The End.. Isn't it beautiful?

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A/N Don't judge this chapter by the heading, you'll get it later.


"Let me go! I can still get to her!" Herobrine said fighting them.

"No you cant. She's gone. WE need to think of a plan first then act." Steve said as they pulled Herobrine into the room. Sky was talking to a guard at the door who quickly left once the others came in.

"The others are being rounded up right now" Sky said then sat down.

"What do you mean by others? The other leaders?" Jerome asked.

"No, the kids." Sky said moments later the doors burst back open and all the kids were dragged in kicking and screaming.

"Let us go!" Fluffy was the first one thrown in.

"Come on! We didn't mean to hurt all of you. Only mangle some and maybe mauling" Quartz was the next.

"Hey! Watch it!" There was Morgan. After her Frog was dragged in because he had been nocked out by one of the guards. Next Nova was brought in and Kye right behind. They had been gagged and ,somehow, tied up.

"Let them go" Sky said to the guard. He gave Sky a wary look before removing the gag on Nova

"LET US GO YOU B-" the guard put the gag back on and took off Kye's

"Please let us go" She asked trying to use a sweet voice but failing badly. Next dragged in was Jonas. He had an arrow sticking out of his arm and was deathly pale.

"What happened to him?" Sky asked

"He was teleporting all over the place and one of the others thought quickly and shot him" The guard said before walking out.

The last in was Budder. He was carried in by five guards and all of them were having problems caring him in.

"Let me go! You wont get away with this! I have to save her! LET ME GO!" he was thrashing around trying to break free. Once the guards were all the way in the room they dropped him and stepped back.

Budder took this chance to jump up and make a break for the still open door. He almost made it but Sky stepped in his path and stopped him.

"Hold on Budder" Sky said grabbing his arm. Budder pulled away and stepped back with a hurt look on his face.

"How could you?" Budder asked quietly as he backed up. The rest of the group were all on one side of the room, trying to put as much space between them and there parents as possible.

"What are you talking about?" Sky asked stepping towards Budder who backed away.

"Why would you ever try to kill us? Just.. Why?" Budder asked staring with hurt at Sky. His heart shattered and he pulled Budder into a hug.

"We were just trying to get you back. All of you. It was a stupid mistake but it succeeded" Sky said still hugging Budder who was too shocked to say anything. The others watched on with amazement.

"dad" was all Budder could say as he hugged back. Budder stepped back first

"So, what do we do now?" Asked Kye after some awkward silence.

"We find Crystal" Herobrine said trying to get up off the couch Steve and Notch put him on. They pushed him back down. he sighed and crossed his arms.

"We think of a plan first" Steve said looking at Herobrine who sank into the chair.

"Actually I want to know why you all wanted to break him out of prison" Seto said pointing at Herobrine.

"We did because.. Well, I don't really know why we did it. I guess because we wanted to help Crystal meet him after so long and I guess we wanted an adventure. Like the ones you would always tell us about that you went in together." Quartz said. She and Fluffy were sitting a couch on the opposite side of the room.

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