Decisions, decisions

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She was running through the forest at full speed trying to lose whatever was behind her. He was getting closer, she could tell and she needed to get away. She was dodging through the trees and around rocks trying desperately not to trip. She could still sense him gaining on her and picked up the speed even more. She had just run out to the edge of the forest when she all most fell over the edge of a cliff. At the bottom the surf was pummeling the cliff face with wave after wave of salt water. She turned around trying to see him through the trees but could only see darkness. She thought she could see a shadow moving in the tree line but couldn't make out exactly who it was. Three more joined the first but were farther apart and seemed to not notice the others. She backed up and almost fell off the cliff. Looking back to the tree line more figures had appeared and all of them were looking at her even though she couldn't see there eyes she knew. She looked over the cliff one more time trying to work up the courage to jump over when she heard her voice being called. She looked back at the tree line and saw the figures were moving closer to the edge.

"Crystal" She heard some one say but couldn't find out the speaker

"Crystal" This time the voice came from her left she turned but again couldn't fine who spoke








the voices were screaming her name now. She fell to her knees and covered her ears trying to drowned out the voices. Soon she was screaming with them in terror and pain as a something flew at her from the forest and nocked her over the cliff. She looked up and saw a lone figure standing at the top. It was him.

Crystal woke up screaming. Herobrine was standing over her with a look of concern on his face and all the others were gathered around her looking on with concern. Crystal was still in terrified from the dream and noticed she was shaking all over

"Crystal, are you ok?" Herobrine asked looking at her.

"He's after me" Crystal muttered looking down at her sheets. That was the only thing she had gotten from the dream even though she could still remember everything crystal clear.

"Who? Who is after you?" Budder asked coming to the edge of the bed. Herobrine looked worried and started running about the room packing Crystals bag.

"What are you doing?" Fluffy asked watching Herobrine run around.

"We need to leave. Now" Herobrine sad packing the last of Crystals stuff and running to his own room and started packing his bag.

"Why?" Budder asked following Herobrine to his room.

"Because we aren't safe here anymore. Because if we don't 'He' will find us and then there is no chance" Herobrine said finishing his bag. He turned to Budder and looked him in the eyes. Herobrine still looked young but his eyes showed his real nature.

"Start packing or we leave you here" Herobrine said and turned to the girls room where Crystal was still in a daze. He walked in and gently put a hand on her shoulder snapping her out of her daze.

"Are you ready?" He asked Crystal quietly. She nodded in response and got out of her bed.

She grabbed her pack, swung it over her shoulder and went downstairs. Herobrine turned to the rest of the group who were all in the hallway.

"Pack your bags and meet us downstairs in five minutes or I leave you behind" He turned, went into his room, grabbed his pack and headed downstairs after Crystal.

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