the special visitor

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A/N I know I already  updated the story and it hasn't been 2 or 3 days yet but I just couldn't wait to put this up. I really how you like it! :D

"Finally you update!!"

Yes Phil I did now can I get on with the story and my other one?

"Yes you may"

Lets get on with the story then!


Even though she had a horrible night and all there was still school so she had to go. Plus it was the open house night and Steve had told her they were going to it.

"But I wasn't able to get any sleep last night! Why do I have to go to school?" asked Crystal looking so tired she looked as dead as a zombie.

"You have to go because it's still school and there is that open house after school that we are going to." said Steve

"Do we really have to go to that?" said Crystal

"yes, you need to get to know your classmates and I have to catch up with some people, plus it will be fun" said Steve

"Sure it will be fun they said, nothing will go wrong they said" said Crystal sarcastically.

"We are going and that's final" said Steve in a serious tone.

"Fine. I have to go now or be late again." and with that crystal started down the path to school.

When she got to school she went to her homeroom and sat down in her desk. Some of the other students were already there and when Crystal sat down they stared at her.

"What's your name?" asked the hairy guy

"Crystal" she replied

"Who are your parents?" asked the girl in the checkered sweatshirt. Today it was red.

"I didn't know my mom but my dad's name is Steve" replied Crystal expecting the same reaction the teacher gave her. She wasn't let down.

"yea right" said the girl with blue skin.

"Your joking right?" said the boy with the  blue skin.

"Sure, Your dad could definitely be Steve. Is he the one we were talking about yesterday or does he just have the same name?" asked the frog

"Well, who are your parents then? If you don't believe me." said Crystal

 "My  dad is Deadlox" said the girl in the checkered sweatshirt walking around with a smug grin

"My dad is Kermit" said the frog proudly standing up straighter

"Our dad is Huskymudkip " said the girl with blue skin

"sometimes just Husky or Mudkip" said the blue boy. That actually explains a lot.

"My dad is Jerome" said the furry kid. Explains the hair.

"My dad is Sky" said Budderkid walking in the door. "Wait we were bragging about our parents right?"  Same sarcasm as his dad. Apparently that is genetical.

"Who is your dad again?" asked Budderkid

"You wouldn't believe me." said Crystal

"Try me" He said after a second of thinking

"My dad is Steve." said Crystal waiting for the criticism that was sure to come. But he said nothing. She looked up and saw him studying her.

"Really?" he asked after several awkward moments of  silence

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