The Pack and Friends One Shots {requests open} by hollyskater
The Pack and Friends One Shots { Holly
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY I AM UNIMAGINATIVE IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME PROMPTS/SHIPS FEEL FREE (Probably going to be mainly Wooflan cause that's the cutest ship in m...
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Why Do You Hate Me? ↠ Sidemen ↠Pack by ThatMCasiangamer
Why Do You Hate Me? ↠ Sidemen ↠Packby ThatMCasiangamer
"Where were you?" He asked as I walked in. "Out." Was all that i replied, he never would have let me out if he knew. "Were you with The Pack?&qu...
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THE PACK TEXTS by prickstar123
Just the pack texting each other off recording, nothing much.
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Animal Curse by SunmayTheScattered
Animal Curseby messy
A trap. Prison. Torture. Curse. Adam "Sky" Skylen, the missing king of the Team Crafted kingdom, has been gone for months. The only thing that was left behin...
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Another Chance by _SB_Gamer_
Another Chanceby SB
People say that when you die you stay dead. What if we got another chance?
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Making The Best Of Things by Merome_shipper
Making The Best Of Thingsby Jay
Mitch has stumbled across a bacca tribe in a massive jungle biome and they take him prisoner-Jerome is the leader of said tribe and when Mitch's life is on the line, Jer...
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We're Not Evil, Just Betrayed by LightSins
We're Not Evil, Just Betrayedby LightSins
Sky stared at her, his own body littered with violet bruises that never seemed to fade. Not with the treatment he constantly endured. "Why...?" he asked, his v...
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Searching for my Pet Back by BleedingHrt
Searching for my Pet Backby Adilie Marue
Meh I'll do this later... real cover photo will come shortly.
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The Sidepack One shots - EDITING - (Slow Updates) by silentnight101
The Sidepack One shots - Pray For The Wicked is on Itu...
Exactly what it says in the title. Like I said! Slow Updates! Be warned! NO SMUT! REQUESTS: OPEN
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Insane Youtubers X Reader *Requests Closed* by Nani_Playz
Insane Youtubers X Reader * NaniBear and ZombiePlayz
Theres different various you tubers we take requests just so you guys know.
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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
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Just A Kiss ~MiniStar Fanfic~ by Sity_of_Zerkstar123
Just A Kiss ~MiniStar Fanfic~by [SDMN] Sity
"Because if I kissed you, you wouldn't have a reason to be around anymore. Your bet will be over and you'll win while I lose." He said in a small whisper that...
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The Packs Elements by _Raye1014_
The Packs Elementsby rrayelynn
Each boy given an Element to one day all meet and end a dark evil living beneath them. But happens when different drama is coming up about family and broken relations...
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The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and Enderlox by defenestratingbooks
The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine ☆Def☆
The myths vary across the land. Some foretell the chaos and destruction that the one with empty eyes will leave. Other warn of the demon from another world, who will kil...
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The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Min, Mineral
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
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Pack Preferences ,One Shots and Imagines  by MusicalPuppy89
Pack Preferences ,One Shots and [Pack]\[Sidemen]Girl
This is my Pack Preferences and One Shots book so I hope you enjoy! I will do requests on certain scenarios Maybe some lemons;) Not ©Copyright 2015 by MusicalPuppy89
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Minecraft Youtubers x Reader Oneshots [DISCONTINUTED] by KittyKCraftz2014
Minecraft Youtubers x Reader KittyKCraftz2014
[REQUESTS: CLOSED!!!] You guys might always wondered that how it will feel like to have a mincraft youtuber as a lover, well here's a book for Minecraft Youtubers X Read...
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Welcome to the Manor by HKpika
Welcome to the Manorby HK
Basic Summary: Adam = Dead Note: This story will contain swearing, blood, and of course, murder. So if your sensitive to that, go read Stuck. Or some other book. This st...
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Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF) by natureprincess48
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF)by Prince Nature
I really like Team Crafted, so Imma write a fanfic about them! Hope you enjoy!
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Skylox: A Siren's Song [#Wattys2017] by Dah_Cassanuva_ID
Skylox: A Siren's Song [ you basic bitch
Skylox I've been captured for a good reason I don't want them to suffer I didn't want him to suffer. I never wanted this... Isolated in this cold, dark prison I call an...
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