New Guy

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A/N hey people! I have the new chapter right here! I know I left you with a cliffhanger last time but that's just how I roll. :) yea you will see a lot of those in my stories. Also shout out to 123Itsme_Allysa for all the fun comments they really cheered me up. your awesome. Any way lets get on with the story then


Crystal was running down the path to school. she had accidentally slept in and was running to try and make it to school on time. Last night she had stayed up later than usual reading about Herobrine from books she got in the library. And of course she freaked herself out reading them and didn't get more than four hours of paranoid sleep.

"Why do I always have to be late?" she muttered under her breath picking up her pace.

When she finally made it to school she was actually early. Since she was early and had nothing else to do she went to the library to return the books she had finished the night before. As she rounded the corner going to the library she saw it was closed. Great. luckily though there was a slot for returning books on the side. Crystal leaned down to get the books out of her bag and return them, except its kind of hard to return books you don't have with you.

"Great." muttered Crystal " could my day get any better?" like I said she got only four hours of restless sleep.

She sighed and headed to her classroom. When she got there everyone else was already there. The bell hasn't rung yet so she was surprised by this. Usually people aren't so exited about class they get there early. They were talking to each other on the other side of the room. Crystal could make out only a few words of there conversation.

"What were you thinking?!" Quartz asked Budder

"She's .... No need for you to worry about that" he replied coolly .

"Hey guys" said Crystal not wanting to be caught ease dropping she faked just walking in.

"Hey Crystal" said Budder with a grin. Quartz was looking really mad behind him.

"Why are you guys here so early?" Asked Crystal

Budder shrugged. "We can only talk here it seems. Whenever we go out it seems everyone knows us and we have no privacy." he said

"That must suck" said Crystal. She had never had to face that problem.

"Kinda does" said little Frog

Just then the bell rang and the teacher walked in. Everyone started to head to there seats.

"Ah, glad to see you finally made it on time Crystal" said the teacher

"Yea, it's great getting here early." she replied sarcastically getting a laugh from Fuzzy Jr.

"It seems we have a new student today" said the teacher looking at the attendance sheet with confusion. He looked up and scanned the room.

"But it looks like he didn't show up today" said the teacher putting a mark on the paper.

"Now please take out the homework that was due today-" said the teacher just as the door sprang open. In walled a guy out of breath. He was wearing a light blue hoodie, jeans and grey converts. He unicellular caught his breath and stood up straight.

"May I help you?" the teacher asked

"This is room 23 right?" asked the guy.


"I was told in the office to come here" he said "I'm Brian" he introduced himself.

Everyone was watching with complete interest. Especially the girls, he didn't look half bad. The teacher seemed surprised and confused. Then a smile spread across his face.

"So you are the new student!" he said and went over to the attendance sheet and marked him not absent. When he looked back up Brian was still standing in the front looking around.

"You can go sit by Crystal" said the teacher pointing toward Crystal who looked shocked at the sound of her name. (She had fallen asleep. again 4 hour of sleep!)

"Hey" said Crystal tiredly. She looked ready to fall asleep again but was trying to fight it. The teacher wasn't helping this though.

"Today we will be listening to the classical sounds of the biomes." he said. A collective groan went up from the class" And then the original music disks" another groan was heard but this time from the new kid. He was clutching his head in pain.

"Are you ok" Budder asked after a few seconds

"Fine' Brian said in more of a growl than speaking.

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