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Fall, Angel, Fall - Herobrine x Reader by p0tat0-g0ddess
Fall, Angel, Fall - Herobrine x Re...by potato goddess
Highest ranking: #1 in Herobrine! Y/N is a valkyrie, a member of the holy armies of the Aether... until she's framed for a crime she didn't commit and banished to the Ov...
Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x Blind!Reader) by p0tat0-g0ddess
Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x Blind...by potato goddess
#1 in Herobrine! Y/N is not too happy with her life, living with permanent blindness and the well-meaning but insulting overprotection she lives with on a daily basis, b...
"𝖒𝖞 𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝖐𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓.." 🔞 HEROBRINE X MALE!READER 🔞 || ENG/YAOI by traktorgaming
"𝖒𝖞 𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖑𝖊 𝖐𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓.."...by tractor
Y/N is a very beautiful petite boy that nobody likes at school. He gets bullied by popular girls and popular boys for being so beautiful. However, he doesn't know that h...
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader) by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader)by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
How will you feel when the most sinister person in all of Minecraftia destroyed everything you loved and to top it off kidnapped you?! And how will you feel when he plan...
The Nether Queen - Herobrine x Reader by p0tat0-g0ddess
The Nether Queen - Herobrine x Rea...by potato goddess
Highest rankings: #1 in Minecraft, #1 in Herobrine TRILOGY COMPLETE! Herobrine's sway over the mobs of Minecraft is wavering, as more and more reject him as their God an...
Evil Herobrine In RWBY by wolfzode
Evil Herobrine In RWBYby Wolfzode
Herobrine gets sent to the World of RWBY. What adventures will await our white eyed protagonist?
Reincarnation[Discontinue] by Just_TheFandom
Reincarnation[Discontinue]by Just_TheFandom
What if there was a 18 years old boy got killed by a guard and must reincarnation every time he died in another realm, world, dimension but also as a different creature...
Third Brother by WatcherX101
Third Brotherby Xyzzy
Let's start off with Grian; a prankster, crazy, and very accepting player. But what if... that wasn't all. His real name was Xelqua, and he was the eldest sibling o...
Love Him or Hate Him (Herobrine X Reader) by TheOddGroup-o-Gamers
Love Him or Hate Him (Herobrine X...by TOGG
You are taken from home by Herobrine, except now you have control over whether you love him or hate him. We all seek adventure, both in our lives and outside. That is w...
Removed - An Animation Vs. Minecraft AU Fanfic by itsmemariiiiii
Removed - An Animation Vs. Minecra...by Its_Me_Marii
●°○.•~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-•.○°● A few years after the events of AvM, the Sticks discover that the white eyed legend may not have been fully erased from Minecraft...
~*My Princess*~ //Herobrine x Female! Reader// by diddly624
~*My Princess*~ //Herobrine x Fema...by diddly624
You are a Princess that gets into many dangerous situations, some for fun and most for the greater good. You are kindhearted, courageous, and a determined member of roya...
The Luck Of Yesterday [A Hermitcraft fanfic](Being rewritten) by AfterArtist
The Luck Of Yesterday [A Hermitcra...by AfterArtist
All bad things start with storms, So when a freak storm appears on the server it's no wonder things go wrong. After Grian ends up in an unfortunate accident he wakes up...
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine X Reader by TheUndeadLich
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine...by Lizard Lich
You, an 16 year-old girl, was an absolute fangirl of the Minecraft myth, Herobrine. You drew Him all the time. But lately, strange dreams and feelings in the middle of t...
Fly, Phoenix, Fly - Herobrine x Reader by p0tat0-g0ddess
Fly, Phoenix, Fly - Herobrine x Re...by potato goddess
Sequel to Fall, Angel, Fall. Forty years after the events of Fall, Angel, Fall, Herobrine and Y/N are reunited when an old threat rears its ugly head. Their relationshi...
The Warrior Son and the King's Daughter // Rainimator AU // by SwirlySystem1028
The Warrior Son and the King's Dau...by SwirlySystem1028
Cover designed by: @iuna_zn What if instead of defeating this power-hungry tyrant, and stopping his plague of horrible beliefs that would cause millions whom he deemed...
The Sins of the Father by p0tat0-g0ddess
The Sins of the Fatherby potato goddess
Sixteen-year-old Stephen has been trained to be a warrior for as long as he can remember, raised by the valkyries whom he was told found him as an orphaned child. Howeve...
A New World. (Herobrine x Reader) by AngelHeartSunGoddess
A New World. (Herobrine x Reader)by wa wa wee wa
You spawn in a new world, not knowing where you are, all you know is your name, (y/n). You meet a new friend, defeat some monsters and get creeped out by the two white...
Sucked into the game. {Completed} by KellieWardd
Sucked into the game. {Completed}by KellieWardd
When kellie and her friends are playing minecraft something isn't right... When a game becomes a reality, who can you trust?
Incorrect Quotes 8 [Rainimator AUs] by RettaTheOriginal
Incorrect Quotes 8 [Rainimator AUs]by CG - Ryea
Book no.8 of my Incorrect Quote book series I do not own any characters in this book All characters belong to Rainimator Except for Default or characters that I mention...
The Survivors by BoxcarAssassinWriter
The Survivorsby BoxcarWriter
A young boy loses everything he's ever known, and nine years later is thrown into a series of events caused by the actions of the past. Its me, BoxcarAssassin! This is a...