Emotionless - BajanCanadian by candyflossed
Emotionless - BajanCanadianby ♡CandyFloss♡
After Team Crafted fell apart, Mitch had been feeling more emotionless every single day, if he was becoming a puppet. Will the pack be able to get the old Mitch back? Wi...
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The Pack and Friends One Shots {requests open} by hollyskater
The Pack and Friends One Shots { Holly
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY I AM UNIMAGINATIVE IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME PROMPTS/SHIPS FEEL FREE #1 vikkstar123, bajancanadian, jeromeasf, tbnrfrags, woofless, preston...
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Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| re-writing [discontinued] by Shippingthepack
Elementals [A Pack FF] |BOOK 1| Jazzi
I'm just different, There's no need to shock you. I'm not your play toy, I can freeze you to death. I'm not your son, I could fly away from th...
  • lachlan
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Kidnapped By The Pack by artistictrashgirl
Kidnapped By The Packby Luna
You'll see >:)
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  • thepack
  • bajancanadian
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The Miracle (BajanCanadian FF) by LeafyHughes
The Miracle (BajanCanadian FF)by Leafy
Watch as a girl somehow runs into a famous youtuber when she's at the hospital.. What will happen? Will everything be okay? Will she embarresed to death? Find out, in Th...
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Insane Youtubers X Reader *Requests Closed* by Nani_Playz
Insane Youtubers X Reader * NaniBear and ZombiePlayz
Theres different various you tubers we take requests just so you guys know.
  • jacksepticeye
  • vanosscrew
  • ssundee
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Baby Packmen by WaterPrincess97
Baby Packmenby The Water Princess
What happens when the Pack and the some of the Sidemen go to America? Well for one, several of them get turned into babies. Let's watch what happens! *No I'm don't hate...
  • zerkaa
  • tbnrfrags
  • tobjizzle
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Whisper their names... {Tc Au} (Slow Updates) by LittenShaman
Whisper their names... {Tc Au} ( egg
In a world where duplicate names are highly illegal, Where magic exists and murders occur regularly. The simpler the name. The more important the child's future is suppo...
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Fallen Star by _SB_Gamer_
Fallen Starby SB
Sky is a hero frozen in time but his time to rise is coming. He has to gather a team to help him defeat the darkness that's taking over the world.
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  • bajancanadian
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Experiment: Merome (Boyxboy) by Merome_shipper
Experiment: Merome (Boyxboy)by Jay
Jerome, the beta of his tribe is forced away from his native home and is turned into a weapon beyond his knowledge. Mitch, a regular crafter stumbles upon him one fatefu...
  • boyxboy
  • bajancanadian
  • jeromeasf
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Starting Over// a miniminter FF by ssamanthagale
Starting Over// a miniminter FFby ❤️
Fleeing back home to escape her painful past, Sabrina Zerker is invited to live with her brother, Josh and his friends. Her painful memories of what happened before, goe...
  • bajancanadian
  • tbjzl
  • simon
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The Pack Oneshots by fakeimagination
The Pack Oneshotsby .
This is just going to be a whole bunch of the pack oneshots... I mean obviously. I put trigger warnings when necessary so be careful if you are easily triggered. (Also i...
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The Groupchat • Sidepack by CoffeeCamellias
The Groupchat • Sidepackby • camellia •
• Why do people let me on wattpad smh • Actually, there is no plot • Bad AU's and jokes ahead
  • zerkaa
  • polysquad
  • poofless
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Dangan Ronpa Minecraft...FAILURE?!? by BeccaWise4
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft...FAILURE?!?by Becca Wise
It all began with a Japanese anime. Dangan Ronpa. 16 kids, 1 crazy host, 1 "Hope" school, no way out. Kill one of your peers without being caught to win. I...
  • pewdiepie
  • asfjerome
  • subzeroextabyte
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Model Me (Skylox) by skylox68
Model Me (Skylox)by Sesshomaru
Ty is a average teenager. Nobody too special. Sky is a Playboy model. But what will happen if they cross paths? Read and find out... (Bad with summaries Cover by:LovesR...
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The Wolf, And The Human. (Merome) [Completed] by WoofMiss
The Wolf, And The Human. (Merome) Cosmonaut WoofMiss
When Jerome, a wolf pup, goes on his first hunt with the alpha's of the pack. They find a village. Ready to attack it and take the food, they find that no one is there e...
  • bajancanadian
  • mitchellhughes
  • bacca
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The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and Enderlox by defenestratingbooks
The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine ☆Def☆
The myths vary across the land. Some foretell the chaos and destruction that the one with empty eyes will leave. Other warn of the demon from another world, who will kil...
  • skydoesminecraft
  • skylox
  • jeromeasf
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Not Human - A The Pack AU by candyflossed
Not Human - A The Pack AUby ♡CandyFloss♡
Mitch, Jerome, Rob, Lachlan, Preston and Vikk live in a house together, thinking they're human and all. But they aren't. As they uncover memories, their friends gets mor...
  • vikkstar123
  • thepack
  • prestonplayz
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Burning Wings (Discontinued Until Further Notice) by HarmonicShadows
Burning Wings (Discontinued Octavia Shadows
Mitch felt like his life was perfectly normal, well, at least as normal as life can be when you make YouTube videos for a living in a house with the six other lovable lu...
  • minecraftuniverse
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Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil's Revenge by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Bladewing683
Sequel to Hybrids of Team Crafted After the battle with Entity, Team Crafted thought that they could afford some chilling and relaxing time, at least, for a while. After...
  • seto
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  • shaman
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