The Totem

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A/N Hey People!!!! stuff is going to get real here in just a bit so hold tight and hope your heart doesn't break easy... Or melt easy. hehehehe

"Just get on with it"

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"Your no fun"


"What do you mean, 'we're building a shrine to Herobrine'?" said Crystal surprised.

"Exactly what it means, we are going to try and summon Herobrine." said Budder with a huge grin on his face. Notch, he looked so much like his dad.

"We all want to see if he's real so we came up with this plan when we found a book explaining how to build the shrine. Unfortunately the last and most important page w as missing. almost as if someone had ripped it out." Budder continued

"But my uncle and dad says he's not real" said Crystal thinking

"How do you know that they aren't lying? For all you know they are holding him prisoner" said Budder

"I have actually asked them. Plus I think I would know if my dad had a prisoner" said Crystal

"You never know. Again how do you know they aren't lying?" asked Budder

"I trust them" was all Crystal said

"Since you know about this, you have to come with us. There is no backing out " said Budder looking stern

"I never said I was backing out. I want to join you." said Crystal walking back the way they came.

"I know you don't wan- wait what?" Budder asked looking really confused

"I'm in" said Crystal walking back over to Steve "I'll look in the library for a copy of that book" and she was gone. mingling with the crowed.

*At the nether castle*

"Sir,Sir!" said Phil bursting into the Dining room where Herobrine was eating.

"What now Phil?" asked Herobrine cutting his steak

"You will never guess who I saw in the forest last night" Phil exclaimed looking like he was about to explode with excitement. It was possible though since enderman don't feel emotions usually.

"Who did you see?" asked Herobrine with little attention. Herobrine thought most likely it was another mob he thought was dead. until..

"Steve" said Phil almost jumping in his excitement.

"What?!" Herobrine was so startled he fell from his chair. Herobrine had found out just a while back that Steve had been part of the raiding party the night his daughter went missing. its been 12 years since he last saw her.

"But wait there's more" said Phil sounding like a game show host. "He had a girl with him. He now has a daughter." Phil was literally jumping now.

Herobrine was surprised even further with this news. So he had a daughter did he? A plan started to form in Herobrine's mind. It was truly evil.

"How old is she?" asked Herobrine

"Looks about 14-15 years old" said Phil thinking

" I have an idea Phil" said Herobrine with a look of pure evil on his face "It is high time for revenge" and he got up and walked out of the dining room.

"What is the plan sir?" asked Phil following

"I am going undercover" said Herobrine" and I'm going to finally get revenge on Steve"

"How will you do that?" asked Phil " Everyone knows who you are and what you look like. You cant expect to go into town and get a warm welcome"

"I know that you idiot. That's why I'm going to enroll in her school." said Herobrine casually

"How will you do that sir? You aren't that young looking" said Phil. It was true He looked like he was between 30 -50.

"easy, I have a new spell that will help me" said Herobrine walking into his bedroom and then to his closet " I got it when I raided Seto's house a while back" at that last part he grinned slightly

Herobrine walked into the closet and shut the door. Phil tried to open it but Herobrine had locked himself in. Phil put his head to the door to try and hear what Herobrine was doing. All he could hear was muttering thou. He kept his head to the door and was trying to hear better when Herobrine started to scream. His screams were ones of agony and torture. Phil tried to get in the room but the door was still locked. He started to pull at the door with all his might but it wouldn't budge. Herobrine's screams got louder and higher in pitch. Phil was even more frantic now.

Light started to seep from under the door. Phil backed away from the door in pure terror to the wall on the other side of the room. The closet door had started to shake and the light grew brighter and brighter. Herobrine's screams where getting more intense by the second. then suddenly there was silence. The light was gone from under the door. There was complete silence in the room. Phil was still rooted to the floor and wall as the closet door slowly opened revealing a teenage boy who staggered out and collapsed on the floor right outside the closet. This broke the spell rooting Phil to the floor. Quickly he went to the closet and looked in. Herobrine wasn't in there. He heard a grown come from the boy. Phil looked over and studied the boy.

He had brown hair and a skinny face. He wore a light blue/green hoodie and blue jeans with gray convers on his feet. His face was attractive and was sure to win over most girls. He looked peaceful just lying there.

Then Phil realized who it was.

It was Herobrine. The spell had worked, he was a teenager now.

Just then he woke up. Phil didn't know he could be more startled than he was.

"Did it work?" asked Herobrine in a higher pitched voice than usual.

"Yes." said Phil " maybe more than you expected too"

"What do you mean?" asked Herobrine rushing to the bathroom

"Ahh!" screamed Herobrine when he saw himself in the mirror. "It wasn't supposed to do that" he said.  It wasn't because of his looks or clothes. It was because of his eyes. Instead of being the usual glowing white they were a watery blue with white on the outside. They were like everyone else's. Just regular.

"My eyes" said Herobrine still stunned.
Then he said something Phil wasn't expecting.

"Perfect" he said and headed out of the bathroom to the closet again. He reached in and grabbed out a backpack in which he put some books, pencils, paper and other school supplies,

What are you doing?" asked Phil

"Whats it look like? I have to get to school." he said then started to walk off.

he stopped near the door.

"Also, Don't call me Herobrine. My name is Brian" he said looking over his shoulder at Phil and with that walked out the front door.


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Drama! Action! Stuff you didn't expect! hope you guys liked it. this was an out of nowhere idea and I personally like it. I know I am the author and like all my stories but I especially like this one. HA what I have planned it so evil I might as well be Herobrine's daughter. Naw, Well SEE YA!

"What did you do to him?"

nothing Phil. I did nothing

"But he just denounced his name!"

He went undercover stupid.

"Oh, still really? Why did you make him younger?"

And That's what you all have to wait and see. I will


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