2 years later

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A/N Happy day-before-Halloween! Here is another part of the story to celebrate the awesome holiday.


"I can't believe she is already two!" said Phil. Even though enderman aren't supposed to have feelings Phil has grown a bond with Diamond. Even though its unofficial he was her protector and body guard. He would never let anything hurt her no matter what. He was always watching to make sure she was ok.

"I know! It seems like only yesterday we found her on the steps" replied Herobrine " we should celebrate. Lets throw a party!"

"Great idea! Except for one thing who would we invite sir?" asked Phil.

"Hmm, Good question" replied Herobrine thinking. He didn't have any friends but he did have a lot of enemies so he couldn't really invite anyone.

"How about we just take her up to the over world. She would have a blast just looking at the sheep and stuff, especially since she has never been up there" said Herobrine.

" Sounds great sir, when will we leave?" Phil said

"How about when it gets dark that way we wont run into anyone we wouldn't want to" Herobrine said after a moment of thought.

Once it was dark Herobrine led Diamond to the nether portal and took her to the over world. Phil had teleported up already to wait for them. Herobrine would have teleported up too but he didn't want to risk anything going wrong. Even though it was only a chicken and one time he wouldn't push his luck with something more valuable. He took Diamond and lifted her into the portal and then jumped in himself. On the other side they were in the tunnel Herobrine had designed to hide the portal. He looked around to find Diamond but couldn't see her.

"Diamond? Where are you" called Herobrine looking around to try and find her. Suddenly something dropped on top of him. He was so startled Herobrine dropped to the floor.

"Gottcha" said a small voice coming from on top of him. he looked behind him to see Diamond on him. She was smiling and her brown hair was covering part of her stormy gray eyes. She was wearing her favorite orange shirt and blue jeans. She let him up and, still smiling, started to run down the hallway.\

"Whoa, wait up. We have to be careful out there, their are many things that can hurt you. Stick close to me ok?" said Herobrine catching up to the sprinting little girl.

"Ok, daddy" was her reply and then she started to run off again.

This might not have been such a good idea thought Herobrine running after her again.

Once they were outside they found Phil pretty easily. Of course he was the only one with green eyes plus he was looking for them also.

"I told the mobs around here to not harm you or Diamond so you will be safe. Probably" said Phil looking around

"What do you mean probably?" Said Herobrine with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Well, I couldn't talk to any of the people because they wouldn't have listened to me and might have killed me but since its night they should be in bed or in there houses. we are safe from any harm." replied Phil watching Diamond pick a flower. she came back over and offered Herobrine the daisy and went back to exploring.

"We should be fine and even if anyone were out who would come into the forest at night?" said Herobrine just trying to calm his nerves.

They walked around for a while longer then Herobrine led the way back to the nether portal. He lifted Diamond up onto the portal and then stepped through. When he got to the other side he carried the sleeping girl to her room and set her on her bed. he tucked her in and left to get ready for bed himself.


A while later Herobrine woke up to a noise coming from the other side of his door. He got out of bed and, with his diamond sword in hand, walked over and opened it. On the other side was Phil but instead of being his bright self he looked tired and a fresh wound was on his side.

" They got into her room. I tried to stop them but There were to many and they already had her. They might still be there." said Phil and with that he collapsed.

Herobrine ran as fast as he could to Diamond's room. When he got there He saw only one person outside the room. It was Sky.

"You thought you could grief me and get away with it? Well think again." said sky and jumped at Herobrine.
There battle was short but intense.

"What did you do with her?" Asked Herobrine pinning Sky to the wall

"Do with who?" Asked Sky " wait, did you get married?!"

"No you idiot!" Screamed Herobrine throwing him into the other wall. " my daughter! What did you do with her?!"

"Since when did you have a daughter?" Asked sky getting up slowly.

" Don't avoid the question" said Herobrine readying his sword for the final strike.
"I got you buddy!" Yelled someone behind Herobrine. Herobrine turned around just in time to feel the iron sword go through his back and stick out his stomach. He then fell forward into unconsciousness.

" come on dude!" Yelled Jerome rushing to Sky's side and helping him up. Before he left he retrieved his sword from Herobrine's back.

"We have to get out of here before it blows" said Kermit from the doorway. He had just got back from placing TNT all around the castle.

" ok everyone here?" Asked Sky

" yep wait. Where's Steve?" said Deadlox.

"I don't know but we have to go now! " said husky running toward them with an army of pigmen following him.

" I agree. Lets go!" Said Sky jumping through the nether portal followed by Deadlox, husky, Kermit and Jerome.

Herobrine woke later to see his castle had been blown to pieces. The room he was in was the only one that had not been blown apart by the TNT and while looking around he found Phil under some rubble. He placed his hand on the ender mans neck and found a faint pulse. Phil was alive. But might not be for long. Taking out one of his healing potions Herobrine poured it on Phil's wound. Slowly the wound closed up and the ender man awoke.

" I'm sorry sir." said Phil faintly " I tried, I really tried to stop him."

"It's ok Phil. They were too much for us. I tried too but I was stabbed from behind. We will get her back no matter how long it takes we will get her back." said Herobrine and with that he started to rebuild his ruined castle.


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