What happened?

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A/N ok you guys are all awesome! Seriously this book now has 81 reads! I only started it like three weeks ago! Thank you so much I really wasn't expecting more than like 15 or maybe 20 reads. I am so grateful guys thank you! So to celebrate I am going to update again and relief you from waiting to see what will happen after that cliff hanger I left you guys with sooooo

On with the story!


*Steve's POV (third person)*

He was still sitting at the table when Notch walked into the kitchen. Notch had decided to stay with them for a while because he wanted to help keep an eye on Crystal. Also he liked being out in nature and not having to worry about anything related to work.

" What's wrong?" Notched asked when he walked in and saw his brother just sitting there.

"I made Crystal cry" he said

"Well she is a teen and she will cry at little things now" Notch said not knowing how to react to this

"It was because I was going to shear the baby mooshroom a she went through this long speech about how it was wrong to rip the life away from something so young" said Steve looking at the table.

"Why would that make you feel guilty? It wouldn't be the first time you sheared a Mooshroom" said Notch

"Well, there's something I haven't told you" Steve said. He looked up at his brother " Cry-" was all he was able to say before Crystal burst through the door dragging the body of a teenage boy behind her

"Dad!" she yelled "He needs help!"

Steve and Notch rushed over and picked up the boy. They then carried him up to the spare room and set him on the bed.

"What happened?" asked Steve taking Crystal out of the room to talk.

"I don't know! I was running through the forest after out fight and I had sat down under a tree and then he came out of nowhere and we started talking and he helped me to calm down and then he asked what happened and I told him and then he just- just fainted. I thought he had just been joking and faking it but when I tried to call his bluff but he wouldn't wake up or do anything except mumble or groan so I thought to bring him back here because this was the only thing I could think to do and I couldn't just leave him or-" Crystal said. She paused to take a breath. "I'm sorry dad" she said and just hugged him. Steve was bewildered. He heard a small laugh from the room and turned just in time to catch Notch quickly looking back at the boy on the bed.

"Its ok. you did the right thing" was all Steve could find to say.

"I really didn't know what else to do" said Crystal pulling back from the hug and I realize now that I over reacted this morning, I'm sorry I was just really tired" and she hugged him again.

"No, its alright. I saw what you were trying to get at and decided not to shear him" said Steve hugging her back.

"I think he's waking up" Notch called from the room. Crystal rushed back in and stood over the boy. Steve stayed in the doorway and watched

"Brian? Brian are you OK?" Crystal asked when the boy started to move and slowly open his eyes.

Brian? Why does that sound familiar? Steve thought

*Brian's POV (all POV's will be in third person unless the shock  specified)*

"Brian? Are you OK?" he heard a voice above him ask. Slowly he opened his eyes to see a girl standing above him. Everything came back to him, the forest, Crystal and his flashback. Though he didn't remember being on a bed and in what seemed like a bedroom in a cottage.

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