Hunting Herobrine

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They had started searching for Herobrine right after the sun came up. Steve hadn't wanted to waste any time and let Herobrine get away. Sky, Jerome, Deadlox, Kermit, and Husky had agreed to help Steve look for him and they were all in the clearing trying to figure out a game plan.

"I saw we split up and look for clues" Jerome suggested

"This isn't a time for messing around Jerome." Sky scolded (ha that rhymes) "How about we pair up and scan the woods, that way he cant pick us off and we have a better chance of finding him''

"Sounds good. Me and Sky will head west. Jerome, Deadlox you two go east and The amphibians can go north" Steve said "Lets go"

What they didn't know though was that Herobrine was at the edge of the clearing and had heard everything. Quickly he climbed one of the trees and watched all of them head off. He sat on one of the branches and leaned back against the tree trunk brushing away some stay tears. He was just waiting for them to leave so he could get to his nether portal in the cave. (Remember caves mentioned in chapters 4, 5 and 13? all the same cave) He just wanted to get back to the nether. There were only a couple things keeping him from leaving though. One was his brother and the others who were still in the clearing. Second was he couldn't find Phil for some reason. He knew he wasn't dead though, don't ask how he just did. And third was the reason he had come up in the first place. His daughter. He had finally found her and he didn't want to leave.

No He thought I can't leave now. I just found her after 12 years of searching!

Yea but she's going to hate you now and who else wants you here? Your brothers already hate you along with everyone else. The friends you just made now hate you because you were going to kill them for revenge and they'll never talk to you again let alone look at you He thought

He sat in the tree arguing with himself about what he was going to do, not realizing that someone was standing under his tree looking up at him.

"Having fun Briny?" Sky called up causing Herobrine to jump and almost fall out of the tree.

Herobrine looked down with as hateful a look he could muster. Below him were Sky and Steve. great

"What do you want?" He asked

"You to come down" Steve called up


"I just want to talk"

"What if I don't want to?"

"We'll have to force you to come down" Steve said as he pulled out some flint and steel

"You know I can just jump from tree to tree right?"

"Actually you can't. Look around"

While they were busy talking Sky had chopped the leaves off of the trees to the point where he couldn't even park core to the other trees. He let out a small moan at this.

"Why do you want me to come down again?" Herobrine said

"Like I've said before, so we can talk" Steve said "Please come down"

"Did I just here that right? You actually asked nicely for once!" Herobrine said with fake surprise which earned him a snicker from below.

"Just come down" Steve said with more force this time.

"Why? So you can finally get rid of the nuance and unwanted Herobrine once and for all?" Herobrine said looking away. He knew he was right and didn't need any conformation.

"No, so I can talk to my little brother" Steve said. Herobrine's eyes went wide. That was not the answer he was expecting. He wasn't expecting an answer at all! He looked down and saw Steve looking up at him expectantly. With a sigh Herobrine started climbing down. He did have a small chance to run from the ground and that's better than being burned in a tree. When he got to the ground he turned and looked at his brother.

"Do it quick if your going to do it" was all Herobrine said as he waited for the sharp pain of the sword of arrow going in his chest. He felt defeated. Looking around he could see the others in there small group had come back and had surrounded the tree and him. Instead of feeling a sword jab him in the gut or an arrow pierce his neck he felt something even more shocking. Steve was hugging him. It was so foreign to him that he just stood there in shock until Steve let go.

"What was that?" Herobrine asked

"I never thought I would see you show mercy for anyone." Steve said "There might still be hope for you"

"Mercy? What does that mean?" Herobrine said sarcastically "I don't know what your talking about" He was actually smiling now.

"I just wish we could have had this reunion on better terms" Steve said then whispered "I'm sorry"

Herobrine looked confused "What-" he started to say before he felt a prick in his arm. Quickly he pulled whatever it was and looked down to see it was a dart.

He felt his arms go heavy then his legs went out. He fell to the forest floor and his eyes started to grow heave. He looked back up at his brother with hurt showing in his eyes then they closed. He felt several people lift him up and start carrying him back to the castle. He wasn't completely out yet and could hear parts of the conversation taking place by his captors before he completely blacked out.

"How is he so heavy? He's as thin as a stick" Husky said

"Lets get him back fast. Don't want him waking up while we're still out here" Kermit said

"Well if we use the rail road we can send him ahead in a mine cart and then pick him back up at the castle" Jerome said

"Yea, that would be a great idea. Send a body down a rail road and have it reach the castle first. Nothing could go wrong there" Sky said. " It's not like there's any chance he'll wake up and run off into the forest"

"Actually he should be out for a while. This stuff works great too" Deadlox said. He was the one who shot Herobrine.

"He Steve, Don't you have a sac we could use to carry him back in?" Jerome asked

"Yea that would make this much easier to get him into the castle" said Sky

"I do have a sac but I don't think it would be a very good idea to use it" Steve said

He remembered? Herobrine thought. He never liked enclosed spaces. Ever since he was accidently burried alive he's been weird like that.

"Dont worry he's out cold and shouldn't wake til we get back to the castle" Deadlox said "He will never know"

Yes I will jerk! I can hear everything you say! Herobrine thought Please don't Steve. Please

But Herobrine's luck had just run out.

"Fine, but I carry it" Steve said and Herobrine heard the sound of a bag being opened.

No no no no no no! Herobrine thought as he felt himself being moved into a position to be tossed into the bag.

"Hold it open more" Sky said as they threw him in. Herobrine felt claustrophobic immediately.

"You weren't kidding when you said he was heavy" Steve said as he adjusted the bag on his shoulder. Herobrine blacked out.

Herobrine woke up a while later and found he was still in the bag but instead of being carried, he was resting on the ground leaning against something that felt like a tree. His first instinct was to thrash around and get out of the bag but he forced himself to hold still and work slowly. He thought for a moment trying to remember what happened. He partially remembered Sitting in a tree then a prick in his arm and then his body stop moving then being carried after his body shut down and some conversation before he was thrown into the bag and then blacking out.

Herobrine slowly started to work at the top of the bag. He could here conversation outside but couldn't tell how close they were. Carefully he maneuvered into a more comfortable position and looked through a small hole in the bag to try and get some sense of where he was. Looking out he could see Sky, Husky and Jerome talking in a group about something, Deadlox cleaning his Iron sword and Kermit coming back with an arm load of apples.

"Finally! Your back!" Sky said "We thought a creeper got you"

"No just took a while getting all these" Kermit said handing out the apples

"I wish we brought some horses" Jerome said "We would have been back at the castle by now"

"Well, we didn't know it would take this long" Husky said

"I know but still, It would have been nice to know before hand" Jerome said taking a bite of his apple

"If we knew in the first place we could have stopped all this before it started" Sky pointed out

Herobrine was working away at the knot still. He could feel that it was getting looser and soon it started to come undone. He kept working away at the knot while listening to the conversations going on right outside.

"Would you stop complaining? We're halfway back to the castle already so it doesn't really matter" Deadlox said still polishing his sword.

"Deadlox has a point. We should probably get going so we can be back before sundown" Sky said

NO! I just need a little longer! Herobrine thought working faster

"I'll take the bag" Said Jerome walking over. Herobrine worked faster. He almost had the know open enough that he could jump out.

"Ow!" He heard Jerome say and then a thud right beside the bag.

"What the Hell Deadlox!" Sky said "Now we'll be twice as slow!"

"Steve made it pretty clear that he was carrying the bag the whole time" Deadlox said

"Well you could have just told him instead of knocking him out with one of your darts!"

"He wouldn't have listened!"

"How do you know?"

"Because he's Jerome!"

Herobrine had the hole big enough and was about to jump out while they were distracted when he stopped. He had the top of the bag open and could see Husky looking down into the bag at him.

"Um guys" Husky said

"Not now Husky" Sky said Staring at Deadlox

"But guys I think-" was all he got out before Herobrine jumped out and socked him in the face making him fall back unconscious.

"HEY" Herobrine heard shouts behind him but he just kept running into the woods. His pursuers were close behind but falling farther and farther behind. He kept his eyes forward anyways and kept running until he was sure he lost them. He slowed a bit then started to walk.

I did it! I actually escaped! Herobrine thought happily. He walked around for a bit then, realizing he had no idea where he was, he climbed a tree to try and get a good vantage point. From the top of the tree he could see the Budder castle in the near distance to his left. Defiantly didn't want to go that way, yet. He looked the way he had come and saw some figures slowly making there way in his direction. Apparently he hadn't lost them. He could change that. Off to his right was a cliff face close by. Not a good way to go. To easy to get cornered. That only left going straight. Herobrine started jumping from tree to tree and made sure to keep track of where the others were too. He got pretty far before he heard a small sound come from below


A dart was sticking out of the tree next to him. He looked down and saw Deadlox throwing the darts at him.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Three more appeared in the tree in front of him. Quickly he jumped to the tree to his left trying to throw off Deadloxes aim. It didn't work. As he was jumping to a tree farther from the rest by one block a dart hit his leg. He tried desperately to grab the branch but the there were two more in his arm and back. He fell to the ground with a loud Thud and went back into the coma like state he had be in before. Like before he could here everything going on but it sounded like they were all in the distance.

"What happened?" He heard Steve say as he was picked up by someone and thrown back into the bag.

"Deadlox and Sky had been fighting and we didn't notice he woke up until he socked Husky in the mouth and ran off" Kermit said tying the bag close, this time in a stronger knot.

"What were you fighting about that was more distracting than Herobrine waking up?" Steve asked in an annoyed tone.

"Deadlox knocked Jerome out with one of his darts" Sky said

"Only because he was going to take the bag!" Deadlox replied

"You didn't have to knock him out!"

"He wouldn't have listened!"

"Not this again" Kermit said walking back to the campsite they ha been in before.

"Stop bickering like kids and lets go. we spent too much time an if we want to get back tot he castle before lunch we have to get going." Steve said picking up the bag. Herobrine could hear the others following right behind.

"Who's going to carry Jerome?" asked

"Well the two who were fighting over it should so we all can get home faster" Steve said.

"No way! He should!" Deadlox and Sky said at the same time. Probably pointing at each other too but Herobrine couldn't see out the bag.

"Here, I have an extra sac of you want" Steve said tossing it to the two and walking on.

"What is in those darts anyway?" Sky asked Deadlox as they put stuffed the bacca into the bag.

"Oh you know, some cave spider venoms, slime, and a little something extra so it doesn't kill them" Deadlox said with a shrug.

"What?!" sky said dropping his end if the sac on the ground. Unfortunately he was carrying the side with Jerome's head.

"You poisoned our friend?!" He went on.

"No! not poison him, just knocked out" Deadlox said.

"Changing the subject" Kermit said "Is what you told Herobrine in the clearing true? You know, the part where Crystal is his daughter?"

Herobrine had started to black out but was trying to fight it. He wanted to hear the answer because he ha a thought.

What if Steve had been lying?

He was struggling to stay conscious but he blacked out before he heard the answer.

Hours later Herobrine woke up in a stone cell in the dungeon of the Budder castle.


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