On the wall

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They had been following dawns army for the past day once they figured out they were lost. Budder apparently didn't know the way back and they had found out several hours later when they had reached a village and asked for directions. It had been Crystals plan and turned out they had gone the complete opposite way they were supposed to. Nova hadn't let up on Budder since.

"Which way do we go Budder? Should we go left or right? How about we follow some people who actually know where there going or next time why don't we bring a map?" Nova said

"Shut up Nova" Budder said keeping his eyes straight a head. Crystal was in front trying to spot the army. They had lost them when they stopped to give the horses a break.

"I'm just saying, it is your kingdom. How could you not know how to get back?" Nova went on

"Because it's been seven or eight years since I've been here and even then I didn't know we would be on the run and trying to save our friends in a suicidal mission going back" Budder said

"Both of you stop it! You sound like Morgan and Kye when they're debating" Crystal said turning around and staring at them.

"Sorry" Budder and Nova said looking down.

"Good, lets just try and find the army again" Crystal said "Did either of you pack any food?"

"I thought Nova did" Budder said looking over at him. Nova was looking around the forest and anything besides them.

"Nova, you forgot food didn't you?" Crystal asked

"Well, I wasn't really thinking about it at the time so, no. I didn't bring any food" Nova said blushing.

"seriously!? It's a two day journey and you forget food!?" Budder yelled.

"You could always join us for supper" A voice said from behind them. They turned and saw Dawn and some of her scouts standing behind them. Budder turned and turned a deep red color when he saw Dawn.

"Sorry mom" he said as he dismounted his horse. Two of the scouts lead his horse away. Crystal and Nova dismounted after and four more scouts took there's.

"You should be. Sneaking off and following us like that. Honestly, your just like your father" She said turning around and heading back to her camp with Crystal, Nova, and budder following behind.

"WE just want to help! They're our friends too!" Budder said trying to convinse Dawn to let them stay.

"I would send you right back if we weren't so far. I SHOULD send you back now with an escort but I need all of my men and making them take you home would be a waste. You will stay here at camp while we go stop your father. Understand?" Dawn ranted turning to Budder.

"Yes" He said looking down. A smile was playing on his lips though.

"Good. Now go back to your tent and stay there" dawn said walking into the tent they had stopped in front of.

Budder walked into his tent seconds later. Since only one tent was available as a spare Budded, Nova and Crystal had to sharer

"What she say?" Nova asked

"Mom said we could stay" Budder said "But we have to stay here while she talks with them"

"Why are you smiling about that?" Crystal asked "We have to stay here while our friends might die!"

"I was smiling because" He paused and pulled out a map "I got a map with the coordinates of Budder castle" He held it up showing them the quickest rout.

"If we leave now we could probably beat them there" Budder said drawing a line on the map with his finger. "And with our horses we could be there by morning too!"

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