Breaking out (Hehehehe) part one

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A/N lets just get to the story shall we? Phil is back!


"So Phil. How did you get here?" Budder asked. They had gone back into the room to talk. They had tried to fix the door but it still leaned slightly to the side.

"I teleported" Phil said. He was sitting in a chair by Crystal, still not letting her out of his sight.

"What he meant was, how did you know Crystal was here?" Quartz said with fluffy next to her. He was still freaked out about looking into Phil's eye and didn't want to get attacked.

"I just did. And I saw them take Herobrine here." Phil said. Everyone looked at him in shock. There parents had taken Herobrine here?

"Well we have to break him out!" Crystal said getting up but then falling back onto the bed with a groan. Phil and Budder rushed to her side but she quickly got back up.

"What's wrong Diamond?" Phil asked as Crystal clutched her stomach

"Nothing it just hurts" She said quickly. Phil turned to the others.

"What happened to her?" He asked. No one looked at him, the whole enderman thing made them. Its only instinct.

Phil walked over to Fluffy and Stood in front of him. He was looking away but you could tell he was terrified even without seeing his face. His hair was sticking up straight all over instead of just on his head. Phil took his head and turned it so Fluffy was looking at him. His eyes were growing wider in fear as Phil looked back at him.

"What happened to her" He asked again. Fluffy let out a small, involuntary whimper before answering.

"Sh- she got stabbed" Fluffy said quietly trying to look away.

"By who?" Phil asked. Before there Fluffy could answer there was a knock at the door. Everyone froze.

"Who is it?" Crystal called. there was a pause before the person answered.

"Um, my name is Kye. I was wondering if I could talk to you?" they heard a female voice asked from beyond the door.

"What would you like to talk about?" Crystal said getting up. She motioned for everyone to hide as she walked to the door. Everyone hid around the room while Phil teleported somewhere. Crystal opened the door and saw a girl in a blue shirt, black skirt and black knee length boots standing outside the door. She had emerald green eyes and black hair that faded to blond near the tips. She didn't look much older than Crystal.

"Come in" Crystal said motioning for her to enter. The girl walked in and stood in the center of the room. Crystal went over and sat on the bed.

"It's ok. you can sit down." Crystal said when she saw her still standing. She quickly sat down in one of the chairs across the room that Quartz was hiding behind. She started fiddling with the edge of her skirt right after she sat down.

"So what did you want to talk about" Crystal asked. Looking around the room she could see where everyone was hiding. Are they really this bad at hiding? I'll fix that later. She thought smiling when she saw where Fluffy was hiding. He had apparently thought it would be a good idea to hide in the fireplace. Only problem was he accidentally turned the fire on and was now trapped.

"Ok you guys don't have to hide anymore" Crystal said getting up and putting out the fire. Fluffy dropped out of the chimney right after. Kye looked at them bewildered.

"Wait, you guys are here too?" She asked "That is so cool!"

"What did you want to talk about?" Crystal asked

"I know where they put Herobrine!" Kye said jumping up and down "I know you guys will want to see him so I came to tell you right away"

"How did you know that?" Budder asked

"First off I saw you guys go off into the forest last night, I was on guard duty. Second, it is kind of obvious when you all talk about him all the time" Kye said with a grin.

"So where is he?" Quartz asked

"They took him to the deepest part of the dungeon. Section diamond" Kye said "I can take you there if you want. I know that place inside and out"

"Lets go then!" Crystal said getting up fast. She groaned with pain again and fell onto the bed clutching her stomach.

"What's wrong?" Kye asked getting up. Crystal didn't answer with anything more than a groan.

"She was stabbed last night. Fluffy! Go get a healing potion. She might need more" Budder said kneeling by Crystal. He started to pull up her shirt but was pushed away by Quartz.

"What the hell?" Budder said looking at Quartz

"Same to you. That was just wrong dude. Let the girls take care of this" Quartz said pushing him out the door. "same for you Phil, scat."

Phil had teleported back to a corner of the room. Kye looked over and gasped when she saw him.

"Fine" he said and teleported away.

"th-that was an Enderman" Kye said in astonishment.

"Yep and this wound looks infected" Quartz said lifting Crystals shirt just enough for them to see the wound. It was infected looking and a lot of the flesh was still trying to regrow. "Go get the potion from Fluffy, he cant handle stuff like this" Quartz said still examining the wound.

Kye rushed out just in time to bump into Fluffy who was carrying a healing potion. He dropped it but Kye caught it only seconds before they hit the floor.

"Thanks" She said running back into the room with it.

"What was that?" Fluffy asked Budder who was sitting outside the room "And why aren't you in there with your girlfriend?"

"Yours kicked me out and Crystal and I aren't going out, yet." Budder said with a sigh.

"You should really ask her, its obvious she likes you too" Fluffy said.

"I don't know. what if she still says no? And then her dad is Herobrine, what if he doesn't like me? He would kill me if I hurt her or did something wrong!" Budder said

"How would you hurt her? Seriously just ask her out" Fluffy said

"Sorry to interrupt but he's right. Herobrine is very protective of her. Well, at least he was when she was little but still he wouldn't let you date her." Phil said cutting in.

"Sorry Phil, didn't see you there" Budder said looking down in sadness.

"Hey, I wasn't saying you couldn't date her. All I was saying is you should probably keep it a secret." Phil said with a small smirk.

"Would that really work?" Budder asked looking hopefully at Phil.

"Not for long but for a while probably" Phil said

They sat in silence for a while, waiting for the door to open and be let back in.

"Why were you kicked out?" Fluffy asked Budder

"I don't know. I was just trying to lift her shirt to see the wound and Quartz pushed me over and screamed at me" Budder said looking at the ground. He looked up and saw both Fluffy and Phil looking at him with a mixture of disgust and humor.

"What?" Budder asked looking at them "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Dude, listen to what you just said" Fluffy said trying not to laugh. Phil was still looking at him in disgust. Budder thought for a moment then his face turned to one of horror.

"I-I- I Didn't mean it that way!" Budder said putting his hands up in defense. Fluffy couldn't hold back his laughter anymore. He laughed so hard he fell on the floor and started clutching his stomach. He started crying he was laughing so hard. Budder was just shocked at his own revelation.

"Humans. I will never understand them" Phil said. He turned his head to look down the hall. He heard footsteps coming there way and Quickly teleported away. Moments later Seto came down the hall towards them.

"Hey guys. Have you seen anyone come this way with one of my healing potions? One of mine has gone missing and it was extra strong with a little something added. The guards saw someone come out of my room and down this way but didn't see who exactly it was" Seto said quickly looking around worried. Budder looked at Fluffy.

"You didn't ask?" Budder said staring at Fluffy

"He wasn't there" Fluffy tried to defend himself

"What are you two talking about? Did you take it?" Seto asked looking mad

"Crystal's stomach was hurting from the wound so the girls told me to get them some potions. I knew you had some really good ones and it seemed like a good idea. I was going to tell you" Fluffy said. He had stopped laughing and was now looking down at the ground. He knew he was in trouble. A lot of trouble.

"Have they been used yet?" Seto said looking at the boys.

"We don't know. The girls kicked us out" Budder said

"We have to get in there now" Seto said and knocked on the door.

"Girls, its me Seto. I'm coming in." Seto said and opened the door.

Budder and Fluffy went in after him and saw what was going on. The girls looked like they lost something and Crystal was nowhere to be found. On the table next to the bed the potion bottle was empty.

"What are you doing?" budder asked stepping forward

"DONT MOVE" Kye yelled making them all freeze.

"What happened? Where's Crystal?" Seto asked

"We gave her the potion and she said she was feeling better but then something happened. It's like she got powers from the potion or something" Quartz said looking under the table.

"What do you mean she gained powers?" Budder asked still frozen.

"Well, first she tried getting off the bed but stared floating instead. Then, when we got her back on the ground, she shrank to about three inches high. Then she just turned invisible and we've been looking for her since." Kye said checking under the bed.

"Wait. Did you hear that?" Fluffy asked. Everyone froze. They heard a small crying sound come from under the bed. Seto bent down and looked under. Crystal was sitting down with her knees tucked to her chest in the corned under the bed crying. She was visible again but still smaller than she should have been.

"Crystal? Are you ok?" Seto asked reaching under the bed for Crystal. She backed away from him.

"No. I-I'm scared and I have no idea what's going on and I just want to be alone." She said scooting back away from her hand.

Seto reached for her again but she ran to the other side of the bed.

"Crystal I'm trying to help" Seto said getting frustrated. He moved to where she had ran and made a grab for her. She ran out from under the bed and under the table instead. Everyone was trying to stop her now.

"Crystal please stop! We are just trying to help" Quartz said diving for Crystal as she ran out onto the balcony. Fluffy blocked the door with Quartz and Budder as Kye and Seto tried to find Crystal. She had turned herself invisible again so they were having a hard time finding her.

"Crystal we know your here" Seto called looking behind a flower pot on the railing.

They kept looking on the balcony. What they didn't realize was Crystal had snuck back into the room as was already in the hallway. She had grown back to her regular size and she ran down the hall not knowing where she was going and not caring. She just wanted to get away from everyone. Eventually all her running brought her to the main gate. It was open and she ran through into the forest beyond.

She stopped at the edge of the forest. She looked back up and could see Seto and Kye still looking for her on the balcony. She heard a shout and saw Fluffy pointing her way. Not wanting to stay and wait for them to come and get her, Crystal ran into the forest. She only got so far before Seto appeared in front of her. Before she could turn around and run the other way he grabbed her arm stopping her. She desperatly tried to get away but his grip was too strong.

"Why were you running?" Seto asked trying to calm her down. She was looking around franticly as if there was something chasing her.

"he's after me" She said still looking around.

"Who. Who is after you?" Seto asked lookingat her with concern. She was starting to calm down now.

"I-I dont know" She said calming down more.

"Well, lets get you back to your room then" Seto said as they started walking back to her room

"Ok" she said quietly. It didnt take more than ten minutes for them to get back and by the time they did everyone looked worrried.

"Why did you run off?" Budder asked when they came back

"I just panicked. Everything is seems scary when its bigger than you, plus running at me didn't help" She said looking around at them. they all looked away sheepishly. She turned to Seto.

"Seto, what was in that healing potion and how did I get these powers?" Crystal asked

"That potion wasnt just a healing potion. It was to help you unlock your powers" he said "Steve asked me to make one for you when you were younger to stall them. I wasnt supposed to give you that potion you took but I felt guilty about before. I have whiped that up last night for you."

"You mean I've had powers all along? Thats so cool!" Crystal said "Not about where Steve asked you to get rid of them but that I had them." She said quickly

"Well, I'll be going now. Glad your finally healed" Seto said with a small smile "Oh, and you will want to keep them your secret. Any one who learns about them will either want you on there side or no threat. If you want trianing though I'm always ready to help" He said then walked out.

Moments later Phil appeared in the room. He was in his human form luckily because he had walked in through the hall.

"That was exiting" he said as he sat down "By the way, more of your powers will come in as they develope so you have to be extra careful."

"Aren't we forgetting something?" Quartz said leaning against the mantle

"What?" Budder asked

"How about the plan to break your dad out of prison?" Quartz said pushing off the wall.

"Lets get to it" Crystal said as they all started to plan the break out.


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