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Hero's Bane by Faithful41
Hero's Baneby FaithfulServant41
Steve discovers the land of his dreams to mine out, unbeknownst to him; it's a land haunted by a mysterious entity. Now he has become plagued by a mirroring figure that...
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine X Reader by TheUndeadLich
In Love With A Myth | A Herobrine...by Lizard Lich
You, an 16 year-old girl, was an absolute fangirl of the Minecraft myth, Herobrine. You drew Him all the time. But lately, strange dreams and feelings in the middle of t...
Herobrine X reader by homestuckeveryday
Herobrine X readerby Xaeque
Yo Wattpaders this story was found on deviantart and i thought it was great so i copied it here to share with you guys! I'm sorry if there's a long wait but this is not...
Another Story (HerobrineXMinerReader) by AuthorPwish
Another Story (HerobrineXMinerRead...by AuthorPwish
Y/N is one of the top bedrock miners of all of Minecraftia. She's smart, clever, and a bit stubborn but she works to her very best. But the only thing people have to que...
Notch x Herobrine by YaoiFansOnly
Notch x Herobrineby YaoiFansOnly
WARNING: This fanfiction will contain MANY triggers! These will include rape, abuse, violence, love-hate relationship, sexual activities, depression, suicidal thoughts...
Born A Soldier (Reader X Herobrine) by CandyThePuppy
Born A Soldier (Reader X Herobrine)by Candy
Your father was a soldier: a brave man who fought in that legendary war against Herobrine. You always dreamed of becoming a soldier too; killing monsters and fighting fo...
You Versus The Universe by CandyThePuppy
You Versus The Universeby Candy
Here you are, the reader, delving into the deep lore of this world. The secrets behind the hiding faces just out of reach. The voices that call you, nearly present. It i...
Herobrine X Steve by KandaceBrine
Herobrine X Steveby Kandace
Herobrine silently floats above the ground, watching Steve mine some gold ore. Steve doesn't notice. Herobrine floats closser. Steve doesn't notice. Herobrine wraps his...
Only Fools Fall (A Foolish Gamers Fanfic) by Bow315
Only Fools Fall (A Foolish Gamers...by Bow315
Before the SMP, Foolish was a bitter, merciless god. Very little could get him to even smile, until the son of Herobrine came and brought new adventure to his life. Ever...
Daddy!Herobrine x Child! Reader by Hoodini_Baby
Daddy!Herobrine x Child! Readerby INACTIVE-ABANDONED ACCOUNT
This story is Herobrine as your daddy! I put child because i don't want to be sexist and put daughter. This story WILL be like Minecraft. Like you can only hold one swor...
Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x Blind!Reader) by p0tat0-g0ddess
Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x Blind...by potato goddess
#1 in Herobrine! Y/N is not too happy with her life, living with permanent blindness and the well-meaning but insulting overprotection she lives with on a daily basis, b...
Herobrine X Reader - Love's Wither Rose (COMPLETE) by Rex-Vex
Herobrine X Reader - Love's Wither...by Rex-Vex
WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG VIOLENCE AND SOME SWEARS An impulsive act of helping became a mission to retrieve a personal item, which then became a close friendship. Maybe...
High school DxD x Herobrine male reader by GASTLY42957
High school DxD x Herobrine male r...by Rhogar
Yes Herobrine. The dudes awesome ok? Really what it is is you will have the powers and weapons that I believe he uses. So yeah I don't own you I don't own Highschool DxD...
herosteve one shots by deathirize
herosteve one shotsby Emma
no smut, prob just kissing and cuddling, and maybe abuse, Idk. art is mine btw
The Unfamiliar - 'Heir to a bloody throne' Fanfiction by IwahidiahI_2008_yt
The Unfamiliar - 'Heir to a bloody...by IwahidiahI 2008
After Null's disappearance, Valor thought that was it. everything is now in peace, but just like what they say - curiosity kills the cat. and indeed it will kill the cat...
Wither x Skeleton~ A Monster School Au by lychijelli
Wither x Skeleton~ A Monster Schoo...by 瑗块倞鐨勬捣娴
!!My first attempt at a Minecraft story, please bear with me!! 路.赂赂.路鈾┾櫔鈾 This book was inspired by Platabush's Monster School Au. The characters will be the same, except...
The Heart of a God - a Minecraft Herobrine x Reader story by GlassPrince1
The Heart of a God - a Minecraft H...by Glass Prince
(Cover art by aed-den on DeviantArt) All your life, nothing but tragedy has found you. You believe you are cursed, destined to find yourself in only the worst possible s...
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader) by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader)by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
How will you feel when the most sinister person in all of Minecraftia destroyed everything you loved and to top it off kidnapped you?! And how will you feel when he plan...
Fractured Souls (The Omniverse: Book 1) by Herobrine1197
Fractured Souls (The Omniverse: Bo...by Herobrine
(Most Impressive Ranking: #22-herobrine[27/03/2021])Percy Jackson is betrayed by the campers and returns home to find his family dead. After fighting another war for the...