The Truth?

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A/N so this might be shorter than the rest but it will still be good. I hope. Also! There are some new characters, not the one I mentioned before though. Not yet, not yet >:)


Herobrine woke several hours later in a dark stone cell. There were only two small windows made out of iron bars at the front of the cell by the door. Getting up, Herobrine walked over and looked out one of them trying to get a perspective on things. He already knew he was in the dungeon in the Budder castle but he didn't know where in the dungeon he was and how he got there. He needed to know if he was going to try and escape. Looking out he could see several prisoners in cells opposite him. One looked like a squid person and another had on a red pinstriped shirt, blue shorts, a cap and a black mask covering only his eyes which looked like they glowed white like Herobrine's.

"Where am I?" Herobrine asked the guy in the red shirt

"The budder dungeon of course" He answered with a slight accent

"I know that but how deep down are we?"

"Pretty deep, this is where they put the serious enemies" the guy said taking off his mask. He had dark brown eyes under it.

"Why are you in here then?" Herobrine asked. This guy didn't look like he could be that dangerous.

"I'm a griefer." he said proudly eyes lighting up. Literally. That's why his eyes looked like they were glowing! They actually were. Apparently he noticed Herobrine staring because he quickly put his mask back on.

"I tried to become like Herobrine but it backfired. Now whenever I get exited or am griefing something my eyes will glow" He explained "Why are you in here? You don't look like you could do anything."

"Oh you know, I almost got some people killed by leading them into the forest" Herobrine said. No way he was going tell this guy the truth.

"Seriously? All I did was blow up the west wing." the greifer said

"What about squid face over there?" Herobrine asked changing the topic

"What squid guy? There's a squid next to me?!" Apparently the greifer didn't know about him.

"I am the squid kind! Show respect!" The squid said grabbing the bars of his cell.

"AH! You weren't kidding!" The greifer screamed and went to the far side of his cell.

"Oh grow up" the squid king grumbled moving to the back of his cell.

Herobrine and the greifer looked at each other for a moment before the greifer spoke up again.

"So what's you name?" he asked taking Herobrine by surprise.

"Just call me Brian" was his reply "Why are you in here? You didn't give me a very specific reason"

"I blew up the west wing of the castle. Apparently the other leaders are here for a while but I didn't know that! I just thought I would blow it up, leave the note and get out. I wasn't expecting the whole dead army and then some" The greifer said sitting on his bed.

"You blew up the entire west wing?" Impressive, the west wing was huge. That must have taken a lot of TNT.

"Not the whole west wing, just the end" The greifer said with a smile.

"What's your name by the way? I never did here" Herobrine asked.

"Oh, Einshine" the greifer said, eyes lighting up again.

"Well Einshine, do you still have any TNT?" Herobrine asked


*Crystal's pov*

She woke up back in the budder castle with a start. She looked around and let out a relieved sigh.

"It was just a dream" She said to herself putting a hand on her chest, heart still rapidly beating rapidly.

"Glad to see you finally up" A voice said from the door. She turned her head quickly and saw a girl not much older than twenty coming in. But what grabbed Crystal's attention most was her appearance. She was wearing a red scarf and clothes almost as white as her skin.

"You- are you made of snow?" Crystal asked making the girl laugh

"No my skin is just so pale it looks like that. I'm Olivia, Sky's sister." Olivia said holding out her hand. Crystal shook it gingerly. "How are you feeling?"

"What do you mean? Wait. Last night. That was real?" Crystal said horror creeping over her face.

Olivia sat down next to her and gently put her hand on Crystals shoulder. Crystal looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"Sorry honey but yea, everyone's ok though. You want to go see them?" Olivia asked

"Yea" Crystal said quietly then louder "Yes I would like that very much" and she started to get up.

"Here let me help" Olivia said getting up to help here stand.

"No I'm good" Crystal said waving here away. Olivia still hovered just a few feet away just in case.

Crystal got up and managed to walk a few paces before her legs crumpled under her. Luckily Olivia was there and caught her just in time.

"Thanks" Crystal said as she steadied herself and walked a little farther before crumpling again. Again Olivia helped her stand but this time she didn't let her go. They slowly walked down the hall towards the dining room. Olivia helped her lean against the wall as she opened the door but Crystal just pushed off the wall and started walking through the doors before Olivia could help her.

"I can do it" Crystal said as Olivia tried to help her again "Actually I need to do it" And she started to walk with purpose toward the main table at the front. Every one had stopped when she walked in and looked at her.

"CRYSTAL!" Se heard a shout from the first table and then Budder was running toward her at full speed. When he reached her he nearly suffocated her in a hug.

"I was so worried" He said when he finally let go.

"I'm fine really" She said starting toward the table again only to be stopped by Budder.

"No your not fine. You were stabbed in the stomach!" Budder said

"I really need to talk to my dad or uncle or-or I DONT KNOW! I just- I need to speak with Steve" She said almost crying in frustration. She looked at the table but couldn't see him. Come to think of it, she couldn't see Sky or any of the others either.

"They aren't back yet" Budder said looking uncomfortable.

"Back from what?" Crystal asked. She thought she knew but she hoped she was wrong.

Budder looked even more uncomfortable now. He led her carefully to the table where there friends were waiting. He sat her down in a chair with her back facing the door so she could see her friends easier.

"It's so good to see you up!" Quartz said when Crystal sat down at the table.

"How are you feeling?" Fluffy said "It didn't look fun getting stabbed"

"Fluffy!" Quartz and Budder yelled.

"sorry" Fluffy said looking down.

"How's the hole in you? Healing up good?" Seto asked coming over and sitting down across from Crystal.

"I haven't really checked" Crystal said looking down at her plate. She would check when she got back to her room.

"Hey Crystal, what's up?" Little Frog came in sitting next to Seto.

"Nothing much. Just healing from being stabbed in the stomach and trying to figure out some family stuff like who is my actual father and every thing" She said with a sigh. She looked up at Seto.

"Speaking of which, Where are our parents?" She asked staring at Seto "I had asked Budder but he never answered" She shot a look at Budder who sank back into his chair out of her gaze.

"Well, they are-" He started to say before being cut off by the doors to the hall slamming open.

"SETO! Where's Crystal? We just checked her room but she wasn't there" a voice said from the doors and Crystal could hear footsteps coming there way. She hadn't wanted to turn and face who was coming.

"She's right here" Seto said calmly and they watched them all come in. She wasn't going to turn around. She was just too confused and mad at the moment.

"Crystal! How are you feeling?" she heard Sky say from behind her.

"Good" she said

"Crystal, are you ok? Why aren't you in bed? Come on we have to get you back to your room so you can heal" she heard Steve say coming up behind her. She still didn't turn around.

"I feel alright. I think I'll stay here." she said looking forward still. She could sense the others starting to form a circle behind her.

"Are you sure? you took quite a blow there." Kermit said behind her.

"Yep. perfectly ok." she said as she kept looking forward. she was determined not to look back. The anger inside her was boiling now and she wasn't trying to hide it all.

"Com now Crystal, you have to rest so you can heal" Steve said an attempt to persuade her to leave.

"No. I'm not leaving until you answer my questions" said Crystal crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Now stop that. your acting like a two year old." Steve said grabbing Crystal's shoulder and tried to turn her toward him. she shrugged off his hand and quickly stood up and faced him.

"YOU HAVE LIED TO ME MY WHOLE LIFE AND YOU EXPECT ME TO TAKE THIS LIKE IT'S NOTHING!?" she spat at him. then her voice sank to a dangerously quiet tone " no, I will not take this lightly. I want the truth and I will not look at you, let alone go with you until I get it." and with that she turned around and looked at the stunned table behind her.

" I'm going back to my room now, it was great to see you're all alright" and she started toward the door.

A silence had engulfed the hall as everyone listened to what was happening. As Crystal left all eyes where following her. Half way through the hall she broke into a sprint and ran out the doors down the hall. the whole hall then turned to Steve as all eyes fell on him.

"You have a lot of explaining to do" Sky said at the head of the table breaking the silence.

Crystal ran down the hall and Locked her door as she ran into her room. she walked to her bed and fell onto it crying. What had she just done? She was still crying when she heard pounding on the door. She quickly dried her eyes and looked toward it.

"Who is it?" she said in a harsh tone that surprised her. Apparently it surprised the person out side too because it took a moment before theft answered.

"Budder and everyone else" Budder said " Can we come in?"

Crystal got up and walked to the door. She opened it just a bit and looked out. He wasn't lying. Everyone was there, including Steve and there parents. They had followed her down the hall after she left.

"No" She said shutting the door.

"Come on Crystal! We just want to talk" Budder said.

"Go away! I don't feel like talking anymore" she said lying back on her bed. She wasn't in the mood to see her dad o uncle or what ever you guys know what I mean. She just wanted yo be alone. She lay there for what seemed like hour but was only about thirty minutes before she heard something on the balcony attached the her room. She got off her bed and gingerly walked over to the door and peaked out. Budder, Quartz and Fluffy were climbing onto the balcony from the vines growing on the side.

"What do you want?" she said in a small voice when they were all on the balcony. They jumped but quickly recovered.

"We just wanted to talk" Budder said quietly as he walked toward her. He was acting like she was a scared animal and any sudden movement would scare her off. Sure if he had run at her she would have run away but that's not the point. The point was that they were acting like she was dangerous and not like they usually did.

"Fine but stop acting like I'm going to hurt you or run off. Because I'm not." she said walking back inside.

"We know the truth" Fluffy said

"You am everyone else" Crystal muttered loud enough for them to hear. she walked over to her bed and sat down on it. Quartz came and sat by her and gently put her hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok. not everyone knows" Quartz said trying to comfort her.

"That's nice. now not as many people will want to kill me" Crystal said

"Why would people want to kill you?" Fluffy asked. Crystal looked up at him with a stare that instantly made him regret saying anything.

"Oh I don't know, maybe it has something to do with Herobrine Being my father!" She said in a sarcastic tone.

"That's what we came here to tell you! Steve was trying to tell you that he had said that so Herobrine would save your life! He was trying to save your life" Budder said

" You believed him? Really? Budder, I expected you to be ably to call out a lie from a mile away!" Crystal exclaimed. They all looked at her in confusion.

"What so you mean? It sounded pretty convincing" Fluffy said.

"Last night after I blacked out I had what I thought was a dream but now I know it was actually a memory." Crystal started to explain " in it I was about two and I remember Herobrine bringing me through a nether portal into a cave that I've seen recently. anyway we were walking around the forest when an enderman appeared. This enderman was different though. his eyes were a different color. I can't remember what though" Crystal said pausing her story to think. Budder and Quartz were looking at her in confusion while Fluffy was looking a t something on the balcony.

"Where it's eyes green?" Fluffy asked still looking onto the balcony.

"Yes! that was the color. How did you guess?" Crystal asked standing up.

"Because I think the one you were talking about is right outside" Fluffy said.

"Wait what? there shouldn't be any enderman out in the daylight, let alone on the castle!" Budder said rushing to the door followed by Crystal and Quartz.

An enderman was sitting on the railing looking around at the castle. They rushed to the doors but quickly ducked back when his gaze went to the doors.

"What do we do?" Fluffy asked

"I'll go get my dad" Budder said starting for the door.

"No don't!" Crystal said " he'll see you if you get up. the door is locked too so no one can get in"

"Well then what are we supposed to do?" Quartz asked. Fluffy looked back out the window.

"Uh guys? we have a problem. It's gone." Fluffy said looking out.

"How's that bad?" Budder asked looking out also

"Because, I saw him teleport somewhere"Fluffy said

"Again how is that bad?"

"I had accidentally looked into his eyes. and he saw" Fluffy said

"Fluffy!" Budder yelled "what were You thinking!"

"We have bigger problems guys, its gone. That's good but Crystal is still feeling bad." Quartz said

She looked behind her for Crystal but couldn't see her anywhere. She did a complete turn around the room but couldn't seem to find her.

"Crystal?" Quartz called

"Let me go!" They heard Crystal scream. They ran into the hall through the broken door. Something had taken the door off its hinges opening the room up to the hall. They all ran out into the hall and saw the enderman holding Crystal. Only, it didn't look like it was attacking her. more like it was hugging her.

"Diamond, it's been too long" they heard him say. He was holding Crystal up off the floor and his arms were rapped al the way around her. It look like if he let her go she would disappear or run away. Judging by look on her face she probably would have run off too if she weren't frozen in fear. He didn't notice the others until Budder walked forward.

"Crystal, are you ok?" Budder asked walking forward more. She didn't answer but the enderman stepped back a bit making everyone else step back also.

"Stay away" he said making all of them step back again.

"Y-you can talk?" Quartz said astonished.

"Yes" He said. Crystal was still frozen but slowly thawing. She had started to move her head and was now looking at Budder, fear in her eyes.

"Well, can you please put our friend down" Budder asked slowly approaching them again.

"No. I just realized who she was. I am not letting her go again" He said hugging her tighter.

"Please let me down" Crystal said in a small voice, barley audible. Every one froze again but this time it was to try and hear Crystal.

"Please set me down" Crystal said again. After a moment he did set her down but made sure she didn't go anywhere.

"Guys, this is Phil" Crystal said


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