What? Confusion is setting in..

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A/N YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!! 803 reads already?! Sweet! some of you might not realize this but I've only been writing since September. This September. 2013. I am honestly grateful guys really, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Thanks and I hope you like this chapter. ^+^


The three had quickly left the end and were now riding as fast as there horses could carry them back to the budder castle. (Wait, let me explain. Once they had gotten out of the end Herobrine got rid of the mobs and lead the way back up to the surface where Notch used his powers to spawn three horses to ride back. Ok quick explanation done, lets go.) Herobrine was in the front riding as fast as his horse could go and then some. The poor thing was exhausted but kept going.

"Herobrine! Slow down or you're going to kill it!" Steve called trying to catch up to them. Herobrine slowed his horse and turned it around to face Steve.

"Every second counts and I am not losing her again" Herobrine said, eyes burning with determination.

"I know but Notch is carrying her remember? If you go on ahead it does no good if you don't have her" Steve said slowly pulling up beside him. Herobrine sighed and looked down.

"I know but, I'm just worried is all" Herobrine said as he lifted his head to look forward. They were trotting along the side of a lake and Steve got an evil idea.

"You know what I think?" Steve asked with a smirk. Herobrine looked at him confused "I think you need to cool down" Steve said and pushed him off his horse.

Herobrine fell with a yelp into the lake and sank to the bottom in shock. He landed in a pretty deep spot and started to swim to the surface but stopped half way and let himself sink back to the bottom. He had an idea for revenge. Looking out of the water he could see Steve laughing but after a while he stopped laughing and a look of concern crossed his face as Notch stopped behind him holding the bundle Crystal was wrapped in. They seemed to exchange some words before Steve dismounted and walked to the edge of the lake. Herobrine watched and waited until Steve was closer to the edge of the deepest part. He swam underwater, making sure he was deep enough not to be seen and watched as Steve leaned over the side and looked into the water. Herobrine pushed off the bottom of the lake and shot out of the water. He grabbed Steve and pulled him in yelling. Herobrine pulled him down and quickly let go. Steve swam to the surface and gasped when his head broke the surface. He quickly started looking around while treading water.

"Where did he go?" Steve asked still looking around. Notch chuckled as he watched a dark shape swim under Steve. Seconds later Steve was pulled down again. He reappeared in the middle of the lake and, like before, came up gasping. Instead of treading water like before, Steve started swimming like his life depended on it towards the shore. He was almost there when a look of fear crossed his face.

"Notch Help Me!" Steve screamed as he was pulled back towards the center of the lake. He was thrashing and grabbing at anything near him. Notch only chuckled and shook his head.

"You deserve anything that happens to you" Notch said as he watched Steve get pulled under again.

He waited for him to resurface but after several minutes he didn't appear. Notch dismounted and set Crystal on one of the back saddle bags before walking to the edge of the lake. He couldn't see either of them and stepped into the water. He walked out going deeper into the lake until he was waist deep. Something grabbed his feet and he was pulled under moving quickly towards the middle. He thrashed and tried to swim away but the hands holding him didn't let go until they had dragged him to the very center. Quickly, he swam to the surface and sucked in a long breath and looked around. Steve had surfaced some ways away and was laughing until he saw Notch glaring at him, then he quickly started swimming for the shore, Notch right on his heels. Herobrine was still under water but quickly surfaced and swam the opposite way to shore. He got out first and saw Notch grab Steve and pull him under. Steve kicked back to the surface and made for the shore again only to be grabbed again and pulled back. He was laughing as Notch pushed him under again. Steve came back up coughing and treaded water in front of Notch who had a grin on his face. Herobrine rolled his eyes and walked back to the horses dripping wet.

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