High school

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A/N I have nothing to say until the end so please read. Some very important stuff will happen. :D And yes I can be very evil in my stories. Sorry for the broken hearts but now on with the story!!!


"Crystal! Time to get up!" someone yelled from downstairs

Crystal rolled over in her bed and looked at the clock on the bed side table. The time in the clock was 6:30.

"oh crap" said Crystal throwing the covers off her and jumping form the bed.

She ran over to her closet and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and ran to the bathroom to change. When she came out she had on an orange shirt and her jeans. Running down stairs she grabbed her green sweatshirt and threw that on top. As she was struggling to get her shoes on her dad walked in.

"great to see your finally up" he said " It would be a shame if you missed your first day of high school"

"Yea, what a shame" said crystal " Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"I did. You just rolled over and went back to sleep."

"Ok. well, I have to go now or I'm going to be late" she said and grabbed her backpack as she ran out the door.

The walk to school was a short one if you lived in town but Crystal and her dad lived on the outskirts. They had just moved there. before they had just moved around from place to place never really staying in one place long. Crystal used to be homeschooled by her dad but since they moved here he had promised that they would stay here for longer than any other place and had immediately put her into the high school. Sure she was exited about it but she was also scared. She didn't know anyone and wasn't sure what to expect. It was her first day of school anyway.

On the way to school she had to walk through the forest next to her house. It was like all the other forests but it always felt creepy walking through it. She always felt like she was being watched and whenever she turned around to see if she was being followed she wouldn't see anything.

She was about half way through the forest when she herd a hiss behind her. Quickly she spun around and saw a creeper head poking up over the side of the hill. Of course she started running away right when she saw it. She didn't have a sword so what would you do? She ran the rest of the way to school and got there right when the bell rang.

When she went in she walked straight to the office to get her schedule. Her first class was History of Minecraft. great. A class she was actually looking forward to. It was in room 23 on the first floor. She headed down to the room and walked in.

She walked in right as the teacher got done taking attendance.

"And who are you?" asked the teacher as she walked in.

"My name is Crystal. Is this the history class?" she asked

"Yes, You may take a seat next Budderkid over there" said the teacher pointing to a guy wearing a golden sweatshirt with a creeper head on it.

"Hello" Crystal said to Budderkid.

"Hey" was all he said back.

"Now, does anyone know anything about the history of Minecraft?" said the teacher.

No one raised there hand

"No?" said the teacher with false surprise laced in his voice. "well Minecraft was started by-" and he started to explain how Minecraft came to be what it was today. Crystal Looked around the room to see who her classmates were. One girl had on a purple checkered hoodie and headphones. Another guy was wearing a tux shirt and had a really fuzzy face that looked like some type of animal. Dog maybe? There was also a girl and guy who looked alike. They both had green eyes, blue skin and yellow on there heads.. The girl wore a red shirt and blue jeans while the boy wore a green shirt with blue jeans. other than there clothes they looked like they were exact replicas of each other. The last guy looked like he was part frog because he had green skin and big eyes. The only thing that made him look human was his grey shirt and white pants

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