the baby

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"How did this happen?!" asked Herobrine to no one in particular.

He was pacing back and forth in the grand dining room where they had taken the "package" after the discovery.

"I don't know sir" Replied Phil staring blankly at the baby still in the box. Is was wrapped up tight in a blanket and placed in hay that lined the box. Neither of them had worked up the courage to check what gender it is and had just let it sleep away while trying to figure out what to do with it.

"What am I supposed to do with a baby?!" Herobrine asked again to no one. " I mean how do I even know its mine." he said trying to convince himself that it wasn't his.

"Why don't you read the letter. that might clear some stuff up" Replied Phil.

The letter. Herobrine had forgotten that it was taped to the box. Quickly he walked over to the box and carefully took it off to read it.

it said:

Dear Herobrine,

This is your daughter. I couldn't take care of her any more because the other villagers started noticing that something wasn't right with her. they started getting suspicious and asking about her father. I already knew she was yours but would lie to them and try to protect her. then one day your brother Steve came to our village and right away the villagers swarmed him. Someone must have told him about us because it wasn't much later that he came and asked me to see her. I could see no reason wrong with it and said yes. I took him back to her room and showed her to him. She doesn't have a name yet and when he asked that's what I told him. His name suggestion was Crystal. He then asked who the father was and my answer again was I couldn't say. He then guessed you were the father and told me to get rid of her because she would be nothing but trouble and then receded to try and take her. I fought back and Finally was able to convince him to let me take care of it. That was just yesterday and since you are reading this I should be long gone. I would not be surprised if you don't know who I am or if you don't remember but I just ask one thing. Take care of your daughter. Also you get to name her.

As Herobrine finished reading the letter he got more and more panicked about the situation he was forced into. He didn't want a kid! He had a whole lot of important stuff he had to do! Like get revenge on Notch and stalk Steve and cause chaos.  He couldn't have a kid in this stuff. sure he was cruel but he still had a heart.

Just then the baby woke up and started crying.

"What happened to it?" asked Herobrine startled

"I don't know" said Phil who had been looking at it the whole time

"Maybe its hungry" he said

"What do babies eat?" asked Herobrine

"I think its milk sir" replied Phil

"great, well I'm off to steal a cow then" said Herobrine heading out to do just that.

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