Herobrine's flashback #1

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"Come on Phil!" Herobrine called "We are almost there!"

Herobrine had been hunting for leads to help find his daughter for almost a year now and He wasn't going to give up any time soon. The newest lead was that Sky, Jerome, Deadlox and the rest of the team who took his daughter were in Craftersville celebrating. His informant, Israphel, Had also said that they would be hitting the bars for quite a while. Herobrine was hopping for that because it was already past midnight and it was raining. Phil was having a hard time keeping up because, as we all know, endermen cant go in any type of rain or water. It hurts them.

"We will find her this time!" Herobrine said not waiting for the enderman to  catch up. He was holding on to false hope that he might get her back. He had already had fifty different trails that lead to deadends and he was still holding up hope even though most would say it was a lost cause.

They ran to the edge of the forest bordering the town and stopped. Herobrine turned to look at Phil and saw him under a tree sticking his hand into the rain then pulling it back with a hiss of pain.

"Stay here Phil. You obviously can't come or you will die" Herobrine said being blunt.

With that he went into town. He wandered around for a while looking into every bar and pub he came across but didn't see them. He kept wandering getting more and more down spirited. He was just passing another bar and he had to force himself to look in and even try to keep looking. When he looked in his spirits instantly rose for there sitting at the bar were three of the people he was searching for.

Sky and Jerome had obviously been drinking because sky couldn't stay on his chair and Jerome seemed to think that his mug was magical. With Deadlox though it was harder since his eyes were naturally red. When Herobrine saw them his anger returned. They had destroyed his castle, tried to kill him and taken the only thing that he had loved and cared for. He wanted revenge so bad but he needed the information they had and the only way to get that was if they survived. Herobrine decided to wait outside and follow them rather then cause a scene and barge in. He didn't have to wait long though because before he knew it Jerome and Deadlox came out practically dragging Sky.

"I love you guys" Sky kept saying as they dragged him along.

"We know buddy we know" Jerome would say each time

"You do keep saying it" said Deadlox he wasn't wasted. Apparently he was the chaperone or something.

"I know but you guys are the best" said a very wasted Sky.

They kept walking until Sky tripped and fell on his face. Deadlox and Jerome rushed to his side and tried to help him up but he just brushed them away.

"I can do it" he said trying to stand and falling on his face again.  This went on for a while and although Herobrine would have love nothing more than to laugh at the drunken parade the night was slowly drawing to a close and he still had a mission to do. As quietly as he could, Herobrine jumped down from the building he was on into the alleyway beside it. He listened and waited for them to come close enough before he stepped out.

"He guys" said sky" remember when we greifed Herobrine's castle?"

"Yea but that was about a year ago" said Jerome

"But it was fuuuuuuuuuuuun" he said "Lets do it again!" and he pulled out a block of TNT.

"NO" Deadlox yelled and pulled the TNT away from Sky.

"aw" Sky said looking down in disappointment.

Herobrine's blood was boiling now. How dare they speak of that night like that! They had taken his daughter and destroyed his home and they talked like it was just a harmless prank! He had had enough. Herobrine stepped out of the ally and turned to the drunken group.

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