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A/N hey guys thanks again for the reads and I have nothing more to say so enjoy this chapter. Wait, I lied I do have something to say. If you are all wondering why I am updating so much its because my school gave us a lot of time off and I am bored. enjoy the story. or else. jk


"Don't scream just do as I say" said a voice from behind. It sounded human and was familiar but Brian couldn't quite place where he had heard it. Since the hand was over his mouth he nodded in agreement.

"Good. Now, is that your house?" asked the voice

again he nodded

"ok well, your not getting to it tonight. Come with me and you can stay at my place" said the voice. The person took his hand away from Brian's mouth but made sure that he couldn't turn around

"Ok but how am I supposed to follow you if I cant see you?" asked Brian to the person behind him.

"Easy, we teleport" replied the voice and the next thing he knew Brian was in a large golden mansion.

"How did we get here?" asked Brian turning around to look at the person who brought him there. His mouth dropped open. Right in front of him was the very person he stole the spell he now had on him from.

"You. live. here?" Asked Brian looking around

"Well actually no. I'm staying with Sky for a while. So are some of the others on team crafted." Seto said walking down the hall.

"Why are they- I mean you guys here?" asked Brian following as Seto walked towards a door into a gigantic dining room. He wasn't kidding either. At one table at the front of the hall Sky, Jerome, Husky, Deadlox, and Kermit sat with Notch, Steve, Crystal and the others in his class. At the tables all around them were various people who must have been part of the armies.

Seto just marched through the doors and up to the table in the front while Brian stood in the doorway looking around until Seto  motioned for him to come to the front table. Brian went up and just stood by Seto not knowing what to do.

"Sky, you said we could have a plus one right? Well this is mine" Seto said motioning toward Brian. Steve and Notch were watching him intently for some reason and everyone else in the room was now looking at them to see Seto's plus one. He rarely came himself let alone a guest.

"Well don't just stand there, introduce yourself" said Seto to Brian.

"Hi I'm Brian" was all he could say as the table stared at them. It was making Brian uncomfortable but he wasn't going to show it. Not in front of his brothers.

"Hello Brian" said Sky " Glad you could come. I think there's a seat open next to Quartz over there" He said Pointing a t Quartz who was sitting next to Budder and Husky. Brian went and sat down next to them. That only made him more uncomfortable. As he sat down all the conversations that had stopped when he walked in started up again and the first course came out.

"So Brian. Where do you go to school?" asked Husky while cutting his steak

"Well actually I go to the high school right here in town" Said Brian cutting up his own steak. He took a bite and found it was really good.

"Oh really? Are Kelly and Connor in your class?" Husky asked gesturing to the two kids on the others side of the table who looked like him.

"yea, so is everyone else here" said Brian taking another bite of steak. It was seriously good.

"Well looks like they were lucky then. All of them have been friends forever. How long have you been here for?"

"Oh, about three days now. I have been wandering and traveling since I was, like, five" Brian was almost done with his steak now.

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