35 | Child of the Moon

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THE SOUND OF PANTING filled the air as Indiana Jones ran behind her student, Snow White and in front of her close friend, Red Lucas. She swung her arms at the low-hanging branches that threatened to smack her in the face, cursing in annoyance when they actually did.

"I think we lost them!" Snow exclaimed to the two girls while Red called out to her and said, "Snow, wait. Wait!"

Red's exclamations were heard too late, for a Black Knight jumped out in front of the girls while pulling out his blade. "You can't run from the Queen, Snow White, Indiana Jones," he said to the girls.

"I mean, it's quite simple," Indiana claimed as Snow twisted his arm around his back. "All you have to do—" She paused to walk around the knight and kicked the back of his knees, causing him to cower forward. "—is use your legs." Then, he fell to the ground. "Now, isn't that a concept?"

Red grabbed the arrogant brunette's hand and began to run, dragging her along. "Come on. There are more of them!" Red exclaimed.

As they ran, Indiana noticed Snow White stop and stare at a poster that hung on a tree. Indiana walked back and joined her, noticing that it was their Wanted posters hanging side by side.

"Aw, come on!" Indiana exclaimed. "They still can't get my nose right!" She watched Snow take a step forward and yanked both of the posters from the tree. Indiana gave her student a look, knowing what was going through her head. Then she ran after the werewolf.

The three girls ran through small openings and squeezed past several trees until they made a sharp turn. They hid behind a tree until the Guards that bolted after them on their horses passed by.

"It's okay," Red whispered while breathing heavily, "They're gone."

Snow White nodded as she caught her breath, pulling out the crumbled poster that she had taken. "She's never going to stop, is she?" Snow breathlessly asked.

Indiana, who was still catching her breath, bitterly retorted with, "At least you haven't been Wanted for the past few decades." Snow gave her a sympathetic smile when suddenly, the girls heard a gasp come from Red. "What's the matter now, Little Red? Forgot to use the litter box?"

"I am not a cat, Indiana," Red told her while holding her hood in her hands. "It's my hood—it's torn." Snow and Indiana exchanged glances before looking down to observe the hood. Red smacked their hands and began to scoot backwards. "You have to go. You have to get away from me. Both of you."

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