The Daughter Of Herobrine

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A/N Hey so this is my first story, please don't hate on me!


Herobrine woke up to a loud noise down stairs.

Ugh, what are the zombies doing now? He thought as he went down stairs. As he was going down the steps he looked out one of the many windows in his nether castles he built so long ago. contrary to belief living in the nether could actually be peaceful if you don't mind the sounds of the hoards of pigmen and ghostly wails of the ghast. It looked like a lovely morning but, being the nether, you could never really know.

As Herobrine came downstairs he saw no zombies walking around. nor could he see and pigmen, creepers, or skeletons, withers or otherwise, all he could see was one enderman opening the door.

"He Phil, what are you doing this early in the morning opening the door?" asked Herobrine. Phil, the enderman< didn't respond. he just kept staring out the door, looking at something.

"What are you looking at?" Herobrine asked again. This seemed to snap Phil out of his trance but instead of answering the question he asked one of his own.

"did you order a package sir?" Phil asked.

"A package?!" said Herobrine more than a little bewildered.

"Yea because that's what's here" replied Phil as Herobrine pushed him out of the way. Sure enough there was a small box on the step with a letter taped to it. Herobrine went to pick it up but stopped half way there. A sound came from the box. Carefully Herobrine opened the box and jumped back in astonishment. in the box was a baby.


A/N hey hoped you liked it so far please comment if Phil should be in it more or less or if you just liked it. I would love some feed back!! :D

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