door. Locked. He started trying to kick the door down which caused the others to come out of there rooms and run towards them

"What in the nether are you doing?!" Sky asked watching Steve try and kick the door down.

"No time to explain" Steve said finally kicking the door in. He ran in and started looking around.

"He's not here!" Steve yelled in frustration. All the others were now in the room watching in worry.

"Steve? Are you ok? Did you have too much to drink?" Sky asked walking toward Steve carefully. They had never seen him like this before and it worried them.

Steve ignored him and rushed out onto the balcony. He looked over the edge

too far a drop, he wouldn't have made it. Steve thought then he looked to his right and saw the vines creeping up the walls. he had a crazy idea. He looked over at the forest in the distance and saw a faint light coming from what looked like a cliff face.

"Steve?" Sky called snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Notch will explain what's going on, any one who wants to come and save our kids follow me" Steve said right before he jumped over the side of the balcony.

"STEVE!" He heard a cry come from above. He stopped climbing for a second and looked up. Peering over the side were the terrified faces of Sky, Jerome, and Deadlox looking down.

"If you want to help follow me. I will explain on the way." Steve called up and resumed climbing. Once he was down he looked up and saw Deadlox, Sky and Jerome climbing down after him. He waited only long enough for them to come down before he ran off in the direction of the light he had seen earlier. They ran until Steve felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Explain. Now" Sky said stopping Steve. Deadlox and Jerome were nodding in agreement behind Sky.

"I believe Brian is Herobrine in disguise. It explains all that he has said and his weird behavior. I have actually suspected something was off with him for a while." Steve said starting to walk in the same direction again.

"Do you have any proof?" Jerome asked

"Yes actually, What he said at dinner? All of that was true and only Herobrine would know stuff like that." Steve said continuing.

"How do you know he wasn't lying?" Jerome asked.

"I asked Seto to put some truth potion in his drink. he also put a bit of spell remover in his soup" Steve said " so by now some part of the old Herobrine must be showing"

"If he's Herobrine" said Sky

"He is. I know my brother. It just took awhile for me to realize what he was." Steve said. they were nearing the light now and could tell it was a fire of some type.

"So how'd he get the disguise? is he possessing some one?" Jerome asked

"No. he must have found a spell to turn himself young again" Steve said. they could now hear some voices and see into the clearing.

"What gives you that idea?" Deadlox asked.

"Simple, that's how we looked when we were younger" was Steve's reply as they looked out into the clearing.

In the middle was a shrine that was lit on top lending little light on the scene before them. All the kids where in a small semi circle with there backs to Steve and the group. they seemed to be waiting for something to come from the shrine or something to appear. Steve could just make out the form of his brother at the back of the group. He was holding a diamond sword.

"It's a shrine they built to Herobrine" a voice whispered behind them. they turned around to see Notch and the rest of the group behind them.

"How so you know? Herobrine could have forced them to build this" Sky said in an attempt to get the kids out of trouble.

"Because they told us" husky said pushing his kids forward. they had been hiding behind the group to try and avoid the trouble they knew they were in for as long as possible.

"Budder had asked us if we wanted to help him and fuzzy make the shrine about a week ago" Kelly said

"But we didn't want to so we said no" Connor quickly put in trying to lessen the blame.

"We have to stop this" Notch said "Before its too late"

Just then a scream came from the clearing.

"It already is" Steve said from his spot looking into the clearing


A/N ok so I said this would be long but I decided it was WAY to long for one chapter so I slit it up into 3-4 smaller chapters. sorry for any mistakes also I typed a lot of this on my iPod and can't really help it. until next time

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