11 | Rum, Really?

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15-YEAR-OLD INDIANA JONES ROLLED her eyes as she stared up at the tower before her. She stood there, dumbfounded as to how her only friend managed to get herself stuck in there for the night. Three years had passed since Indiana was introduced to the Miller's daughter, Cora. She gave her a temporary home and food, not caring that the girl was considered a criminal. Hell, Cora even cheered Indiana on as she became a well-known bandit, stealing for her own personal gain, along with Cora's. Indiana's name and every horrible thing she's done was known all over, and it wasn't just because she killed several members of the Royal Guard.

Nonetheless, Indiana thought Cora was an absolute idiot for managing to get herself trapped in a tower. Just a few hours before, her friend managed to sneak into a ball with Indiana as her own personal bodyguard. This lasted up until Cora got caught for sneaking into the ball. She would've been murdered, but then she told the world that she knew how to spin regular straw into gold, thus delaying her inevitable death by a few hours.

Sticking her fingers into her mouth, Indiana let out a loud whistle. This seemed to do the trick of gaining the guards outside the tower's attention. The three guards gasped and grunted when they spotted the young teenager. They seemed to immediately recognize her as Indiana, for they called out her name, along with, "get her!"

As the guards ran at her, Indiana merely strolled toward them. Suddenly, she kicked the first guard's knees so that he cowered down. Indiana jumped onto his shoulders, twisting his head harshly. As the first guard fell to the floor, dead, Indiana boosted herself off of him to attack the second guard. He attempted to jab his sword at her. The girl slid between his legs, hopping up and using the dagger she stole forever ago to slit his throat open.

The sound of running filled her ears, causing Indiana to smirk. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy," Indiana called out. She stuck her dagger back in her boot, pulling out her whip at the same time. The whip was the only weapon Indiana owned that she didn't steal.  The cracking sound of the weapon filled the air as she used the whip to grab the third guard by her neck, dragging him back to her. "Where were you running off to, hm?"

"Pl-Please! Don't—"

The man's sentence was interrupted by the poison working its way throughout his body. He was dead within seconds. Indiana made a clicking sound with her mouth. "Pathetic," Indiana spat. "You're all grown men and you couldn't handle a 15-year-old kid? Tch."

With that being said, Indiana placed her whip back at her hip and strolled into the tower. She rapidly climbed up the staircase. By the time she arrived at the room Cora was being kept in, she could hear Cora groaning in annoyance. "It's not happening," Cora complained.

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