Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader) by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader)by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
How will you feel when the most sinister person in all of Minecraftia destroyed everything you loved and to top it off kidnapped you?! And how will you feel when he plan...
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My immortal: Herobrine x reader by Noble_blue
My immortal: Herobrine x readerby Azura Munakata
Y/n is just an averange girl living in the city of Minecraftia. All her life she was protected by a god named Herobrine. And her relationship with the god gives Herobri...
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Marked (Boyxboy) by Merome_shipper
Marked (Boyxboy)by Jay
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The Final Fight : the Haunted  by silent_artist0912
The Final Fight : the Haunted by StarryNights
Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage fa...
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Demon's love too ((Herobrine X Reader)) by Ace_The_neko
Demon's love too ((Herobrine X Rea...by Neko!Ace
I'm aliiive
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The Daughter of Herobrine by MineralFox
The Daughter of Herobrineby Min, Mineral
What if Herobrine had a daughter? What would her name be? What would happen with her? Who is Phil? All these questions will be answered and more as this adventure unfold...
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Veil of Shadows by HiddenRanger202
Veil of Shadowsby Violet
Sequel to "The Herobrine Quest" The newly formed Hero Squad prepares for battle once again, but this time the villain is an anonymous shadow warrior, raising a...
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*EDITING* Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios *COMPLETED* by destiny_x17
*EDITING* Creepypasta Boyfriend Sc...by destiny_x17
*UNDER CONSTRUCTION * I DIDN'T STEAL IT I TOOK IT FROM MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT. It's Destiny(destinyanimelover) It's going to have Rake, Seedeater, Herobrine, BRVR, Grinny, Za...
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Entity_303 (x Female! Reader) by Drawkills
Entity_303 (x Female! Reader)by Drawkills & Demons
Evil is one thing. Good is the other. But for you, you use evil as good. Being someone to rule the world is one thing. Being God of Minecraft is the other thing. However...
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Home for the Corrupted: Minecraft entity story by ShannonTheKittyGirl
Home for the Corrupted: Minecraft...by Shannon Towner
READ ALL Conflict- The MineCraft realm has gone to nothing but protest and fear. The well known stalkers of Minecraft -HeroBrine, Entity 303, and Null- have been wreak...
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Herobrine X Reader: Missing Daughter. (Completed) by IcaneC
Herobrine X Reader: Missing Daught...by IcaneC
So yeah, Herobrine found out he has a daughter. Finding this out, he wants to meet her. He'll need help finding her in the real world, where he hasn't been in years. Coi...
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Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Story by missmatched123
Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers St...by Emma
Commander Adam Skylen was killed in battle by Herobrine and the Squid King. His death led to the fall of the Sky Army and than the fall of the entire Kingdom. The throne...
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Entity 303 X Male! Reader by DarkSpector
Entity 303 X Male! Readerby Dark
Herobrine has kidnapped you from the real world, and has left you all alone in Minecraft. Not knowing what to do, you stay with a nice man with a weird skin who has offe...
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Rebirth - A Gameknight999 Story - On Hold by FanGirlz22
Rebirth - A Gameknight999 Story...by FanGirlz
Gameknight999 was a griever with no thought of others. Well, that was before he went into Minecraft. Gameknight defeated Herobrine. Or so he thought. Monsters started to...
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The ULTIMATE Mashup War by EPHtheCoder
The ULTIMATE Mashup Warby EPHtheCoder
It's been 6 months since Elle's 18th birthday and since that was boring. But then she sensed an upcoming adventure & told the other coders about it. The BIG BOSS (The De...
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The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and Enderlox by defenestratingbooks
The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and...by ☆Def☆
The myths vary across the land. Some foretell the chaos and destruction that the one with empty eyes will leave. Other warn of the demon from another world, who will kil...
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Herobrine x Reader   Forbidden Love by Luna5457
Herobrine x Reader Forbidden Loveby Luna507
I've tried so hard. When will I know that I've reached my limit? If I'm going to fall, but I'll go down fighting. I can't go back to who I used to be. The old me was nai...
  • herobrine
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  • minecraft
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Herosteve, THE GREAT PLAN by AnonymousKat2001
Herosteve, THE GREAT PLANby Coolkat Ignis Uictorium
Herobrine, a ressurected minecraftian, wanted dead for being different, who kills the players and villagers for revenge and Steve, an average minecraftian, who with two...
  • fanfic
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Pixeled Reality ((Herobrine x Reader)) by InaJSendie
Pixeled Reality ((Herobrine x Read...by InaJS
If you can go to a different reality. I bet you would go to it. But would you want to stay forever. The gamer girl (Y/N) had the same thing happen to her, and her soul w...
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The daughter of Herobrine by Noble_blue
The daughter of Herobrineby Azura Munakata
Violet. Born from the king of the Nether, Herobrine. She spent her first years in the Nether under Herobrine's protection. But one day she was declared missing. Will th...
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