28 | Red as Blood

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xxviii. RED AS BLOOD



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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN you can't talk to her anymore? You are my only link to knowing if she's okay or not," Peter Pan hissed as he stared at his Shadow angrily.

The Shadow merely stared at him with its illuminated, yellow eyes. "The people are aware of "Frankie's" existence. I can't keep keeping up this façade. They'll know something is wrong and they'll figure it out," the Shadow responded. "I tried to stick around, but pretending to be Frankie is too risky. We need to save up as much magic as we can until we can retrieve the Heart of the Truest Believer, even if it means that you can't see your precious girlfriend anymore."

Peter scowled. "Fine."



Snow White used a telescope to get a closer look on what was going on at the Evil Queen's palace. Her beloved Prince Charming had been abducted and Snow White and her friends were going to do everything it took to get him back.

"We're going to have to get over that wall," Snow White declared, passing the telescope to the brunette standing beside her. "There's a soldier on every parapet."

"It'll be harder to do this without air support," Indiana mentioned in agreement.

"Air? I know just the person who can help us," Grumpy informed them, walking over to Indiana's side, "someone who owes me a favor."

Snow smiled at this, happy that so many people were willing to get David back. She was more surprised that Indiana was willing to, considering the brunette didn't like David all that much when they first met. Now, she somewhat tolerated the man.

Leaves rustling sounded, causing everyone to go on high alert and to ready his or her weapons. Red walked out from some shrubbery claiming, "Don't shoot. It's only me."

Indiana hummed. "You've got someone on your chin, little Red," she pointed out, putting her whip back in its place on her hip.

"Thanks, Indiana Banana."

"You have to stop calling me that. It doesn't even flow," Indiana grumbled as Snow questioned, "What were you able to find out?"

"Your prince is still alive," Red claimed. Snow gave her a suspicious look, asking why she didn't look so happy. "I also heard word the Queen is here."

"She knew you'd come for him," Indiana told Snow. "This was a setup."

"Indeed. It matters not. I can't stop now," Snow told her best friend. She turned back to the others. "But I'll understand if any of you want to turn back."

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