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Steve's hunches had been right. Looking out into the clearing they could see Brian creating cages out of thin air and placing them around the now running kids. They were all trying to run into the forest to get away from Brian. It didn't work. In a matter of Seconds the kids who were in the clearing had been imprisoned, all except for Crystal who lay unconscious on the ground. Herobrine had Hit her in the back of the head with the butt of his sword causing her to fall to the ground and lay there helpless.

*3rd person view over all*

 Herobrine was laughing evilly to himself as he looked around at his prisoners. He hadn't noticed his eye go back to normal but could now tell because of the faint glow on everything he looked at and the way they were looking at him. This only made him happier though because his plan was now in full tilt. The only thing that could have made it better is if the ones who actually did it were here along with there children. Looking around you could see the mix of terror and surprise on there faces. And when they found themselves trapped with no chance of escape, it just made Herobrine laugh at there weakness.

Steve and the other parents were watching in the forest waiting. For what they didn't know but they were waiting. Each parent was looking for there own kid to see if they were in on any of this. Sky found Budder almost immediately trapped in his cage. He was trying to wake Crystal, but couldn't even get a response from her lifeless looking body. Deadlox saw Quartz and Fluffy before Jerome. They had somehow ended up in the same cage and Fluffy was trying to comfort Quartz who was so shell shocked she was crying. Jerome and Deadlox shared a look. Kermit saw Little Frog trying to climb out of his prison only to be knocked down by and invisible force at the top his heart grew heavy. But the one who was effected the most was Steve. When he saw the seemingly lifeless body of his daughter he lost it. He started To go into the clearing but was held back by Notch.

"Let me go! I I've to end this" Steve said struggling to get away.

"No wait just a little longer. We have reinforcements coming" Notch said.

"Who?" Steve asked

In the clearing Herobrine walked toward the still unconscious Crystal and trapped Budder. Budder saw him coming and started to wake Crystal with even more rush. Strutting forward Herobrine had an evil grin in his face.

"You know what would have made this even better? If your parents were here." Herobrine said to the group "It would have been much easier to get my revenge on them by watching me kill you all in front of them. It's almost as bed as what they did to me"

"What did they do to you?" Quartz asked looking at him with her puffy red eyes.

Herobrine paused for a moment and turned to her.

"They took the most important thing from me I have ever had in my life" he answered quietly

"What was so important to you that you are willing to kill us just to get revenge?" Budder asked with hate in his voice. "What makes you think killing us will be best for what they did to you?"

Herobrine turned to him with the fire lighting his eyes making it look like the fire was actually in them.

"Because then they will know what it feels like to loose there child. That is what they did to me" Herobrine said

"Any child of yours would be evil!" Little frog yelled at Herobrine. In response Herobrine ran at the cage and grabbed the front of Little Frog's shirt pulling him against the bars.

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