The last chapter

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 A/N Last chapter guys! I know this will be sad but remember, the new book 'The Troubles of Herobrine's Children' will be out on New Years eve for me at Midnight or around that time. (Time zones may vary)


Crystal had only been strong enough to teleport herself outside the wall and was now running full speed into the forest. She ran for what seemed like hours but was actually half an hour. When she finally stopped she found herself in the clearing with the house in the middle. She remembered the one day she had come here running and had unknowingly met her father. She remembered how he had comforted her and then she had dragged him home in worry when he passed out. She remembered what he had said in the clearing about how he wanted the others to feel what it felt like to lose a child. She felt something close to that now. She remembered when they had just broken Herobrine out and had come here. How they met Phil's son and

She stood for a moment just remembering then she went towards the house. Her father built it so in a way it was hers too. Going into the house she went straight upstairs to where her room was and started packing her stuff. She had to get away from this, all of it. It didn't take long for her to pack her stuff and she started heading out. A sudden bang came from downstairs and she ran into the closet to hide. She heard people running around downstairs.

"She has to be here somewhere" She heard Fluffy say.

"It makes sense, this is her dad's house" Quartz said "Budder, Kye and Nova. You guys should go check upstairs" She heard the sound of footsteps coming up the steps soon after and tried to sink deeper into the closet. The door to her room opened and she heard them searching. Kye opened the closet.

"Found her!" She called down to the others. They came running up as Kye and Nova helped her out. Everyone crowded around her.

"Why did you run away?" Budder asked pushing through the crowd. She couldn't keep the tears back anymore and started to cry.

"It's just too complicated. He said we couldn't see each other again and they want me to choose between them" Crystal said crying. Budder hugged her but she pulled out of it. He looked at her confused and hurt and she started to cry more.

"I don't want any of you to get hurt. Especially you Budder. He said if he saw us together again he would kill you. I don't want that" Crystal said starting to calm down a bit. Budder brought her into a hug again and this time she didn't pull away.

"I don't care. They cant keep us apart" Budder said. The door downstairs burst open again and Jonas ran up the steps.

"There coming this way!" He blurted out as he tried to catch his breath. Crystal looked up at Budder and pulled out of the hug.

"Remember, I'll always love you" She said and started to disappear.

"Not without me you don't!" Kye shouted and grabbed her arm before she disappeared completely. Everyone was still staring at the spot they were just in when the adults came up.

"Is she in here?" Herobrine asked as he burst through the door. Everyone turned to look at him except Budder.

"Just missed her" He said quietly as his eyes started to over flow with tears. Herobrine stood there in defeat for a moment before pulling out his sword and walking over to Budder. He grabbed him around the throat and picked him up, holding the sword tip towards his stomach.

"Did she say where she was going?" Herobrine asked in a cool calmness that was terrifying. Budder shook his head furiously and Herobrine pushed the tip harder against his skin as he tightened his grip on Budder's throat.

"Did she say anything before she left?" He questioned again. Budder clawed at his throat. Herobrine loosened his grip just enough for him to speak.

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