On the inside

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Crystal woke up in the dark. She didn't know what to think and didn't remember how she got there. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could just barely make out a faint outline of something under her. It was then she noticed the ground beneath her was moving up and down at a slow steady rate. She started to push herself into a sitting position then stood up only to fall back down when the ground suddenly tilted to the side. She let out a small yelp as she fell back onto the ground and suddenly light was coming from behind her.

"Diamond? You awake?" Herobrine asked looking down at her. She turned and faced him, fear in her eyes.

"Wh-where are we?" She asked looking around at the cocoon around them.

"Don't worry we're safe" He replied and put a hand next to her. "The dragon's just flying around at the moment, he just defeated someone"

"How do you know that?" Crystal asked sitting down

"I could here the fighting" Herobrine said then his voice dropped to a lower tone "And he joined us in here"

"In here? Are we in the dragon? How?" Crystal asked looking at him in fear. She realized now he had shrunk her and the ground was actually him.

"I was able to get you free and tried to escape the dragon but I wasn't quick enough. He got us once he was able to ground me" Herobrine said putting his head back as if relaxing but his voice was full of sorrow.

"What do we do now?" Crystal asked curling into a ball. Herobrine put a hand over her protectively.

"We wait, nothing else we can do." He said and closed his eyes.

"Come on Steve! We have to keep looking!" Notch said moving forward through the blizzard.

"Cant you get rid of this?! I mean, you are the god of this world!" Steve shouted back

"Suck it up! We're almost there" Notch replied before stopped. They had reached there destination.

"So this is where she lives? I thought it would be something, well bigger" Steve said staring at the small village in front of them. Despite the storm there were people everywhere. Children playing in the snow, Adults shoveling paths through the snow, and several people who looked to be going to school.

"She prefers places out of the way" Notch explained and walked into the village. Instantly the storm behind them stopped and the sun was shining. None of the people seemed to notice though and Steve had to do a double take. The storm they had just come through was still raging on behind them but not a single snowflake  was landing in the village.

"What? How-" Steve said looking between Notch and the storm.

"Like I said, she likes out of the way places. That doesn't mean she likes the weather" Notch said and walked on. Steve followed and looked around the village wide eyed.

"So she's doing this? How? I didn't think her powers were that strong" Steve said as Notch stopped in front of one igloo.

"Yep, why else would they want Crystal that bad? The daughter of Herobrine and one of the most powerful sorceresses in all of Minecraft? That's just begging for trouble." Notch said and pushed the door open. There were two women sitting inside, both turned to the door when it opened.

"Notch, Steve. I thought you two were still at the Budder castle" One said standing up.

"Hello Olivia. No, we have important manners to discuss with her" Notch said and pointed at the other woman. Olivia looked at her worried but the woman waved her hand in dismiss.

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