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"Fluffy? What are you doing out of bed" Herobrine said dragging the boy down the hallway

"Crystal and Kye are trying to get us to be better at sneaking around and spying so we decided to practice" Fluffy said trying to keep up wit Herobrine's fast pace.

"You shouldn't be out here without me or Phil. You know I live in the nether for a reason and you know I have mobs patrolling the halls all day every day right?" Herobrine said looking back at him.

"Yea but we haven't run into any problems so far" Fluffy muttered

They stopped out side the room Phil had given Fluffy. Herobrine pushed him in and closed the door.

"Just stay in here" He said and left in search of the others. In no time he had caught all of them and they were back in there rooms. He headed to his and lay down on his bed exhausted. He was just falling asleep when Phil showed up.

"Sir, the kids are out of there rooms again and are being chased down the south corridor by some of the pigmen" Phil said and waited for his response.

"Go put them back in there rooms and lock the doors" Herobrine said rolling over away from Phil.

He heard Phil teleport away and finally fell asleep.

*In the south corridor*

"Why did you think this would be a good idea?" Quartz screamed at Budder as they ran from the hoard of pigmen following them.

"I don't know! You're the one who followed me!" Budder yelled back trying to out run her.

"Stop bickering and just run!" Kye shouted passing them both.

"Could someone, like, call for help or something?" Fluffy asked falling behind.

"NO! Just keep up!" Nova shouted as he hacked at a pigmen. A bad choice but it almost had Fluffy.

"I could probably teleport to Phil" Morgan said running up ahead.

"Couldn't you just teleport us one at a time?" Jonas asked looking at her. They were in the front of the group.

"you could too" Morgan replied falling back just enough to grab Quartz's hand. They teleported away.

"when will she be back?" Crystal asked. They had woken her up for this 'training mission'.

"I cant keep this up" Morgan said when she came back

"You've only taken one person back" Jonas said with a laugh.

"Yea and you've taken none" She grinned.

"Fine I'll take someone back" He fell back and grabbed Fluffy who was in the very back and was almost gotten by the pigmen. They teleported away but Jonas didn't teleport back.

"Coward" Morgan muttered as she ran on.

They twisted around, going down one hall then another and then back down the one they had been in before in an attempt to lose there pursuers.

"Why did I agree to this?" Crystal asked panting now. They were all wearing down and couldn't keep it up much longer.

"Because I asked you to come" Budder said coming up right behind her. they turned to go down one of the halls they had just come from but found they were cornered.

"Really?" Kye asked when she say "That's great, we're doomed"

"We still have a fighting chance" Nova said pulling out two budder swords and handing one to Kye.

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