Budder's mom is.. WAIT WHAT???

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It took longer than they thought to tell everyone about the plan. They had now been there about three days and still had to tell Crystal. They had decided to leave her for last because they were unsure of how she would react. They were on there way to the library for there first class when Frog brought it up. Herobrine thought they still needed to learn stuff for when they went back to the Overworld.

"So Budder, are we doing it today or what? You've held this off for three days now" Frog said.

"What are you talking about Frog? What have you been holding off Budder?" Crystal asked coming up behind them. She asked it with a smile on her face.

"Oh nothing!" Budder said rubbing his neck and walking faster. Crustal frowned a bit and walked in front of Budder stopping him.

"What are you hiding?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"You haven't told her yet? Dude, not cool." Fluffy said with a low whistle

"No I haven't" Budder said with a sigh turning back to Crystal "I have a plan to get us back to the Overworld and a place to stay when we get up there"

"And you told every one else about this before me, Why?" She asked in an even tone. She was so calm it was scary.

"because I wasn't sure if you would want to come or not" Budder said refusing to look her in the eyes.

She gently grabbed his chin and turned his face to hers. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. She pulled back and smiled at him. He smiled back but looked a little startled.

"Of course I would come! Sure this is where my dad lives but I honestly love the Overworld better" She said walking down the hall to the library. "I suggest we leave tonight. I could probably get some obsidian to fix the portal and maybe the flint and steel" she said.

The day went pretty fast. They were all in the library for the day so they just spent it reading and the boys had started messing around at one point but it didn't last long. Herobrine had walked in on them throwing a book around and had put them in there own little rooms for an hour. When they came out they all sat and read. None of them would look at each other and they kept away from each other as best they could. The only time they had interacted after that was when Frog was getting a new book and bumped into Budder going around a book case. Both had ended up running the opposite way from each other with fear written all over there faces.

They were let out for lunch and it seemed the boys were finally back to normal but wouldn't talk about what had happened to them.

After lunch they were right back in the library but this time they wee having discussions and Herobrine was watching on acting like the teacher.

"Ok first subject. Which is better, red stone or coal?" Herobrine asked walking around the outside of the table.

"I saw red stone because there are more uses for it than coal" Morgan spoke first

"I saw coal because it is used more than red stone and is easier to find" Fluffy interjected.

"Coal, same reason. You can use it to smelt stuff or make torches" Frog said

"Good, Iron or Diamond?" Herobrine said stopping behind Jonas

"Diamond because it is much stronger than Iron" Jonas said. Herobrine moved on

"Iron because its shiny" Tomy said. He joined there conversations occasionally but usually didn't understand them.

"Iron because you can find more of it and it would be easier to replace" Quartz said

"Which is more important, wood or stone?" Herobrine asked looking in the center of the group.

"Wood because it is used in almost everything" Crystal said

"Stone because it is better at reinforcing" Budder said

"I have to go with wood. It is way more important" Nova said

This went on until it was time for dinner which they all finished in a hurry and went to there rooms right after. They meet twenty minutes later back in the hall with there packs on there backs and masks on there faces.

"Everybody ready?" Budder asked looking around taking a head count. They were missing only one person. Crystal.

Budder walked to Crystals room and knocked on the door. He pulled his mask off and opened the door.

"Hey Crystal are you ready?" He asked stepping into the room. He was almost blasted with a flame charge but herd it coming and ducked back out the door.

"No Magenta! He's a friend!" He herd Crystal say to the ghats which made some strange noises back.

"No, we are just going to study in the library for a while" Crystal lied and walked into the hall with her pack. She was wearing all black.

"I'm ready, are we waiting for anyone else?" Crystal asked closing the door.

"Not that I know of" Budder said "Lets get going. I don't know how much time we have"

They pulled there hoods up and took off down the hall to the nether portal. They were just about to round the corner when Kye stopped them.

"I hear voices" She said and everyone immediately disappeared in the shadows.

Crystal and Kye peaked around the corner and saw the Nether portal was fixed and open. But that's not what had there attention, it was the group of people coming out of it.

"Is that-?" Budder asked looking out

"Yep" Kye said

"Wait, why is my dad with them?" Nova asked. Everyone was now looking around the corner.

"I don't know, they must be really serious about finding us if they were willing to come to the nether" Crystal said.

"Everybody back!" Morgan whisper/yelled at the group. They ducked behind the corner as one of the group turned toward them.

"What do we do now? We can't just walk out there and go 'hey guys, sorry for betraying you. welcome to the nether!' that would get us caught and thrown in jail. Not to mention what they would do to Crystal" Fluffy panicked.

"We just have to wait for them to leave and then hop through the portal" frog said with a shrug. Everyone was staring behind him.

"um, what are you guys looking at?" Frog asked nervously. He slowly turned to see Herobrine standing with his arms crossed looking at the group.

"What are you doing?" He asked quietly. He had noticed the group to and wasn't going to risk getting them caught.

"We want to go back to the Overworld" Budder said standing in front of the group facing Herobrine

"We have been over this, You cant go back. Not until things cool down" Herobrine said rubbing his temples.

"Well, that doesn't seem to be working since they are here right now! They aren't going to cool down and we can't wait for it anymore." Budder said getting angry. His voice getting louder. Herobrine covered his mouth to keep him from shouting.

"Shh! be quiet! Do you want them to find us? Listen, I have a part of my army coming this way right now so we need to get out of here." Herobrine said looking around.

"Where did they go?" Quartz asked looking around the corner

"They're not there?" Herobrine said looking around the corner just as a diamond enchanter sword swung around almost connecting with Herobrine.

The group that had been in front of the portal where now blocking the end of the hallway that had the nether portal. Herobrine pulled out his diamond obsidian sword and prepared for battle.

"I'll hold them back, you run and try to find Phil. He'll help you" Herobrine said to the kids before looking at the group of intruders.

"Well, well. Hello Herobrine" Steve said stepping forward from the group. He had full enchanted Iron armor and a diamond sword.

"Why are you here? We have no business" Herobrine growled. He was trying to take the attention off the kids so they could get away safely.

"Oh but we do. You have our kids and are wanted for attempted murder, kidnapping and corruption of children" Sky said stepping forward.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Herobrine said

"Oh really? Who are they then?" Husky said pointing behind Herobrine. He turned and watched as they ran down the hall and out of sight. Herobrine smiled, They'll be safe he thought and turned back to the group raising his sword.

"You'll have to go through me if you want them" Herobrine said as he prepared for the fight that never came.

"Thought you'd say that" Seto said stepping forward. He raised his hand and a purple glow surrounded Herobrine. He tried to move but found he couldn't. He glared at Steve and the group.

"Seto has been working on this one especially for you, scum bag" Jerome said

Just then a wave of pain shot through Herobrine making him scream in torture.

"Try not to move much" Seto said as he ran by following the others down the hallway following the kids.

"Hurry! There right behind us!" Frog yelled running in front of everybody.

They were running down one of the halls leading away from the portal. Behind them they could hear the sound of pursuers and the drawstring of bows being pulled to full strength.

"Bows!" Crystal yelled dodging the first volley of arrows. Almost every one was able to dodge them. Almost everyone

Quartz went down with a cry of pain. An arrow sticking out of her leg.

"NO!" Fluffy yelled trying to run to Quartz. Budder held him back and dragged him along.

"You cant help her!" Budder said dragging him away

"I can try! I can TRY" Fluffy said kicking and trying to get to Quartz.

"We have to go now! If we don't we might not be able to save her later" Budder said. Fluffy started running with the group again.

"Follow me!" Crystal shouted and turned down the corridor to there right. It lead to the library.

Crystal was in front and opened the door. She held it open as everyone ran in. She was just closing it when she saw Morgan and Tomy still running toward them. The other group rounded the corned and Deadlox drew his bow back. He shot the arrow at Morgan hitting her first in the arm causing her to drop Tomy then he shot again hitting her leg. She fell with a cry of pain.

"Morgan!" Tomy said and rushed to her. He tried to help her up but she pushed him towards the doors.

"Get in the library" Morgan said to Tomy who was on the verge of tears. "I'll follow soon just go!"

She made a shield with her magic giving Tomy just enough time to run into the library.The last thing Crystal saw before the doors closed was Morgan's shield being broken by Seto.

"NO!" Tomy screamed. He had seen it too. He started banging his fists on the doors trying to get back to his sister. He finally gave up when Kye dragged him away. He started crying as she set him down on one of the many chairs in there. Kye stood by him and comforted him as the boys started pushing bookshelves against the door.

"What now? We just trapped our selves in the library with our parents right outside the door waiting for us to either open the door or bust in to get us" Fluffy said as he pushed another shelf against the door. Frog was just getting another when there was a nock on the door. Everyone froze.

"Who is it?" Fluffy asked leaning up to the door. The response was muffled but they could all hear it.

"Pizza man" Jerome said. There was arguing outside but they couldn't make out what was being said.

"Open the door" the heard Sky say

"Depends, what type of Pizza do you have?" Fluffy asked.

"We know who's that is" they heard Sky say outside. Budder looked like he was trying not to laugh. That would have given him away. He has the same laugh as his dad.

"Peperoni" Sky said

"I'm asking the pizza guy not you. Pizza guy what type of pizza?" Fluffy asked. Everyone was trying not to laugh now.

"Peperoni" Jerome said.

"Sorry not what we ordered" Fluffy said. Crystal motioned for everyone to put there hoods up since Nova's and Frog's had slipped down while they were moving the books.

They all waited for an answer but none came. Crystal could hear a soft hissing coming from outside the door and realized too late what it was.

"Get back from the door!" Crystal yelled just as the TNT went off. When her vision returned she saw Frog and Fluffy nocked out under a pile of books and could just make out several figures coming through the smoke. Crystal got up, grabbed Tomy and ran down one of the paths between the bookshelves. She ran until she saw a small cubby hole and put Tommy in it.

"Stay here and out of sight until one of us comes to get you ok?" She said. He nodded and she ran back down the path to the doors.

She stopped before going out and turned invisible. When she was sure she wouldn't seen she stepped out into the now clear part of the library and saw a pile of bodies in the middle. She saw that they were her friends and let out a sigh of relief when she saw they were alive and just nocked out. It looked like they had there hands and feet tied so they couldn't move when they woke up. She started to run to them to try and free them but stopped when she heard people coming. She ran back to the shadows on instinct and watched as Seto and Jerome came back carrying another of her friends, She saw that it was Jonas and he, like the others, was unconscious as they threw him on the pile. There were now five people in the middle leaving only four people besides her still out there.

"How come they are running from us?" Jerome asked looking at Seto

"I don't know. It defiantly has nothing to do with us shooting arrows at them or chasing them down a hallway while screaming or blowing the doors down to the place where they are now hiding. And I'm sure chasing them through this maze and then nocking them out and tying them up when we find them doesn't scare them either" Seto said sarcastically

"yea, we should have thought about that more" Jerome replied tossing Jonas on the pile.

"Which one do you think this is?" Jerome asked leaning towards Jonas. He was about to pull Jonas' hood off when Crystal power kicked him in the stomach. She forgot about her invisibility and was now visible. Luckily her hood was still up.

"What the-" Seto said before she kicked him in the chest sending him flying into a bookshelf. Jerome was doubling over in pain from her kick.

Crystal ran back into the nearest path. She could here Seto running after her but didn't turn around. In not time she had gotten him lost and was heading back to the middle. She stopped and looked out, waiting to see if any one else was coming, then ran out and started cutting the ropes with her emerald sword. Jerome had disappeared somewhere, probably to go and warn the others, but she didn't care she was too focused on cutting the bonds on her friends. She had finished cutting the last rope when she looked up and saw Kermit and Husky coming back with Jerome right behind them. She crouched and got ready to run.

"There! Lets get her!" Jerome said charging at her only to be held back by Husky.

"Wait" Husky said to Jerome. He turned back to Crystal who was staring at them with tensed muscles, she was ready to run.

"Who are you? Why did you attack Jerome?" Husky asked cautiously stepping forward.

"Do not remove the hoods" Crystal said with an intensity she didn't know she had. Husky stopped for a moment startled.

"We wont" Husky said starting to come closer again. She flinched as if going to run to try and throw him off. He jumped forward at her trying to stop her from running but stopped when he saw she didn't. Crystal stood up from her crouch.

"Why did you come here? Why would you come after us?" She asked looking at Husky.

His eyes darted to something behind her. She saw and quickly turned around to see Sky come from one of the paths behind her wielding a budder sword. She jumped toward one of the paths to her right and ran. She could hear them following her but didn't care. She had soon lost them in the maze and was wandering when she heard the sound of fighting. She ran around the corner to find Budder and Nova fighting Seto, Sky, and MU. Sky must have heard the fighting which meant Husky, Jerome and Kermit couldn't be far behind. Crystal jumped into the fight and nocked Seto out. Nova surprised MU and ended up nocking him over. Nova took MU's sword and put it through his cape pinning him to the floor. Budder hit Sky with the butt of his sword and nocked him out cold.

"Lets get out of here" Budder said running down the path away from the scene. Crystal and Nova following. They could hear shouts coming from behind them and ran faster.

"HELP!" Crystal heard Kye scream. She ran as fast as she could toward the place she heard her friend and found herself back at the middle. She looked around and saw Kye come running down one of the pathways. Crystal ran towards her but stopped when Kye suddenly fell forward. She had a dart sticking out of her back. Crystal started running again and knelt by Kye.

"Kye? What happened?" Crystal asked trying to shake her friend awake.

"That wont work" Deadlox said stepping out from the shadows. He was reloading his dart gun.

Crystal backed up and grabbed for her dagger.

"Don't even try" Deadlox said watching her. She put her hand down by her side.

"Now, I'll give you a choice. you can either come along nicely or I shoot you like I did your friend and we carry you back" He said leveling the gun at her.

"I suggest you come nicely" a voice said from behind her. She turned to see Steve holding Nova and Budder by the back of there shirts unconscious. Her heart broke at the sight of them looking so helpless.

"Never" She said and jumped in front of Steve.

Deadlox followed with his gun and shot. She dropped to the ground as the gun went off and looked back to see Steve drop to the ground with a dart sticking out of his chest. She smiled when she saw this. Deadlox was trying to reload as fast as he could but accidentally dropped the dart he was putting in. Crystal grabbed the dart and shoved it into his leg. Deadlox yelped in pain then fell over asleep. She got up and rushed over to Budder and found he was starting to wake up.

"Wh-what happened?" He asked looking around. Nova groaned and sat up.

"Its ok but we have to get out of here" Crystal said helping them stand up. On cue Phil finally showed up.

"What I miss?" He asked looking around at the burning library.

"Nothing much. Our parents just showed up for a civilized talk and they just fell asleep" Budder said sarcastically.

"We need you to teleport us out of here before they wake up" Crystal said in a sweet voice, looking down at the enderman's feet. She knew she won him over.

"Ok, gather around" Phil said holding his hands out. They grabbed them and closed there eyes. Seconds later Crystal opened her eyes to see they were outside a castle that had purple and pink towers with a half purple half pink flag waving in the wind.

"How did you know to bring us here?" Budder asked looking at Phil.

"I can read minds" Phil said "I knew you were planning on coming here once you all would have broken out but knew you wouldn't be able to"

"Thanks Phil" Budder said looking at the enderman. But not in the eyes, that's still dangerous even for a friendly one like Phil.

"No problem" Phil said before teleporting away.

Budder stared at the castle and started walking towards it. The others followed behind him.

"So, you never did tell us. Who is your mom?" Crystal asked walking next to budder.

"You cant guess?" Budder asked looking at her with a smile

Just then the front gates opened and a woman with purple and pink hair walked out towards them. She had on diamond armor and was holding a knock back III sword with fire aspect.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my territory?" She asked leveling the sword at them. forty people came out behind her and surrounded the group.

"Mom, its me" Budder said walking forward. He pulled his hood down showing his face.

"Derek?" the woman said lowering her sword. Budder nodded and she rushed forward hugging him.

"Oh! Its been so long. How have you been? What's your father been up to? Sorry, here. Why don't you all come inside" She said and walked back inside with Budder following. The others hesitated but followed with the small army following right at there heels.

"So who are your friends Derek?" the woman asked looking back at Crystal and Nova. They pulled there hoods down and she gasped.

"It's been so long since I've seen you. You've grown so much!" She said walking up to Nova. "Although, I've never met you before. Derek, mind introducing me?"

"Sure, Mom. This is Crystal. Crystal, my mom Dawnables" budder said

"It's nice to meet you" Crystal said looking at Dawn.

"And you. Are you hungry? We'll be having dinner shortly" Dawn said walking towards the castle "and I'm going to bet you need a place to stay"

"Yep, we'll be here a while" Budder said rubbing his neck.


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"No one will"

Phil, how are you still here?

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Really? You were making a sandwich while they were being hunted down by there parents?

"Yep. so?"


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