Breaking out part 2

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 A/N Hey peeps here is the second part of the story for you. More character's!!! and maybe a peak into why sky has the squid king in his dungeon....



Its been seven days since they threw him in the dungeon and it only took three before Herobrine got bored enough that staring at the wall was entertaining. Einshine had been let out only hours after Herobrine woke up so it was only him and the squid king. He was just lying on his bed when they heard a guard come in.

"Squid King?" The guard asked looking at the cells. Herobrine got up and looked through one of the windows.

"Here" Squid king said getting up. Herobrine watched as the guard walked over to the king and handed him a letter. After that she ran down the hall out of sight.

The Squid king opened the letter and read it. He then went over to his bed in his cell and sat down with a shocked look on his face. He reread it about five times before he slowly set it down.

"What? What is it?" Herobrine asked staring at the squid man. They had gotten to know each other pretty well over the couple of days they had been down there together. The squid king didn't respond for a moment but when he did it was barley audible.

"Ten years. Ten years I have been down here and THIS IS WHAT HE DOES?!" The squid king yelled. he threw the letter down and started pacing the cell. "No, he wont get away with it. He can't!"

"What!? What happened?" Herobrine asked again. When the squid king didn't answer Herobrine teleported into his cell and picked up the letter. Her read it several times because he just couldn't believe it.

"There going to kill you?! What did you do to get them so mad at you?" Herobrine asked with surprise in his voice.

"I had come to ask Sky to stop killing my people without reason but he took me prisoner instead. I have no idea why he hates us. He tells me we are all annoying and useless but I do not see that. Only some of us are annoying just like some of you humans are annoying." the squid king said still pacing. "I have to get out of here! I know, you could teleport me out! That way we are both out of this horrible place."

"Sorry, I seem to only be able to teleport to the other cells in here. Believe me I already tried" Herobrine said sitting on the bed watching the squid king pace back and forth. After about ten minutes of just pacing and muttering the squid king sat down on the bed next to Herobrine and read the letter one last time before crumpling it up into a ball.

"Don't worry, we'll figure out a way to stop this. Did the letter say when the execution would be?" Herobrine asked trying to cheer him up. There wasn't much hope but he felt he had to try. Once he would have love to watch the execution but now he just couldn't.

"I would like to be alone for a while. If that would be ok brine." The Squid king said

"All right squid king" Herobrine said teleporting back to his own cell. They sat in silence for several hours before they heard another sound. The door at the end of the cell block opened then closed.

"Squid king. We are here to take you to your new cell in the Obsidian section." The guard said opening the door.

"NO! I WONT GO!" Herobrine heard the squid king shout and got to the window just in time to watch him be dragged away down the hallway. He watched him go until they dragged him screaming out the door. After watching the squid king be dragged away Herobrine walked over and fell on his bed. Why did the world have to be so cruel? Herobrine just lay there on his bed for what seemed like forever until he started singing. He didn't know why but he just needed to do something besides stare at the wall. He sang his song that he used to sing to Diamond when she was upset. She loved it when he sang it to her.

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