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A/N Thanks for being awesome readers, I have gotten an equal number or responses for both so I think you'll be happy with this. I have had it planned for a while but didn't know how to work it into the next book yet. This actually makes it easier. Here you go Foxes!


Herobrine ran out of the house with Notch following right be hind.

"HEROBRINE! Get back in there! She is you wife and she needs you!" Notch said. Herobrine ran onto the forest and threw up into a bush.

"Oh come on! Its not that bad" Notch said as a scream came from house. Herobrine winced and looked back at Notch.

"I cant do it" Herobrine said shaking his head. Notch walked forward and grabbed him.

"You can and you will" He said and started dragging him back to the house. Herobrine struggled to break free, fear written all across his face. Notch dragged him back into the house just as another scream came from upstairs. Herobrine's face turned to terror and he broke free from Notch. He started to run to the door again but Notch was able to block it before he got out.

"Just stay in here then. There is no need to run out on her!" Notch said. Herobrine backed up against the wall. He was hyperventilating.

"I cant do this!" Herobrine said looking around nervously. Another scream came from upstairs.

"But Steve is up there and he's fine!" Notch said as Herobrine sat down.

""Herobrine! Get up here!" Steve called from above. Herobrine started up the stairs but there was another scream and he bolted back down. Notch grabbed him and sat him down in a chair.

"Now listen up. You are not running away from this.. This was a team effort and she needs you right. Now. So you are going to go up those steps and stand by her side until this is over. Got it?" Notch asked staring into his eyes. Herobrine was paralyzed by the look but managed to nod his head. Just then there was one more scream, much louder than before, followed by a higher pitched one coming from upstairs. Steve appeared moments later at the top of the steps, grinning from ear to ear.

"Herobrine, come meet your new children" Steve said and rushed back to the room. Herobrine walked up the steps and gingerly opened the door to the bedroom. Briar was sitting up in bed, tears running down her face. She looked over at Herobrine and smiled through them. She was holding two little bundles. Herobrine walked over to her and knelt by the bed.

"How you feeling?" Herobrine asked gently.

"Like the nether" She said then looked at the bundles "But it was worth it"

Herobrine leaned forward and looked at the two new faces bundled up inside. One was a girl with black hair tinted a light brown and orange like her mothers and she had beautiful watery blue eyes. The other was a boy with brown hair like his fathers and forest green eyes.

"They're beautiful" Herobrine said tearing up. Notch and Steve were watching from the doorway. Notch patted Steve's shoulder and walked away.

"Lets leave them be" Notch said and Steve followed him downstairs.

"What are we going to name them?" Herobrine asked looking up at Briar.

"How about, Angle for the girl" Briar said looking at her. She had fallen asleep in her mothers arms.

"What about the boy?" Herobrine asked moving the blanket a bit to uncover his face. He was still awake and looking up at Herobrine curiously. Herobrine smiled down at him.

"How about you name him?" Briar said looking up at him.

"M-me?" Herobrine said startled. Briar nodded and he sighed, thinking.

"Ok, um, how about Creed?" Herobrine said looking back at his son.

"Perfect" Briar said. Herobrine leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"I'll be right back' Herobrine said and stood up. Briar nodded, already drifting off to sleep. Herobrine walked downstairs to where Notch and Steve were waiting.

"So, how'd it go?" Steve asked. Herobrine glanced at him but was too happy to notice the mocking tone in his voice.

"A girl and boy. I cant believe it" Herobrine said sitting down. Notch smiled and sat next to him.

"What are there names? Don't want to have a mix up like last time" Notch said. Herobrine glared at Steve, who backed up, before answering.

"The girl is Angle and the boy is Creed" Herobrine said grinning. He leaned back in his seat and let out a sigh.

"If only Diamond were here" He said.


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